FLAME THROWING TANK | Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower

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  2. Welcome back Phlippity Phlooppity.
    I feel like “we didn’t do too great today, but we had fun” is just the Churchill in a nutshell.

    Gotta love those stupid toolbox looking weak spots on the sides towards the rear of that Churchill, point a machine gun at it “you’re on fire”, aim a HE shell at it “overpressure kill”.. Where is that spot on other Heavy Tanks? lol.


  4. dude this tank simply sucks

  5. Phlydaily IS BACK!

  6. One thing that I learned the hard way is if the tank is destroyed but the trailer is still intact it can stop the enemy from capping a point if it’s on the cap

  7. It’s good to have ya back! 😄

  8. As a British main, I do sometimes wonder how crews will just eat 75mm shrapnel no problem while APHE seems to instantly kill everyone in the entire tank no matter what.

  9. Missed you man, good to have you back.

  10. Great to see ya back, hopefully the break helps you enjoy the game more

  11. LiferLance Adventures

    The hoses ran on the outside because that was easy and they didn’t want flame thrower fuel inside the tank

  12. Great to have you back, Phly !

  13. Phly is back, all is right in the world again 🥹

  14. Soo good to have you back man🎉

  15. He is back in busisnes 🤩

  16. Glad to have you back sir!

  17. Roughly 2 minute’s in and I gotta stop ya right there and ask you a question. What’s more important to you Phly? Integrity or finical gain?
    Did you know that microwave ovens, kill all nutrients within food?
    You might as well be eating flavoured cardboard, (it’s even crunchy)! Cardboard, not microwaved would be better for you than what you’re consuming for yourself and now promoting to others. With what our societies are about to face, you’d be wiser to promote survival foods. They to are healthy, nutritious and usually you just add hot water.
    Sorry if that burst any bubbles.
    Now I’m gonna enjoy the rest of your creativity.

  18. No.
    Thank You 👍
    Sir, I Salute You!
    Greetings from Australia 🇦🇺👍😎💯

  19. the flamethower smoke screen is not that good of a strategy cause all the tryhards with their ultra low quality and lowest particle density will still see you through that.



  22. Yes mister flly iš back


  24. Welcome back phly! I cant stress this enough, your absence was strongly noticed. Not even in terms of just war thunder content, but more so in personality. You bring such an energy to the channel, thats its kept me watching for years. Your impact is extremely wholesome. Keep up the fantastic work

  25. 와우난사람이다ᅡ

    히히 오줌발싸

  26. Totally NOT healthy eating this cr@p.

  27. Glad to have you back mate

  28. hey Phly, awesome video. you should make a video of the su-25K or the normal one with the 25O-F unguided missiles, literally destroy’s everything lol.

  29. i sort of imagined you odd and benny would have a game where you track an enemy tank and all three of you coats it in flames.

  30. most people struggling to eat healthy and well do so because they are poor, i don’t think MREs are the solution lmao

  31. Phlame thrower?!!

  32. The Churchill VII is so bad that I’m not convinced that starting with the Churchill Crocodile isn’t a conspiracy to sabotage flamethrower tanks, giving Gaijin “proof” that the fans don’t _really_ want them.

  33. hearing Phly again feels weird
    not in a bad way…

  34. Yo thanks for the Factor ad, I had no idea about this company, Hello Fresh was cool but I can’t cook and I didn’t feel like doing that. Microwaveable meals holy hell that’s not bad. Went ahead and ordered the box! $130 for 10 meals a weak, about over 500 a week, not bad at all. At least if you’re single lol

  35. Phyl can you try the new USS Alaska, it has a lot of AA firepower. Aircraft will be scared to attack it.

  36. thanks for taking your time to entertain and helping others get through their day you were missed Phly welcome back

  37. THAT LOOkS HELLA GOOD DAMN btw love youre video btw youre videos are the reason y i am good at warthunde THANKS SOOO MUCH

  38. Phly – Burn the house down
    *Achievement unlocked:*

    *war criminal*

  39. Hey Phly. I don’t know if this is possible for you to ask, but I have an idea for the devs that would be amazing to see in game. And that is the SBD-4 and 5. Ranked at about 2.7-3.0-ish this variants would be a more faster, stronger version of the SBD-3 in game right now. With a new camouflage/design I think most of us players would love to see this in game. So if I may ask you, possibly contact the devs? Cheers

  40. if we get this i hope we can get the il2 with the 2kg cluster bombs

  41. phil_expresses sabordo

    Rusty phly

  42. This is really interesting that thay added this…!

  43. And no, they can’t add the mighty hilux, or else it’d dominate everything.

  44. Ринат Измайлов

    Огонь просто!!!

  45. Lets be honest. The snail only did this event to bring back the god himself.

  46. Dimitar D.Dimitrov

    Nothing in a microwave is healthy Phly. Sorry but I had to say it. But whoever likes it can get it, you are only advertising Americans so I don’t mind.

  47. Hope they NEVER ad the Toyota pickup truck because even Jeremy Clarckson could not destroy it.
    But what I would love to see is a flamethrower-only battle. (all tanks flamethrowers on both teams)

  48. I missed you buddy

  49. Aaahhh! It`s a monstaaa and it`s crawling my way! o.O Pity it`s flamethrower does almost none of the flamethrower things.

  50. No! Phlydaddy, I welcome you back to us viewers for having a time for us

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