FIRST Japanese Destroyer, German Siege TD, BZ-58-2 | World of Tanks New Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Type 5 HO-TO, First Japanese Tank . World of Tanks Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK, Tier 9 German Siege Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks BZ-58-2, New Chinese . World of Tanks Supertest News, Update 1.20+ Patch News.

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Type 5 HO-TO
06:45 German Siege TD
14:00 BZ-58-2
17:55 Conclusion

Let's take a little break from the holiday ops and holiday ops tanks to take a look at couple upcoming tanks in World of Tanks – First ever Japanese tank destroyer, German siege mode tank and a Chinese heavy, which looks like 50TP.

What do you think?


  1. Slower reload time in the siege mode dropping the DPM to 1920. It being a tier 9 tank only doing 320 as well means this thing just won’t be useful.

    • Juan José Del Pino Rivas

      It’s actually balanced, if not it would be a better version of the STRV-103-O. The question is about the gun arc and how much the reticle blooms just by moving an inch the vehicle.

  2. The two tier 9s are the battle pass tanks I’m certain of it

  3. Looking forward to a how-to guide of the Japanese TD… a “How-To Ho-To”! 😀
    Whoever designed this Ho-To probably went on to become a Japanese Anime/Cartoonist, and designed all those SD Gundams (aka Super Deformed), because it looks like a SD JagdTiger!

  4. I like hte BZ hope that’s gonna be a Battlepass reward, same with the Germam TD.

  5. Imagine, another batch of OP tanks destroyers. At this point they should just remove all tanks except EBR and TD from the game.

  6. When are they finally renaming the game into “world of fantasy tanks”? Don’t even know where to start on the KPZ 3 Prj.07 HK, 900HP engine? Driven on the front sprocket? Open gun breach??? So it is an autoloader with a mechanism loading the shell through the hatch to the left of the breach? Or is the loader working through that open hatch? WG you can find plenty of German prototypes that were designed and/or build, no need to dream up crap like this. Stay of the Vodka.

  7. We need more balance, not more vehicles. By the way bz 58 is 50tp with different alpha…no sense

  8. The Toaster need siege mode. Have the sides fold down and increase the gun swing

    • If it came with the change in the hitbox, so that the sides collide with map objects, like buildings, it’d be quite cool.

  9. respect mr. RED LETTER always fresh info ,,,, respect

  10. Need more German tanks ASAP

  11. That green TD reminds me SDKFZ Jagdpanther

  12. Really hoping for that 113-II to make into the game.

  13. Edoardo Grappeggia

    Whyy i dont have xmas update yet on me ps4 whyy

  14. 265 pen with normal rounds and 500 alpha in tier 8 *Screams in RM-B WT*

  15. The BZ-58-2 is an chinese 50TP. In my view the polish one is better.

  16. which tech tree line will come first? chinese rocket ships or japanese big boys?

  17. There so many OP tanks

  18. Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK is BP reward

  19. Game is completely trash, especially now with destroyed balance with this crap BZ 176.
    Tier 6 7 and 8 are none playable anymore.
    Game is now completely going downhill, no free 200 boxes to CC can’t save the disaster of game !
    JPN HT line is complete trash, without re working it and update it to current MM it’s also completely useless and pointless to play.

  20. the 20mm cannon on the back of the japanese td is kinda funny

  21. That German TD honestly looks very weak as it is.

    It’s great that its armour isn’t overmatchable by everything like the UDES 03, but apart from that it’s significantly worse in almost every aspect than the UDES 03 and that tank is a tier lower.
    The UDES 03 gets 390 alpha with nearly the same reload as the German TD in siege mode, 288 standard pen, more gun depression, more mobility outside of the siege mode (especially going backwards), and slightly more accuracy in siege mode too.

    Sure the German TD gets more mobility in siege mode but usually you shouldn’t really need beyond what the UDES 03 gets (assuming you have a turbo) in a tank like it, and it’s not like you’ll be fighting at close quarters with the terrible reload in siege mode and the 3s to switch between normal and siege mode.

    I think in order to fix this tank they’ll need to give it like a 6.5s reload in both modes, buff its pen, and reduce the time to switch between modes to 2s or 1.5s.

  22. Who gives a fck…..the whole game is a masive shitshow…..they have lost it completly….this is comment about WG and not about you Dez-you know we love you

  23. Looking forward to the new tanks!

  24. Re-balancing of MM, re-balancing of vehicle’s bonuses, especially giving back the camouflage bonuse for the td’s…yep, not gonna happen, we’ll give you more broken 8 Tier vehicles and some new tech tree tanks. Now give us your 200 euros.
    With love
    Your Wargaming.


    Ho ri line when?i bet its going to be very strong if the stats same in blitz

  26. hhahaahhahha the derp td in the back round lol double shot kill

  27. Premium ammo needs to go this way. More pen, but less damage

  28. With SU-2-122 going in the game through loot boxes it makes me wonder if perhaps there’s a Soviet double-barrel TD line in WoT’s future.

  29. I really hope they are not gonna forget about the type 5 line buffs

  30. At this point the different countries won’t have anything unique. Each was unique now Russian gets something of everything and now they are crossing it over to Germans.

  31. I think that this german ZDs features is what the strv line would need to be truly great in the meta.

    I do not see 320 alpha with a reload this long being able to compete, especially since you cant use the shorter reload during non siege mode since it takes 3 seconds to switch.

    Its like an strv with a twist, but it doesnt have the exceptional features of strv. The ammo is only on par with the tier 8 strv premium. Interesting tank concept but in a meta thats not made for tds, this one will have a hard time without being able to score those single hard hitting railgun shots you get with an strv.

  32. 0:57 is it just me or does that look like the Tier 9 50TP’s upgraded Turret?

  33. One Chinese heavy is a WZ with a VZ 51 turret, now we have some hull with a 50TP turret.

  34. Windows XP Wallpaper

    They just need more game modes oml. One with bag maps and respawns.

  35. 1:26

    Los latinos: Que buen nombre para un camper

  36. I thought they’ll implement the JP heavium line from blitz first since it’s in their current meta especially with the pro tourno ongoing right now

  37. alot of tanks in the game have smoke launchers yet we cant use them.. would love to have them as a consumable.

  38. Yo, hold up! Yall dont have japan TD’s? Because we do have em in blitz but not tier 5

  39. We already have a japanese TD line in WOT Blitz…

  40. These three look batter than the Goofball Loot Box tanks

  41. These new tanks are looking better and more compatible with the game – more than those Batmobiles like the BZ-176. But WG is starting to be crazy. BTW that non-booster chinese tank has kinda similiar turret to obj. 274a, or at least it reminds it to me.

  42. @DezGamez I suggest u try and play World of tanks blitz again and try Ho ri line the japanese td tech tree

  43. So I guess that German TD has the same BS mechanic as Kunze Panzer where you need to exit the siege mode each time you fire to not lose your DPM?

  44. Thx for this Video Would be great if the German TD became a Premium. I really enjoy driving the Swedish TDs. The Chinese interest me zero. Mouse 2.0? I think it’s great that the Japanese are coming with TDs, but if the Premium T-8 becomes such a giant box, I suspect bad things. The best is the German please sei ein premium 9er

  45. Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK with Siege Mode and no gundepression, that does not seams good, but just throw out as much tank as you can Wargamming, it feels like that now.

  46. Why should it take longer to load the gun when not in siege mode? That makes no sense at all…

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