FLAK TOASTER | VFW Tank Destroyer (War Thunder Tanks)

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TOASTER | VFW Tank Destroyer (War Thunder Tanks)



  2. lacucaracha111111

    11:05 Yes this is a FLAK DUMMKOPFS!

  3. I spent hours grinding for a good sniping tank, but my trashy Aussie internet is always at 250 ping.

  4. It means TrialAntiAirwagon (Versuchsflakwagen) Phil

  5. Buntownik nie hetman

    It has so much gun elevation because it was designed as SPAA not TD

  6. It’s pronounced simular to a cat hiss just much deeper and shorter with a s at the end the c in ch isn’t spelled c but it is rather used as a small k that is almost silent with a long h afterwards it’s simular to how mexicans say Joseph but instead of the o after the ch noise you say s


  8. More vids with this tank?

  9. The Slovenly Tactician


  10. Another pointless vehicle added to the german tree. GG Gayjob

  11. Call it the flaktoaster

  12. 11:50 how do you lower the sides

  13. Just pronounce it like Versuchsflakwagen

  14. HO 229 time

  15. its so funny to see you trying to speak german


  17. Oh god i love when u try to pronounce german words, it always putting a smile on my phace. (Im from germany)
    Ps. Schönen Tag noch meine Kameraden! 😀

  18. I like when americans try to pronounce german words :3

  19. we should get battle royal mod where you start as a tier 1 tank and you collect parts levels you up tier by tier.

  20. Praetorian GuardBC

    Dude stop trying to pronounce the name because it’s sound like your say “ flak vagina “ which in my eyes is a mobile armored vagina that opens up & shoots a bigger load lol

  21. Toasterflakwagen

    The german machine that could satisfy both your military and bread needs.

  22. reload is 4 sec with ace crew

  23. AlphaBravoCheesecake stuff

    versuchsflakwagen roughly translates to practiceflakwagen or attemptflakwagen

  24. “They’re not going to give a tank destroyer a heavy tank optic” Yep, Hellcat has been saying this for years…

  25. Te guns 90* turret drive not a bug!!! This is an anti air vehicles basicly

  26. I’m pretty sure German V’s are pronounced like our F’s. I mean it’s been a while since I’ve been into the German language

  27. WTF is up with the bottom left ingame x-ray of that tank is where you can see the crew and damages? It shows 3 massive cannons.

  28. New game modes? Search and destroy? TDM? Free for all? What kind of a game mode!

  29. how to open the tank?

  30. That needs to be named bathtub

  31. Ferschookhs -flakwaken sounds about right

  32. the v has an f sound in germany XD

  33. Huge toaster that will toast your enemy into ashes.

  34. need moar modes

  35. 2:34 SailyDaily is back in town u know what that means fellas new naval forces videos inbound

  36. For me its shuld be called VW

  37. Flakbox

  38. How do you get This tank

  39. Its obviously pronounced Versuchsflakwagen

  40. I want war thunder to add the Sturmtiger already

  41. It sounds like „fersuucksflakwagen“

  42. I’d love if you would start playing other games

  43. Whats the song at the intro?

  44. Why do the flak trucks not have actual airburst rounds for shooting at aircraft?

  45. Dou you want the Washingmachine and the drier or you can change it for the misteroius box.
    The box, Thr box

  46. Play the Israeli 9.0 Jet bomber (premium) (French tech tree).
    Attempt #2

  47. Play the Merkava.

    Attempt #1

  48. Phlakwagen would suffice mate! 😀

  49. How to measure range? What button

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