First Premium Yoh M-IV-Y Early Look | World of Tanks M-IV-Y Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M--Y, First Tier 8 American Premium Yoh Tank with Reserve Tracks Feature. World of Tanks Yoh Tanks Tech Tree – M-V-Y, M-VI-Y, M-III-Y, M-II-Y, Pawlack Tank and a Premium M-IV-Y.

Yesterday I showcased the developers episode about the upcoming Yoh tanks, first look. This time let’s dive a bit deeper into our first Yoh tank, upcoming tier 8 premium M--Y, as they first details about this tank today.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. So, would you like to see me testing the line first on the WoT: Blitz?

  2. The Yoh tanks are so dumb looking. Tf is WG smoking..

  3. Huge ass capula 😂

  4. DNN up for the task again to bring the HEAT

  5. Theres no need to test them on blitz cause they are gonna be different, just wait a little.

  6. Dezgamez playing blitz. That would be awsome

  7. 24/7 Whales: the game and new OP stuff is so boring.


  8. Yeah 9 Tier tanks are meta in WOT…
    WG:Release new 8 Tier prem tank.
    1:29 Yeah hulldown tank with big tumor on roof..purfect:)
    It can be great if WG add to WOT Dracula from Blitz with 1 sec tracks repair.

  9. In my eyes this game is now just a joke, an unfunny terribly delievered joke

  10. What about AE Phase 1 it should work like those tanks, if one track is broken you can still move when you have 3 more tracks to go🤔

  11. 1:47 I think that Yoh tank in the foreground is the model that has the engine inside the turret.

  12. Hey @DezGamez, whats the song playing at the start of the video?

  13. this wont be no hull down monster ……not with that fucking tumor.
    Those whole line is a joke. What is the point of having 900 turret armor if R2D2 is above your turret and its the first thing enemy see ?

  14. 18hp/t is better then most of the tier 8 tech tree medium tanks have lol

  15. They should add new nations to game if u can add poland u could add some more, and then u would have massive choice between all balanced tanks and wot would be great game again

  16. Was it only my who was watching the replay cause it was nice xd

  17. Also, one thing theys said on the Dev diaries that nobody seemed to notice: they said they would “balance the reserve track mechanic on the Premium tank first and then apply it to the tech tree tanks”. Boy, that sure sounds like French wheeled vehicles, should the live implementation of such mechanic be considered OP, guess which tank will remain OP?

  18. Signal range; Who cares?!
    I feel like it’s so unimportant and WG really has no reason to have it around..

  19. In WoT Blitz there is a 3bareled getling tank🤯

  20. A WalletGaming game and BALANCED?!?!?! Those don’t exist together 😛

  21. Paton 👶

  22. Worst DPM vs renegate, probably soft stats and gun handling too. Seems balanced ll see what they gonna change, flat armor of turret’ll be soaked by premium rounds.

  23. Whats really shocking about it, is the fact its not a tier 10 premium with 3 barrels, arty mode, super armoured wheels, and ofc an instant win button

  24. i can see this tier 8 prem come in the christmas loot box like the E75ts and i think these tanks be cool but the balance of these is going to be hard i would say and are probs going to be tweaked so many times

  25. wait so this could be the christmas box tank

  26. Looks like the RNG was turned off making this video. World of tanks bait and switch.

  27. I watched this cause curiosity. I’m still trying to figure out what Yoh stands for and in going to laugh if it’s a simple answer xD

  28. Dez casually talking about the stats of the tank

    But I’m watching the KPz game in the background

  29. World of Premiums takes another step towards the toiler.

  30. Yo Dez, go try it out on blitz, but most of them are auto loader and the reserve tracks are only available on tier IX and tier X (which is M-V-YOH and M-VI-YOH), and the first YOH on the line (M-VII-YOH) got the engine on the back of the turret and it is non-autoloader, so heads up for that

    Edit: a little info on the reserve track mechanism on blitz, it is not totally but mostly different from the pc version that’s coming up

  31. wtf that DMP? 2:39

    is the video 2x speed or something?

  32. T32 😢

  33. hello an interesting new line of tanks, it is exciting , but do not forget your mission, “all arty must be stopped”, Arty is a sin that must not be allowed, i encourage everyone to do their part and never play arty

    • 𝐖𝐚𝐧_𝐈𝐗__

      Arty is a blessing for other considerate players. They don’t allow meta-hulldown gods to camp on a ridgeline and being a complete baboon

  34. slim balz, wg WTF where is my account…TEN YEARS>>>YOU TARDZS…I want my $$ back..

  35. Let me throw this one out are any of them actually capable of side scraping with any success it is the only place I see this mechanic being useful

  36. i got the whole yoh tree in wotbwith 60%+wr and 3.3k+ avg dmg
    ill just talk about t10 and 9 only. t10, imo, is m6yoh, which is t9 in pc techtree.
    i think it is bcz of big hatch. still it has decent ufp and turret armor, and hatch can be hidden with turret yoinked up. and the gun with 450 alpha and 1.7s intra clip reload is too good. they might balance with cutting down dpm
    m5yoh has very small turret and hull,yes, but has t8 armor. i hope it get little buff to turret armor at least when they release in pc as it is t10. there is relatively small hatch too.

  37. Blitz, blitz, blitz…

  38. experienced players will use this feature to bait out enemy shots and then retaliate with a damaging shot back easily said , let enemy shoot tracks then move forward and fire back no more sidescraping its track baiting

  39. No offense but it sounds like another meh American tank which will be left behind rather quickly while other tanks power creep past it after a short while.

  40. These will be a Christmas release with the premium being a loot box prize. Well that’s my 2 cents, they are already in Blitz, just need to iron out some PC port balancing and they have a new revenue stream ready to go…

  41. Anime for ever senpai

    Hey if u want the yoh go wotblitz they had yoh family

  42. really missed the joke “i hope you didn’t lose track of my explenations:)”

  43. unlike the wheeled vehicles the Yoh tanks will have a 30% speed debuff for each main track blown off so if both main tracks get destroyed you’re probably looking at speeds similar to pre speed buffed doom turtles

  44. I was afraid it would have a double-sided magazine. In the Blitz, the tier 10 has a 1.7s intraclip.

  45. it is ok to hate this

  46. dezz play it on blitz

  47. So Blitz is different, but kind of the same, but also different? Okaaaaaaay.
    Also: it’s a little difficult to hear you with your German mistress talking constantly in the back ground. 😀

  48. Remember the Amis fell for Orvilles ‘War Of Worlds’. So they fight what they fear the most.

  49. Ooo look hull down and get 781 damage you paying for your what are you saying boo give money and loose more WOT are you mad sell this to us, that right this is a review or sails pitch for them

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