FLAK 88 VS HUGE B-17 BOMBER FORMATION (War Thunder Epic Custom Battle)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. Hey Phly! You should get AAA vs Bombers with a twist. The bombers have to
    use their turrets to kill you!
    B-29/TU-4s VS M19s/Kugelblitz!

  2. GIVE US HETZER OR GIVE US DEATH!!! #RussianLivesMatter

  3. They should actually put flak in this game. would change how AA works.

  4. Phly i don’t really know but could it be that your not accounting for drop
    with the long range. I think the reticle just shows you where the plane
    would be when the shell gets there

  5. it’d be better if it actually was able to set fuse distance for shrapnel
    shells… you know… like it actually did irl

  6. gasdorfic muncher

    oh my lanta !

    only philly would bring a line of flaks

  7. Do TU-4s (maybe B29s too) vs BV 238s!

  8. how about Gatling guns vs B17s?

  9. We really need flak burst shells for these.

  10. Wait a minute… Did you hear that?
    Phly said 666
    triangle has 3 sides

    Illuminati confirmed.

  11. He took my suggestion

  12. How to get in on this action

  13. Flak 8,8 vs pe-8 nukes MAKE IT HAPPEN

  14. also can you phly can you also subscribe i would love the support

  15. 8:26 illuminaty cormfirmed

  16. You should’ve turned off your targeting computer and just used the Force,

  17. they need to add timed fuses to this so you can airburst the shells, set
    them on the fly to either seconds from fired or to det at a specified

  18. phly please make BOMBER FORMATION VS BIPLANE

  19. 8:26 Six six six, illuminati confirmed

  20. Chris_The_Autotech

    @PhlyDaily next time, try aiming. Probably have more luck

  21. due to download error and playstation help.line not being able to help me
    I’ve lost all my tanks in warthunder…premiums….everything so it will be
    weeks before I can do anything like this phlydaily. but I really want to do
    one of these! lol

  22. 8:27

    “666!” PhlyDaily 2016

  23. 8:26 Phlydaily just triggered all the evangelical fanatics.

  24. 8:27 phly wtf


  26. that reticle is why AAA like the KugalBlitz and wirbelwind are so popular,
    just spray in the general direction lol

  27. *replays* 18:44 for like 10 times ???

  28. Colt Jordan (FlyingTigerVI)

    Why don’t you and baron play together 

  29. GAIJIN i would totally pay for a premium FLAK 88mm TRUCK
    with ACTUAL flak shells

  30. why are you always talking to yourself?

  31. he said 666 when there was a fire……….

  32. The tank reticule isn`t meant for air targets. If you don`t know how far
    away the air target is, it becomes very difficult to use. In the air, you
    normally set your preferred gun elevation between 400 and 800, but it`s
    unknown what the tank one is set to. When firing tanks at planes, you have
    to watch for where the round goes in order to place your next shot. The
    reticule is just a good starting point.

  33. do a flak vs flak

  34. Well… Flak 88 is made for AA defence. If Gaijin would make an AA shell
    for this cannon, it would be AWSOME!

  35. They should include some sort of air burst mechanic with these. Set a timer
    for explosion and have fun.

  36. Foxrox Gaming (foxrox198)

    aye Phly when I get my PS4 would you possibly be able to help me figure out
    how to play war thunder cuz I don’t really understand how to unlock new
    planes and stuff like that

  37. Those don’t look like AA Cannons, look more like Self-propelled Guns

  38. 6:13-6:20 LOL

  39. Try again eif same things+ the low tier gepard or th russian 4×7 mm for
    more insanity XD

  40. could you play atgms and give us your opinion? I personally feel they have
    no place in this game and ruin t5 matches

  41. Why doesn’t it have special flak ammo.

  42. It would be really cool if you can set airburst or use proximity fuses

  43. you gotta aim behind the reticule just a tad, higher velocity round with
    the 88 compared to what the aimer is normally set for which is machine gun
    or auto cannon calibers

  44. when they are that close like at the end dont even bother with the
    reticule, just a waist of time

  45. they would probs do flak round like they do gun sight aim, where you using
    page up and down to change the range, do the same with the flak ammo every

  46. FV4202 And the Wyvern God Save The Queen

  47. “USE THE SCOPE” i kept screaming. internally.

  48. do the lockheed hudson for the british empire

  49. You keep leading too much, you’ve been aiming in front of the lead reticle.

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