First look at Armored Warfare!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Yes it has some flaws but right now i will take these flaws over those WOT
    has right now. After almost 5 years i might stop playing WOT for good. I
    will play till T5 or T6 in AW for now and then decide, and maybe buy a
    premium package ^^

  2. Thanks for this review Foch, good job.

  3. Not sure it is fair to give a game that is still in beta negative remarks
    because it is not fully polished yet. A game in beta by definition is not
    finished. If it were finished i’d be released. Comparing a game that has
    been out for several years to a game that is still in beta is comparing
    apples with oranges.

  4. shot delay is really annoying, its says that my ping is 40ms, but its more
    like 500ms, i still prefer WOT

  5. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    I completly changed from WoT to AW because reasons

  6. I’ve noticed the reload issue as well. Example, I am currently grinding out
    an XM1 and I think I have too much reload for the server to properly
    recognize the math so there’s like a half second delay or a second. There
    are a lot of issues, but the game is only in it’s infancy. I feel a lot of
    these issues will be solved in time. The models and physics and such, I
    think will come with time but for now it’s fairly playable and fun. When
    pvp gets frustrating hop into pve and unleash.

  7. we cant wait for another AW video, thumbs up

  8. How is the RNG? One thing that really really really FUCKS ME OFF about WoT
    is the bullshit RNG. Fully aimed shot at 200m? Donk into the fucking
    ground for the KT with the 105 and bullshit like that.

  9. MetalSoulStorm Gaming

    I think this game is way better then world of tanks, the game mechanics are
    way better then world of tanks and artillery is done a lot smarter and the
    PVE is a nice change of pace, PVP on the other hand still plays out the
    same as world of tanks or even Warthunder ground forces not much the
    developers can do there, idiot players will still be idiot player at the
    end of the day.
    But like you said Foch this game has potential as long as they don’t fuck
    up like Wargaming they should be fine.

  10. This game is shit compare to WoT

  11. Fucking USPS. I was supposed to get my GTX 960 fucking *TODAY* so I could
    play AW. But no, those lazy fucks still haven’t delivered my card yet.

  12. second comment

  13. what, i was 2 seconds away from looking up recent armored warfare videos
    and i refreshed before doing so and this pops up.

    hi foch thanks for the vid, gonna watch now

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