^^| First Impressions Swedish Medium/Heavy Tanks. Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

My first impressions of 1 part of the new : SWEDEN! Enjoy.


  1. So for the next line im suggesting getting back into the Russians giving it
    a double barrel design with 300 pen standard AP 500 dmg 6 clip autoloader,
    15 degrees of GD, 70 kph forward/ 50 kph backward ow and a weak point on
    the turret of 3*4 pixels because then it’s balanced…. Still grinding both
    lines though :p

  2. I would like to see a first play impressions video, where you go through
    and play each tank. It would be a long video but I would watch it :)

  3. Look like I saved up One Million e,p over the last month and a half for a
    good reason…yay.

  4. Notsofamous one (TNSF1)

    wait till you see how tall the emil is. memes will roll.

  5. We’ve got some spicy memes in this line.
    Sidenote: Love doing this kind of thing!

  6. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I can smell a KV-2 HE Meme coming for T5 – 7 :D

  7. Firing mah artaaa… Gotta do the rebalnce job WG forgot to do obviously,
    not broken nation at all daaaa axaxaxa

  8. The tier 9 and 10 turrets do have a *tiny* weakpoint, as QB pointed out: If
    you can hit the “ears” that stick out on each side (rangefinder viewports)
    with large caliber HE, you will splash HE damage over the relatively weak
    side armor and do substantial damage.

  9. Circon uses the word meme as a noun, a verb, and an adjective and I still
    know what he is talking about. Nice Memes.

  10. The power creep on the French heavies is real… Almost got the 50 120 now
    this happens… #feelsbadman

  11. I’m plan on grinding one of the lines as soon as they come out. Don’t know
    which one though

  12. WG fired the whole balancing department over a year ago. So nothing
    suprising here.

  13. Yeah with the mobility + armor, and a good enough gun, there’s literally no
    reason to ever play french heavies anymore. I love what WG did with the
    Swedish TDs, they’re completely unique and give a whole new play style, but
    this is absolutely retarded. To put out a new tank tech tree which makes a
    preexisting one totally obsolete is just stupid. There’s no other way of
    saying it. WG, you screwed up.

  14. 600 turret armor with 12 depression, autoloading gun, 60km/h topspeed…
    not op at all

  15. I like tier 5 tanks, but the pen on that gun is a let down(Škoda T 24 has
    132mm) and 6 seconds reload time for 100 damage is too low. Maybe gun
    depression will be worth it.

  16. Quit the meme please ..

  17. When is this due to go live?

  18. You have no idea lel. The turret on the TX is literally impenetrable, and
    that includes prem ammo from TX TDs. Literally 600~ effective armour
    without even angling. lol. Oh and then you also have 12 degrees of gun dep
    to accentuate the angel on the turret further. lolll

  19. Also, it looks like the Toldi because it is, more or less.

  20. got perm banned in your twitch chat for saying “trump”. thats it, would
    love an unban i shall not do it again.

  21. What’s “first!!1” in Swedish? Coz that

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