FLAK 88MM – Schnapps Infused DESTRUCTION (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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– Schnapps Infused DESTRUCTION ()


  1. Native American Prince David

    YES! The Flak 88 is BACK!!! ?????

  2. You drink beer with shnaps

  3. i should give him limoncello 45% but smooth as silk to go down.

  4. You need to be sipping that Schnapps over crushed ice or used as a mixer in other drinks.

  5. Phly I need to ask you a question. How many hours have you played War Thunder??

  6. Scharfschutze 99

    Phly Please make video of Brummbar and Horten 229 combo

  7. tigerraven And co

    You look different than what I pictured

  8. It was fun to watch him shoot the same tanks over and over, but couldn’t he have shot down one plane… please.

  9. tigerraven And co

    I know kroashian men and they like there liquor like jet fuel 100% alcohol

  10. Now we have to recommend whiskey with the tank n plane combos… 🙂

  11. Phly its time to pay back for all those T-34 deaths. Play the T-34-76 or T-34-57 or nine years off bad luck 😀

  12. It look like water

  13. I still wish I could play war thunder 🙁

  14. das ist aber ein großes schnapsglas 😀

  15. Phly play the independent and Sunderland mk3a BRITISH BULLDOGS attempt #18

  16. Nice play! Greetings from Germany, Hannover 🙂

  17. ujh skylerGameing

    my new stupid lenvo computer broke so now im useing this slab of stone /windows 7

  18. Phly you need to lead your shots better, you got so lucky everytime you hit the back of their tracks

  19. You have to try the Liebl Blutwurz, 54% and delicious 😀

  20. When i use the 88mm flak truck:
    >1-3 kills
    >killed early game
    >4 guys on me
    >something bad happens and i die

    When other people uses it:
    >10 kills
    >survive the whole game
    >sometimes not even damaged
    >nobody sees them

  21. Jez dude you’re seriously got your glow on

  22. do more facecam plz

  23. 38%…….
    That is considered a little soft in China…. Some people prefer 52%………..



  25. Just to do a quick rethink here: Austrian Schnapps, German Guns and invading Poland after the first sip … Großdeutschesreich confirmed.

  26. Bruh, my favourite party mix; wet pussy shot! Peach schnapps + cranberryjuice + Vodka

    Edit: or just the schnapps with cranberry juice

    Edit 2: or just the schnapps with vodka, all the same

  27. Get a player kill in War Thunder Naval Forces closed beat via skip bombing.

  28. “I’ve been cutting back on the drinking” that’s what I say every night I start drinking(every nigh)

  29. getrektn00b020 U GOT SHREKT M8

    T26 rekt 9.0. Thethrach rekt 9.0 hmmmm. Take out ze pz 2 and a 9.0 german plane. Good luck. Ur gonna need it m8

  30. i am from germany too 😀

  31. is that free to play phly

  32. The Satrs, Stripes and Golden Eagles Combo: Take out the XP-38G and the Grant 1! #1

  33. Phly!! i think youre blessed by God when you drink something that make you drunk… i think that’s your key to success 🙂

  34. Pubs open at 10:30 am in Aussie. So if you start drinking at 11:49, you’re good.

  35. Best way to drink Scnapps ?
    Stay on a chair and DOWN THE HATCH !

  36. Deltatouage 1943EST

    phly you are so sexy

  37. StronkGameReviews

    Weeaboo combo STB-1 and R2Y2

  38. as my grandpa said ” if you drink before noon your a drunk

  39. u have really good eyes, i dont see what u shot lol

  40. 1:06 Österreichisches Erzeugnis = austrian made 😀

  41. “I’m a man” *while drinking peach schnapps*

  42. 12:31 BIN LADEN!

  43. the “have fun” combo
    Chieftain and Hawker Hunter

  44. The Hand of The Furher came out from the depths of Hell to guide your sour krauts at the enemy. Why can’t that happen to me?

  45. Challenge time Phly ! try to get an air kills using the calliope rocket launcher attemp #4

  46. The way I read to drink expensive whiskey was to add I little bit of water until it doesn’t burn ur mouth or something. I wouldn’t know from experience, though.
    My last experience with whiskey I was drinking it straight out of the bottle right after a cheap 40oz beer and ended up puking and shitting all over the stairs. Good thing we lived in the country at the time =D

  47. stop drinking
    use weed eeeee

  48. Now Vodka + T-34-85

  49. “38%? Dude, Schnapps is deadly.” Pffft! Typical Americans with their piss beer!

  50. ok phly you say this tank should get a br increase, how about you take out the 50mm 262 with it and see how you fair. Good luck
    make phly do this combo guys

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