FLAK 88 HALF-TRACK – 5 Second 88mm Reload – (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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FLAK 88 HALF-TRACK- 5 Second 88mm Reload – (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!



  1. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    13:00 you are just bad

  2. And people thought WoT’s WTF100 was broken.

  3. I just want the BR on it upped a bit yet any time I say that in chat German
    players get all pissy lol. Not a substantial increase to where its with
    Tigers but 4.0 maybe.

  4. Easy kill mate 5:57

  5. war tunder is acting funny rn.

  6. •5stareveryday •

    This with Toms Meme sounds

  7. phly talks about not having good depression but I have lots so he can have

  8. yo phlu, when does this beauty come out for non dev server?

  9. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    attempt 4
    phly plz play the British sherman and tje mosquito fighter bomber plz

  10. M2A4 and P26 Peashooter

  11. Doom Bringer of Death!

    F9F-8 Cougar for planes please!

  12. They should have a flak shell for a flak gun


  14. This is how Germans should be playing. Not against is2s with post war

  15. HEYYYY PHLYYYY! So on monday, my friend and I are going to try and start a
    war thunder mini series. We hope it will be good, and there will be
    commentary. I look forward to more videos.

  16. do a bomber defense

  17. Pz-4 3.3Br… I sometimes take it out against 6.7s. Can easily pen side

  18. PhlyDaily you should do a Battle of the Land Battle ships
    basically you got your Independant (britain), NbFz (Germany) and your t-35
    they are all at the same br 1.3
    Also, a Battle of the Water Planes
    basically the largest water planes in the game
    the PBY catalina, that giant German water bomber, the Sunderland, and that
    giant Japanese bomber plane all duke it out.

  19. Phly, a question about the Panzer IV F2, didn’t it have a flamethrower on
    it? It looks like a flamethrower or something under the barrel.


  21. I wish I could see this in action during world war 2 I wonder how many
    kills this vehicle got

  22. Take out the Ki-87!!!!

  23. Gaijin is going to nerf this thing in three, two, one…

  24. Phil you going make me play war thunder again. lol nice vid

  25. aren’t you playing RB? how can you see lead mark?

  26. For a Russian developer team, they’ve managed to spoil the German players a

  27. meme lord (Shacker_Slade)

    5:27 hahahahaha HEY NICE BOMB

  28. 3:22 ~ 3:46
    (Riochet) Not Wow

    Loved that part :D

  29. Dang that reload….

  30. 10:12 are those jeeps? Man those are some tiny jeeps.

  31. Play the British battleship Independent and the swordfish mk1 It’s the

  32. OH my goooood

  33. Thank you Phly. Fuck that haters… you make it real. gg bro

  34. it´s just a beast! I recon they will nerv it cuz it got sooo much punch!

  35. The reason you didn’t kill that Cromwell was because he hit your Breech

  36. oh this aimbot thing when aiming ,kids cant play these days without help
    omg ,looser

  37. this thing needs a nerf

  38. Please play the Ki-87

  39. wow not wow I dont like this game but I like u
    no homo

  40. Josep Puchades Barreda

    nice video Philyy!!??

    How i Can get free gold eagles? is possible??

  41. +PhlyDaily if you go into the customisation of the either of the B-25 there
    should be a glitch where there are 2 crew members both gunners one at the
    top gun and the other in the very front

  42. You just survived 4 fucking shots from Cromwell, I would say what this anti
    tank is a fucking monster on 3.7 give him minimum 4.3. It’s survivable, 5
    second reload, and a fucking 8.8 cm gun! This thing in s op. When I saw it
    1 time in fight it bounced one shell from t-34 1941 in range shorter then
    100 m… And it’s fucking killed me… Only tank I could kill it with was
    SU-122 with HE she’ll strait in to cabin…

  43. how do that comander vision?

  44. Sherman Tank Phly

  45. Phly, how about f9f-8 + M48A1 Patton III COMBO ,come on go 4 it $$$$$$$$

  46. I just did the update. Test drived the 88mm half track. And one shoted the
    doomturtle while playing around with it. My jaw droped. I hit one of the
    hatches on top and it exploded the amo. Holy crap.

  47. Triterus Saw-icky

    your music intro is giving me cancer, btw nice vid


  49. I expected to see the match where I destroyed you :(

  50. can the next update involve an over haul on battle ratings? considering how
    impossible majority of the german tanks below 7.0 are to play, like
    seriously if you say you need skill to play germans you don’t read or
    compair the tank stats

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