Flamethrower Tank by Lesta, Holiday Ops 2023, Bonus Code, Black Friday and More | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Flamerthrower Supertest Preview. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023, Special Bonus Code, New Rewards Well-Deserved Rewards 2022, Experimental Equipment, Black Friday and More.

I am back from my trip to Africa, Tanzania and in the first video I am going to make a little recap of all the news what happened and what you wanted to see me talking about while I was away. Things like the flamethrower tank, Holiday Ops 2023 special commander Arnold and Milla Jovovich and more!

What do you think?


    We are BACK in action, so in this video doing a quick catch-up with things that happened while I was away. Thanks for keeping me posted, now let me return the favor. 😉
    Holiday ops and lots of different events are coming, so stay tuned!
    Much love!

  2. We do not need that kind of junk.

  3. Can’t believe WoT spends so much time and money on these lame, info-free intro videos for Holiday Ops.

  4. The flamethrower would be a nice addition to the game. 🙂

  5. Code worked! Cheers buddy!

  6. I wish they would just stop with special commanders and just release special crew. I don’t need more commanders, FFS.

  7. will be so toxic

  8. I also found it suspicious that they gave us the gold conversion at such a high rate; sure maybe black friday, they figured they can sell a lot of gold bundles, etc. etc…. but holiday ops is just around the corner… why give us all the other discounts? Either they won’t be as generous during holiday ops (which would be blasphemy), or they are prepping the way for another assembly shop tank (plz for the love of Chaffees, let it be the WTF-100)…

  9. Хомяк-шатун

    Flame spittin tank is the most dumb idea anyone could came up with 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. e25 with a flamethrower can’t wait 🙁

  11. Mila Jovovic looks like from Monster hunter move

  12. Lots of discounts so ppl gonna buy more gold in my opinion

  13. Welcome back Dez. Personally, I’m not excited about a flamethrower. No turret, no secondary gun. Looks like garbage for an up close and personal type of tank that this appears to be. Now if they had a flamethrower that had some sort of gimmick that would help at long range ( like rockets or a high pen 20-30 mm auto cannon ), then that would be interesting.

  14. Samuel Aaron Felipe

    They should add coaxial guns.

  15. problem w/ this tanks is you’ll NEVER going to get tank sniper medal out of this. but its nature of the tank, i guess.

    • It’ll be a garbage tank. It doesn’t have a turret which will make the maneuverability in close quarter combat ridiculous. The only way this tank is a hit is if they have some sort of gun that you can use by like pressing the x button like you do with the wheelies and the CS63. I have mentioned it in a couple of previous posts but what would make this tank interesting, is a turreted autocannon anywhere from 20 to 40 mm, which has low damage output and high pen. That way you have some distance because a player is simply not going to get close every game. Just a simple flamethrower which will require the individual to get super close, is going to be lame lame lame. It’ll likely be one of the first tanks offed in battle. That’s my opinion for what it’s worth lol.

  16. Welcome back from your Safari.

    I am hoping the Flametanks make it to EU eventually with the Stun mechanic.
    I don’t really like playing SPGs but have to to get some missions done.
    I think its reasonable to have a short range weapon to deal stun at least the enemy tank can fight back directly.
    Only problem I see is the fairly rapid rof you can stun a crew and if they remove the stun immediatelly reapply it.

  17. If they bring the flame thrower tank to the NA servers I think I will no longer play WoT’s.

  18. Oh great! You didn’t get eaten by a Lion! 🤣

  19. JuneTV - Relaxing Music

    Code for Asia?

  20. Maybe incoming tank isu-152k(resident evil)

  21. flame thrower tank NO NO NO NO NO! enough is enough with stupid ideas

  22. Until
    They address the rampant cheating this game is gonna keep losing players…

  23. Flamethrower tanks , what next ?

    Lol they introduced atgms in blitz and it was not welcomed well by the community , they had to remove the atgms later on . They only left atgm for fun modes like uprising , mad game etc

  24. The code doesn’t work in SEA server

  25. World of tanks is just copying war thunder now

  26. Milla Jovovich might be a subtle dig at russia because she was born in Kyiv 😉

  27. Ah yes nerf HE because it takes no skill to use…. Bring in flamethrower tank that requires no brain cells and also stun tanks, but hey it will give the Sh-arty players another no skill tank line to go down right

  28. This will be the altetnative solution to the hull down stalemate, or just another excuse to be nerf and reworked

  29. Thank a lot for the code.

  30. Why would a flamethrower do any damage to a tank, especially over 500 at tier VIII? And what does armor thickness matter for a flamethrower, why would it be more effective from the side and rear and on soft targets? This is one of those things like making HE shells not explode. Wargaming will make any bullshit gun mechanic except implement secondary guns.

  31. How the hell is “Lesta” able to do any business on any level outside of Russia?? The Sanctions vs Russia is significant; any company doing business with a Russian company will also have sanctions/penalties against them for conducting same business with them. Reciprocal damages.
    Glad you had a vacation. What new coffee’s did you experience???

  32. I’ve been wanting them to add the Crocodile for years.

  33. lol hope dez is saving a vid specially for the “Black Friday 2022: Huge Discounts for 7 Premiums” sales cuz….just…lol WG XD, then again this may not be shocking for others as i took a bit of a break from the game from 2020 to the last month or so XD

  34. Code does not work on ASIA server.. Sad lah!

  35. Welcome back Commander, wait wrong game :O

  36. Flamethrower tanks would offer the option to either convert tech tree tanks with new guns or (more likely) use the models to provide fairly low effort premium tanks. I’m thinking tanks like the OT-26, OT-34, OT-34-85 Flammhetzer, Flammpanzer III, Churchill Crocodile, Flammpanzer B-1, M67 Zippo (from the M48), KV-8 (From the KV-1) etc.

  37. Flame thrower?! Almost like they are copying War Thunder..

  38. Skip the flamethrower tank, it was only used against bunkers, and soft targets, never in tank battles

  39. How can it be Holiday 2023 when it is 2022…….Wargaming logic or lack of it.

  40. Whats next dez? Tesla tanks like on Red alert then nxt prism tanks xD

  41. WG aren’t so generous on Asia server – we got the 3 black edition tanks for sale in prem shop, but no discounts at all. (to be fair I think we had discounts on most things a few weeks back.

  42. You can’t over-buy equip and consumables when they’re on sale because you can always sell them if you need the coin, and you haven’t lost anything (assuming to don’t sell them during sale.

  43. thank you so much for the code i needed the bunks in barracks

  44. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    Why not Dual turret tank that works?
    Like SMK etc?

  45. Flamethrower… World of Bullshittery

  46. Hello, Great Video😀 I bought you as a commander and was wondering where you were from? And do you know where Circon and Dakillzor are from?

    WG: flamethrower meta go brr brr 🌚

    Skill4ltu: flamethrower bObject platoon like there is no tomorrow

  48. I was wondering when we were going to get flamethrowers. This game is turning more into Tanki every day

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