First Italian Destroyer has THE WEIRDEST Gun in World of Tanks | SMV CC-64 Vipera Preview

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks SMV CC-64 Vipera, New Italian Destroyer. World of Tanks New Czechoslovakian Tank Destroyer ShPTK-TVP 100 Gameplay and Marathon. World of Tanks New Battle Pass Marathon Premium Tank for Free. The new Best premium tank in the game?

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Marathon overview
03: How much it costs?
04:56 SMV CC-64 Vipera overview
05:40 Firepower
07:50 Mobility and Armor
09:55 Reload compared to TDs

While the marathon fo the first tier 8 tank destroyer Shptk TVP-100 started today, WG aslo release some information about the upcoming first Italian tank destroyer SMV CC-64… With the weirdest gun in the game.

What do you think?


  1. EDIT: Couple hours after we released the video, they updated us with some changes… INTRACLIP reload changed to 6 seconds.
    Holy moly, that reload time… what do you think?
    Here are the time stamps for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:30 Marathon overview
    03:10 How much it costs?
    04:56 SMV CC-64 Vipera overview
    05:40 Firepower
    07:50 Mobility and Armor
    09:55 Reload compared to T8 TDs

    • Hi Dez!
      I think WG just made ,,shity,, tanks and watch how many players buy it!
      And they smile!
      Money is money…they never think about the players!
      And so many players buy this ,,shity,, tank,because they can say: I have it!
      LoL!!! Gratulation!
      Good video.
      Stay awesome,stay safe,stay sexy,stay naked! Bye!

    • At first I thought it would work like the medium and heavy Italian tanks. But now I’m confused


    I got really happy when I was watching this video it just made my day.

  3. I have another puzzle for you. Where in the model of that “turreted” tank destroyer the driver seats? And please don’t say “in the turret” because it’s not practical and not in par with how tanks and self propelled guns are made. This is a very bad design.

  4. 0.44 dispersion lol wtf

  5. thank you very much…your right no need to buy this on day one.

  6. Unfortunately ShPTK-TVP 100 is a must have

  7. I want the Vipera just because its so weird

  8. This looks like the shptk tvp back when it was on the test server. Just you wait, they will give this thing massive buffs and 0.29 dispersion just like the tvp 100

  9. In video is CZECH tank destroyer not italian !!!

  10. ömər ismayılov

    4:48 My man!

  11. Evildarke Evildark

    Nonestop adding new tanks to the game but game balance are nowhere -,- what’s the point of all this when you dont care of the balance at all

  12. Thomas Ritzinger

    Is the improved battle pass neccessary to buy stages ??

  13. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Skill cap? good cammo, good mobility, good accuracy, good dpm, fantastic gun handling, good turret turn speed, fantastic penetration with all ammos, full turn turret and effetive armor against regular HE. Where are you fucking seeng the fucking skill cap? You shoot you pen, It can even shoot tier X easilly. The tcheck is a monster.
    The italian has 120mm of HE pen. Borsig with zero armor has just 65 and far worse gun handling. You will see that borsig has a turret. Grille has same kind of turret and shit gun handling. So everything in this game is fucking arbitrary, period.

    • not a good point on italian TD. why would someone load HE clip to do 2 or 3 shots? i dont think it is problem, bcs when u load HE clip after 36s of waiting, u will fire one or two shots and your target will run away or just hide. and u spended 36s to do 530dmg and u can reload again. anyway the czech TD isnt OP that much as u said. yeah it is good, but once again, every player with some kind of brain will not let himself kill by anything, so it has potencial only against bot or on prokhorovka
      have a nice day mate btw

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      @TH3 R34L V3NC4 if it is not giid there are far worse vehicles, like Grille 15 and Grille 15 is a pushed over vehicle. I did not grind it

  14. ”I want to play with it, but I want to be the only one who is playing with it” – story of my life

  15. funny how all CCs say same thing – it’s OP but it’s “hard to play” “need to know what you’re doing”
    NO, it’s OP for most players over 90IQ, aka pretty much all players of WoW.
    you need to know what you’re doing in all tanks, some are more forgiving, but if you dont know wtf u doing, you will suck in any tank.
    This tank is a worse disgrace than Defender ever was when it came out. it’s totally OP.

  16. “it’s op, but u need to know what u doing” – really means – “it’s OP, please nobody play it but me”

  17. The tier8 premium for me looks like a front line heavy tank rather than a tank destoryer, especially the penetration and dispersion. Probably WG wants to make another semi-heavy tank TD line but with auloader.

  18. Wg once again show us they are clown. We have rinoceronte an heavy that play like bad tier 9 td and now the italian td line that have heavy tank stats and still beign ugly as hell.

  19. Intra clip buffed already to 6sec

  20. Anyone know what happened to the chieftain proto?

  21. 76 seconds to fire 5 shots…

  22. CZ TD = yes. IT TD = hard pass.

  23. This implies an upcoming Italian TD-line.

  24. I always wondered why the Italian line had no TDs especially since they had many during WW2. I am excited for them, especially the tiers 5 and 6 since those existed in real life. As far as the marathon, this is one marathon tank that seems worth it IMO. I have like 10 tabks close to max out so it should be no prob getting it.

  25. The Italian td line should be a auto reloading system not clip

  26. It needs a 4 second Intranet clip or even 3.5 to make me want to play it as the stats are rn

  27. Hey Dez, a wz-120-1 FT outfitted with bia crew, rammer and vents, already has below 8s reload (7,92s to be exact).
    You can bring it down to 7,13s (bia crew, bond rammer, bond vents, rammer directive, food).
    Remove the autoloader and give 9 -10 sec reloadtime and its fine in my opinion.
    But 32 sec to unload your clip and then a reload of 36 sec? With 0.44 base accuracy ? Hell no, hard pass.

  28. social3ngin33rin

    interesting tank BUT it has a turret
    @9:00 getting your team’s arty killed
    I will download the update to try this marathon…but I really don’t think I can get it completed

  29. 8 second intra-clip is actually more realistic.

  30. Time to dust off your HE boys! Its really something that people already bought the thing… i mean play the most you can in the marathon and get a discount

  31. Wargamings thinking
    Wargaming: *makes borrasque
    Players: its good!
    wargaming: *creates char futur
    Players: its good
    Wargaming: DOUBBLE THE INTRA CLIP!!!

  32. Me and my buddies nick named it the sh** pack. Most players we see with it die really really fast. Most of the times at the hands of my platoon mates because we hold w with auto loaders.

  33. I think the TD is kind of like a tier 8 T110 E4. But with a strange autoloader. The intra-clip buff will certainly make it less bad. Not sure if it will be good.

  34. DEZ…Hi.
    Did you ever do a segment on the British Medium that is on the Battle-Pass option to get for about 24 Tokens, it has that goofy turret with the Derpy short barrel gun. Did i miss it?
    Also, the Italian TD…the armor is paper… I miss it? I miss you…honest…i miss you.

  35. Nunya DamBusiness

    Ty for making a video about this, Dez…

  36. Sort of like an Italian E4. I can see HEAT just shredding the big flat faced turret on the Vipera.

  37. So this tank can be only purchased with gold? Also dont see any discount thresholds

  38. The whole game is trash !!

  39. Michael Hornschuch

    The Vipera feels like a tank that should have been added many years ago, back when they were making tanks not OP.

  40. Real Milschmann

    Why should I play 20 hours a game grinding when I can go work for 2 hours and just buy it and then enjoy( I’m busy only have 1 -2 hours on the evening after work

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