Fistful of steel.

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  1. Happy New Year Clairvoyant Circon

  2. Foo-Foo Cuddlypoops

    PVE wouldn’t kill games if PVP wasn’t so toxic in the first place imo

    • Case and point, World of Warships has PvE, and that hasn’t killed the game, but the community in WoWs is, generally, less toxic

    • I wouldn’t say its the toxicity of the PVP that drives players to PVE instead, rather that being team-dependent in the first place gambles the entire fun factor and functionality of the game on what your 14 downie teammates are up to. The larger the teams, the more potential there is for a match to snowball into lopsided outcomes that a given player simply cannot stop. Therefore the way to make PVP more functional is to have smaller teams.

    • blurr220 are you sure? There are quite a few nutcases around. And everybody throws salt around sometimes

  3. i love you man

  4. I saw every single circ memes this year ))) makes me feel good

  5. Marthijn van Oorschot

    “Look at me, that’s right” XD

  6. Genuine question here, why are cancerous assholes like the 252U featured in the replay allowed to map spam with impunity? I press F7 to request help more than once every few seconds and get a notification saying I can’t use that command for 5 seconds. is map spamming a feature reserved for tomatoes with sub 500 WN8?

  7. omg radar comfirmed! 😀

  8. look at me

  9. circon that t34 kill was BM, you are the reason WoT is toxic BabyRage

  10. pve is the only thing that keeps aw running. noone would play this shitty game, if not for the pve mode.
    aw pvp is toxic as hell, the balancing is crazy as hell, they nerf premium vehicles, they have no clue where they should go with the game, after they kick obsidian, its a bad wot clone, and there are sooooo many bugs.
    you want tank pvp? play wot/wt realistc+sim battles(i know, both are not perfect, but they are at least playable).

  11. Damn Circon. Great game!!! so much fun to watch. Happy New Year, buddy.

  12. Happy New Year Circon and guys

  13. isn’t WoT already PVE with all the bots who do zero damage in games.

  14. i bought this tank dude my average wn8 in this vehicle is 3500+ after 50 battles with an average of 2300 dmg

  15. I was in this video!

  16. Happy New Year Circon!

  17. Holy fuck that 262u was triggerd.

  18. RATM anyone?

  19. I personally ,and I have to stress PERSONALLY think that your starting argument furthers point on how bad playerbase and some game designs are if PVE would be so much appealing. it simply maens that there are so many problems in current state of game,the “PVP” that either drastic changes are needed or PVE is .

  20. A guy in Skorpion G thumbed down

  21. I dont think PvE killed AW, I think it getting purchased by some shit Russian team that destroyed the game killed it.

    • It was already Russian.

    • e115x525
      It was originally developed by Russian Co (Obsidian) the problems started when the owners didnt agree with the vision/direction of the game i.e. the owners wanted essentially a carbon copy of World Of Tanks but Obsidian was headed in a completely different/better direction and when Obsidian said they wouldnt make them a copy of WOT they were fired and THAT’S where AW went careening off the abyss and just about everyone started quitting the game.. But if Obsidian was allowed to have their way AW would arguably be better and more fun than WOT . As so.eone whos played both since Alpha testing i have a good idea of both games..

  22. Great vid, thx for the upload

  23. I would actually play WoT if it had PVE

  24. LMAO !!!! GG

  25. They need to ban XVM!

  26. Amx 13 90 or bc 25t AP which one should I research first? Why and which one is better

  27. “Fistful of Steel” That’s what she said. Muwahaha

  28. In my experience players with clan tags are usually the most toxic. (I don’t use XVM)

  29. Dat T34 kill tho. Happy newyear Circon

  30. PVE would save this game for me ngl, im sooo bored of all the (insert typical insults here) in randoms and cba to find a decent clan to join for those shenanigans

  31. IMO, as soon as they made pve rewards more or less the same as pvp, that was the end of it. Why work hard for the same reward when you can just farm predictable bots that make even the dumbest players look like unicums? That and skill mm for pvp.

  32. Someone notice the Lorraine have wheels !?

  33. Obj 252U went full retard pinging on that map… Son, go take your fucking daily dose of ritalin. FFS! -_-

  34. CirconfleXavier.

  35. Look at me…
    Now look back at your teammates…
    Now look back at me… Here at old spice….

  36. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Agreed PvE killed Armored Warfare. Unless the experience and creds were dropped to like a 10th of what they were it always would have

  37. 3.06 unnecessary ammoracks have a special charm.

  38. PvE didn’t specifically kill AW, trying to do both equally did.

  39. Circon did you ever play the Churchill guncarrier ?

  40. General Patton in the 252U lol

  41. Christiaan Carstens

    Thought 4k was a good game, dammit. That thing is a credit printer.

  42. “look at me!” LOL!

  43. I think the reason armored warfare died was total trash balance. Imagine if super conquerors went 50 km and their lower plate wasn’t a weakspot, MBTs just shit on everything 99% of the time. Also the premiums were somehow even more lazy and overpriced.

  44. Load the Skill rounds

    Good point in the beginning about pvp vs pve I agree with you. I was thinking similarly to ships where the pve mode gets less exp and credits. But I guess it would erode the pvp player base.

  45. 5:12 that German though lol

  46. Armored Warfare… such a pity that the game is dead

  47. I don’t really find gratification in killing bots, it’s often either too easy or too frustrating. Nothing goes above getting a human player frag and having him rant in chat after battle that you use hacks.

  48. Hi twitch chat

  49. ‘In the year 2017’ fuck this video is old

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