First Tanks I LOVED in World of Tanks!

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Everyone has their first loved tanks in World of Tanks – here’s two of mine!


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  1. My first love was (and still is) the E75❤️

  2. 1000 average exp ? What kind of a joke is that 😛 You just want to say==> 670 average exp and PAID FOR THE REST! (for every noob here Premium acc gives you 50% more exp. Makes you look better=>Good personal rating) Premium acc STATS are like plastic BOOBS= looks fantastic, attract alot of morons, but in the end- it is just plastic.) But 670exp average is not bad i nthe end. Just…it is not 1000(or 1500 with premium acc)

  3. T95 and B1 I just love those slow babies

  4. Can you make an updated video of “Best credit makers”

  5. My first love was the M4A3E2 with the 105 and stock turret, it was so satisfying bouncing german 12,8cm guns on the turret from TDs 2 tiers higher. Then it was Super Pershing for me, i was sad when they nerfed my golden boy. I 3 marked both tanks and both are the only tanks i’ve played more than 1k battles in… and today, my true and final love is the STRV 74, cos that thing is just hella cute, and lethal, and 1000x more enjoyable with a turbo slapped on it 😀

  6. First love ELC second one unnerfed KV-1S
    T18 with howitzer
    WT Auf E100
    Kv-2 🔥

  7. my only love tank was the wt auf e100 untill they masscred my boy…

  8. “guys.. and girls”
    me, an enby: 🙃

  9. Gonna garner some hate, but the 3001p was my favorite for my entire noob phase. I LOVED the thing.

  10. No favourite tanks, everyone I have planned to get and worked towards, have been power creeped or nerf’d, I just lose all interest and the line stops.

  11. I just jumped into the Pershing for the first time a week ago, bought it during the current US med tech extravaganza. I rate it as poor to average, this has been massively power-crept. If anyone asked me about the tank I’d recommend they avoid it, it’s a relic in the tech tree like Lee, ARL 39 etc.

  12. My favorite tank was the O-Ho cause of the derp being able to damage anyone no matter tier and it was the perfect anti defender tank in my mind.

  13. I love the hetzer, it’s so fun 1 shotting people.

  14. My first love was the kv1 and kv line. That was the my firts ace tanker with 1400 dmg in 2013…now I did HT-15 6000 total dmg in kv1 and it was only 1stcl 🙁 By the way I really love seeing your equipment and crew setup 🙂

  15. Historicalgamer 2002

    my first love before I prefered faster tanks was the kv85 with the 100mm, but the first tank I loved enough to 3 mark was t20 and I still love it

  16. Mine was the Tiger 1

  17. When your wife hears about this betrayal. You will be sleeping in the car.
    Also my fav vehicle while i played was Pershing.

  18. Damn QB is so lucky. He bounced a bunch of shots in a pershing (never happens) and shots magically deviate away from him

  19. Pershing and Paton are baaad now.

  20. I think my first tank loves in WoT was the Hellcat, T29 and T28 Prot. Stug was fun too!

  21. My first love was the BDR G1B

  22. Since when is the dicker max a tier 7?😀😀

  23. My first love was the Black Prince, followed by the Tiger 1 (in order of getting them in the tech trees.)

  24. T29!! ever! 😉

  25. My first love was the Cromwell. and by extension the Bromwell of course. And now it’s the Leo1, which is kinda like a Cromwell at tier 10 if you think about it. super fast, no armor medium with the added benefit of godlike gun performance.

  26. First love: ELC (before they nerfed it! >_<) Second love: Hellcat (before they nerfed it! >_<)

  27. I really like your videos and I would be pleased if you would make a video on T26E4 SuperPershing, because there is no actual guide on that tank and I really Love to play it … As you say: It´s my second Love I will never forget, first one I keep for myself 😀

    Keep doing what you are doing, it´s GREAT!!!

  28. The E75 !!!

  29. My first love was the Hellcat <3

  30. *QB takes 3 full damaging hits* “….that was a pretty darn good advance there.” -QB

  31. My favorite tank was always the VK2801, but without derp it’s less fun to play…

  32. My first love was the Centurion I, it was mine only line back in the day and I remember almost no one could penetrate my turret. I learned positions on every map where I could hide my hull and I was having really fun doing that.

  33. The very first tank I absolutely loved was the ELC tier 5. Then, it was the CDC even though it is a very weak tank, I still enjoyed it a lot. There are more but these two are still my favorites.

  34. My first love was the vk 30.02 m . . .

  35. My first love was a tier 2 spg because I could do a shat ton of damage without putting my tonk in danager then after it was then O NI with the derp getting 800 to 1200 damage in on single shot if it can pen was glorious

  36. My first love was SU-107 uh I means SU-85 with 107mm. Well, doesn’t matter now because no matter what I fell in love they gonna get rekt by gold anyway.

  37. My first love was the easy 8 played in in bata and still have it to this day and still love it.

  38. I really loved the T34-85M before it was buffed.

  39. why does QB have a bielorussian flag on his Comet?

  40. My first love was the SU-85 with the 107 mm gun at Tier V.

  41. The dip got plenty of opportunities the problem is you will lose if.. No one comes with you atleast 3.
    Or the enemy them team doesnt care about the dip and just camp or head city you will get ambushed and flanked the same time.

  42. My favorite tank was SP 1C the old version with potato magazine low dpm but still your a light tank you can spot you can damage and you can help

  43. My first love was either the KV-1, AMX 30, or the Pz 1c

  44. Better DPM than Panther? 🤔😄

  45. I don´t have a “first love” but ,bizarrely enought, i have a affection to the P43 Bis., the tier 6 italian medium.
    Stadistically, its not a good tank, kind of slow with no armor, but its also kind of a good all-rounder with a heavy punch (240hp per shot in a tier 6 medium!) and at medium range its one of the best support tanks at its tier.

    Also, as a FTP player, playing tier 6 is the only way of not losing credits, so its one of my favourites for missions and just relaxing for a bit.

  46. Hi William I remember the day I got my Panther mit 8.8 that was 6 years ago I was definitely in a glass tank but I didn’t mind I was playing a Pzkfw V with the 8.8cm L 71 gun. So now I have a marvelous collection of glass Tanks, I remember the game I put 2 IS 7s down with the 88 right after watching Jingles show us how and were to shoot them, a very large Japanese Tank ended my day

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