FIVE… Yes, 5 NEW MAPS Coming To World of Tanks | Update 1.12+ News

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World of Tanks New Ivanovka, Tropika, Sommar, Graf Zeppelin and Island Preview, New Maps coming to World of Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.12+ Patch News.

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Today let’s talk about maps, because WG is working 5 different new maps as we speak, 3 of them completely new to the channel and 2 of them also new, but have covered them before.
Turning Point in the video was renamed to Ivanovka. On the of that, Tropika, Sommar, Island and Graf Zeppelin are coming to the game, eventually…

What do you think?


  1. ⛔ Update: Name of the first map “Turning Point” was changed to “Ivanovka”! ⛔
    Which map out of those 5 seems to be the most interesting to you?

  2. Cant wait to this video is ended!! So good…

  3. so 5 new postage stamp corridor maps?

  4. Apostolos Kouziokas

    looks like they took maps from Grand battles and divide them :P( with small changes)

  5. too late…too unbalanced anyway…game will die with crew 2.0

  6. Don’t know if it is just me but it all looks like Studzianky V2… nothing in the middle… some hill on the one side and some building on the other… lights go middle, heavies one way and mediums the other… (EXCEPT Sommar… it looks good)

  7. Also, 5 new maps you will see 1 out of 30 games.

  8. 5???^^ in words “-five-” ???^^ i need a scout…

  9. I hope they will be better than Berlin and Airfield…

  10. This is fine. I really wish Someday the removed maps Will return Someday

  11. 12:27 “not super clean line of fire”
    *Clearly and entire road you can shoot* (if it has tanks it’s a very clear line of fire)

  12. Standard garbage WG map designs.

  13. new maps = new bugs, i wanna discover new bug xd

  14. Sommar literally means summer in swedish, the architecture of the buildings could possibly be swedish, the cliffs surrounding the map I’m not too certain about, there are probably a couple locations like this in Sweden but haven’t seen them in that case. Reminds me a bit more of Norway perhaps. Idk but definitely the most interesting map of the bunch shown.

  15. Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Malinovka, Ivanovka. What do they have in common? Open maps with many bushes and big instant death area. Exactly what everyone enjoys right?

  16. Looks like a common case, of Tank in a breathing hole,for Seals.

  17. Finally

  18. They haven’t fixed the old bad designed ones, why the fuck they give us new maps.
    Will they be like Berlin or even worse?
    They don’t even increase the banned maps limit. -_-

  19. wounder what maps will be got rid of for these …..HOPEFULLY PARIS

  20. And is there a single map wich is gonna be balanced ?

  21. Would be nice for more map blocking slots alongside this as to send less desireable maps to where you won’t need them.

  22. 1:12 Middle wide open, 😄 that´s WoT standard for 4 min battles and 15:0 gamegenerator

  23. Adding 5 new kaku maps:D How about rather re-balance the old ones:D

  24. Am surprised that “the new maps need to be removed” threads in the forums have not started yet.

  25. -ebr- kill game play for alll…must be removet.if we can vote or ask for it? they will remove it?

  26. i hate world of tanks map designs. most maps are fine and fun to play. but designers are so lazy to come up with original and interesting map layout. if you look at the minimap most maps are symmetrical in middle or diagonal way. it’s lazy and boring to play in maps like that.

  27. But what happened to the Japort map ?

  28. it was about time … I wonder what kind of hell they have built again

  29. Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  30. Pen!s Mountain on Tropica

  31. Mantazas Žaidžia

    i think maps are quite small

  32. F new maps fix all old ones.

    Literally take whole year on fixing maps and make 2.0 update out of it

  33. I got a question about test server
    I’ve bought waffentraeger TD and the cinese heavy 112 but I can’t enter in battle with both of them does anyone know why ?

  34. when are the new italians coming?

  35. Dez you did video’s on these maps already…last year, when wg was putting 6 new maps on the super test….but where is the new frontline map?

  36. So far they look like the standard three corridor designs,at least most of them…so now we’ll have more of the same exact maps just with cosmetic changes

  37. the “SOMMAR” map seems to be based on the norwegian fjords

  38. Crew 2.0 will still be crap thou

  39. Yes, five more maps to complain about.

    Not sure about Tropika, this map looks like a map for the first Battlefield 1942.

  40. doesn’t matter how many maps there are if you play the same 3 over and over

  41. Wondering why I was thinking about the Des Moines, then realized what the background music was.

  42. Quantum Imperfections

    Something i’ve been noticing with WG map design is the ever-growing amount of “no-mans-land” making more open maps become more “tunnel-like”

  43. I think they should get the old deleted Maps back in the game and change some existing trash Maps (e.g. Minsk). That would be less work than designing new Maps.

  44. Syahareen Sha Rani

    They add more new maps but didn’t even bother added more blacklisted maps typical wargaming …

  45. new maps to enjoy playing with some subs am i right dez?

  46. Love the wows music on the background <3

  47. Am I dreaming?! 🤩

  48. Some maps Reminds me some from blitz

  49. Excellent! New maps and more variety!

  50. watch everyone try to find glitches 20 minutes after release lol

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