First Look // Chrysler K GF / “The ’46 showroom model”

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Chrysler K GF / "The '46 showroom model"">

Source: PointyHairedJedi

The WGL Grand Finals are upon us, and once again there’s a new tank in town to go with them – but will it be more like the last two GF tanks we’ve had, or the more recent (and less balanced) high tier premiums?


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  1. No frontal weak spots, shit pen that requires you to spam gold ammo……more power creep and a business model that is on a downward trajectory.

  2. But does it have a cup holder?

  3. Can we assume that most WOT’s players will never acquire a GF?

  4. To me it looks like WG is trying to make the T32 completely obsolete at this point :/

  5. WarGaming proudly brings you their new bestseller – the Chrysler GF
    “situationally ridiculous” – PointyHairedJedi
    “a 60 ton monster that accelerates like a whippet? wtf?” – WoT players everywhere

  6. hey foch, could I contact you about joining circ2?

  7. But hey, its Gluten Free right?

  8. Tier 8 mediums are going to be literal hell with all these fucking tier 8 powercreep tanks rolling around

  9. The patriot is the most op powercreep piece of shit. Defender is useless against 220mm pen

  10. YouGotBeatByAGirl_

    Oh perfect, just what the community was asking for, another unbalanced premium p2w heavy

  11. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Did you mention the gun turrets on the front that appear to be the same thickness as the front plate? As for the premium ammo, maybe the T32 ammo will be buffed to match? Dare to dream.

  12. fuck wg, for banning Foch and circon videos.

  13. Capt_Steel_Knight


  14. while I recognize and agree with all your other complaints about this tank I must disagree with regards to the premium pen. 260 is not particularly amazing premium pen…. it’s only 2 better than the 90 on the t32 (which is the gun I use on it) and other tanks like the kv4 have around 290 prem penetration. most tier 8 heavies seem to have 240-260 prem pen. so 260 is only just on the high side of normal.

  15. WG can’t even be sneaky about it. What is the point in the T32 any more? Even giving it the same gun and making it so much better just rubs it in our faces…

  16. fuckin tank has WAAAAAAY too much mobility

  17. I always wondered if a VKB and a Dalek had an affair, what the offspring would look like….. Now I know…. lol 😀

  18. I would like to see more premium versions of tanks already available in the tech tree as this would save me having to keep ones I have already unlocked. . I sold my cromwell, IS2 and t34 85 when I got the Berlin equivalents. If I could pick any one I would love a premium Elc amx or Chaffee or bulldog with Their original stats before the 9.18 nerfhammer beat them to death. wouldn’t even care if they put them up a tier to better ballance them if they have to.

  19. Foch FTW! Oh,,,, Fuck WG.. money grabbing bastards…. Oh GG vid Jedi!

  20. David Dragonhammer

    This company is in the business to make money,if you play any games,nothing is for free.
    so whining about it,doesn’t get you nothing for that,its not a democracy.
    so far have seen most who play it,not understand the game mechanics,this is a GAME,not a real tank,RNG plays a big part if you hit or not.

  21. Double Double 4G

    WG: ‘Why make sense when we can make money?’

  22. “Same tier heavies can punch through *this*”

    **cries in T32*

  23. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    Did you expect to be invulnerable when making a noob move and present the lower glacis to the enemy as well? Even an E100 would have gotten fucked against the 2 IS-3s

  24. Hope you could show us more of the soft stats(hidden stats) when you do reviews of tanks. and compare them to other tanks of same tier/type.

  25. #freefoch

  26. Russia’s WG is becoming filthy capitalistic. F@ck the players, empty all the gold in their pockets asap. I’m on the verge of quitting. Ridiculous tank again…pay gold to buy, shoot premium to penn it, shoot premium to do penn yerself….bah humbug

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