First Look At: WZ-1224- Armored Warfare

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Source: Kage

So yea this really such a good tank, it just needs some more gun depression…


  1. I’m loving mine so far!

  2. Guess I know how to kill all the Chinese tanks now lol. BTW, is there any
    other tanks in the other dealer? I haven’t gotten to play it yet.

  3. you got the third dealer now new update me i got now and i need gold!

  4. my 2 cents….you can live with a lot of drawbacks on a tank but horrible
    gun depression is not one of them. You can go without armor if you have a
    bouncy turret, you can go without the gun pen if you can aim carefully at
    weakspots while hull down. Shooting down the sputnik(having your gun
    skyhigh) is extremly frustrating :)) thank you very much for the heads up
    on this tank!

  5. lol 640kph – Nice review other than that 1 :)

  6. Yeah got it today, and the gun depression really forces you to stick your
    barrel up their exhausts and keep it close with the enemy. That’s how I
    usually play MBTs so this thing really fits my play style and I’m downright
    loving it.

    I recommend for retrofits the Chrome Barrel Lining, Intercoms system, and
    advanced thermal sleeve. It got my aim time to about 2.39 s, accuracy
    spread to 0.08, and reload to 6.56 s. Commander as Juan of course. About to
    get the Mk II version of the thermal sleeve but everything else is Mk III.

    Thanks for the video and keep up the good work! ^^ (also the one time “noob
    camping team” was actually a legit complaint lololol)

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