FlakaSaurus Rex is Wunderbar, Best Vehicle in 1.63 – War Thunder

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. why that aa wirewind still firing non stop

  2. que quisiste desir con viva la sipa

  3. They need to seriously reduce the price of premium tanks. £30 for each one
    is rediculous , I would pay about £3 each

  4. Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    HE? For other AAs :)

  5. Everyone go to the discussion page and please read my comment for WoWs

  6. warthunder can we please get the puma for germany who else thinks the puma
    would be great in this game

  7. The best part of it “the Flakasaurus rex” just too cool!

  8. Why are the intros now the outro’s?

  9. Hey baron have you gotten any plane kills with the flak 37?

  10. Sabaton <3

  11. anyone miss arcade more

  12. How is Baron still playing this shit??? Horrible game.

  13. tigers still the best….. but better than 4M GAZ-AAA

  14. The Flak Truck is pure troll and OP as hell. Its so hard to kill those
    things in 1 hit. I even got behind one in an M-24 and hozed the crew down
    with .50 can and could not kill it. The 2 dead crew in the back of the
    turret acted like shields for the two crew in the front. This thing absorbs
    shells like nobody’s business. Yes, you can put a HEAT into the ammo box in
    the back, but good luck getting at it.

  15. Rozell is a Dank Memer

    Anyone else confused how that whirbelwhin can fire so long without

  16. Use the dicker max as an anti air vehicle in your next gamemode

  17. Baron von ridicoulus !! ..is ok u make a opinion about the game, but plz u
    also make 99% of unnecessary comments !!


  19. You can have a time-delay AA shell – but who is going to set the timer?
    That’s something that a radar or optical rangefinder needs to calculate.
    Which is more than can be done by a crew on a flak truck. A radar proximity
    fuze would work – but the Germans didn’t have that in ww2.

  20. if you ever come across a flak 88, shoot the ammo box at the back of the
    truck and it’s an instant kill.

  21. That wirblewind has a glitch to who laid the rail. Has had one for a long
    time that i know of.. I always see it. :P

  22. when the developers were making the new update “flak rounds….. anyone..
    no just me? ok.”

  23. Re-crew?

  24. ThatCalifornianGamer

    Hey guys! Mind checking my channel out? It is not the best content nor
    the highest quality. But it will improve! I promise! I have no
    microphone and no editing. But I do upload good matches frequently.
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  25. baron…. if u notice the wilber… doesnt have reload cooldown… what
    happen… mine still have to reload…

  26. Baron… Were you trolling people earlier?

  27. GRIMREAPERwillEATyou

    I don’t see why people fear the flak truck, sure it has a tiger 1 cannon
    but hell, kill the gunner and loader and it’s useless! Easy prey!

  28. that wirbel is for shure hacking. wirbelwind cant shoot that long without a

  29. Baron i want ask about scope in tank,it is the change patch make scope cant
    zoom in or my patch error?
    my leopard n jagdtiger scope cant zoom,so when closerange im suck

  30. War To Bush Flack 88mm half track

  31. Whats the rank of it?

  32. That Crippling Depression

  33. 5 second of doom

  34. 3:48 … ALLLAHHHH HU AKBAR!

  35. Swing in with the Swingfire pls!

  36. the flak i think had a hack

  37. Lukas Griessenberger

    This is the 8,8 cm Flak 37 (Sf) auf s. Zgkw. 18 t

  38. that wirbelwind has infinite ammo dafuq ? 03:58

  39. C’est moi où au debut il dit “vive les sniper !” ?

  40. In what universe is that thing a flak truck? I think you got there a party

  41. Reporting_hackers

    what gamemode is that?

  42. Joshua Erhardt (ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳરιקקξરҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ)

    try to kill planes with HE Shells they are a Little bit like the godlike
    8,8 flak Shells but they are not bursting but still kills planes very well

  43. Wee need mobile artillery vehicles!!(that are playable)

  44. Flack truck? More like the fag truck

  45. If you can’t change the fuze time for the HE shell on the fly it would be
    pretty useless. you would have to rangefinder the plane first, then set the
    fuze time for that distance and thats only viable if a bomber has at least
    4km altitude.

  46. on the trackasaurus rex !!!!

  47. Typical MG bug at the wirbelwinds side. He won’t even notice he’s still

  48. Flak 88 is amazing until someone is smart enough to use a plane or arty to
    shrek you

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