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  2. yo Phly play the Tempest Mk V (Vickers P), the last time was in 2016

  3. Mustard

  4. i ended this video craving hot dogs, cheers phly. good description of a hot dog. also the game play was pretty good.

  5. For the love of Leo, play the C2A1

  6. bro how do you recognise the enemy from their sounds?

  7. “germany suffers”

  8. 19:55 facts, savor the hotdog!

  9. a turbo is a turbine “face palm”

  10. The amount of advertising on this channel is really annoying. There should be a option for paying supporters not to recieve that garbage every 5 minutes. Commercials today dosen’t even work. I’m immune.

  11. Aleksander Kwiatkowski

    PL mean just that it is polish.

  12. As a British player I would like more challengers

  13. Day 6 play the british caernarvon its been OVER 4 YEARS

  14. I really have to use thermals. *does not use thermals for most parts of the video

  15. Dude the russin line has 10 times more lol THEY NEVER STOP COMING

  16. Phly, Floppa Gaming has an idea. You and the boys spawn in Mauses and encircle an enemy after tracking them. You don’t move until you die, and come back to the cage in a bomber to obliterate your new pet.

    Floppa gamings idea not mine

  17. arty mc farty

  18. germany is so fucking op lol…

  19. top tier so lame compared to lower tiers; action.stop mode

  20. HI PHLY. I’m sad cause baby tigor is so cute but he’s sold out. Ya know what. Day 1: Plz bring back baby tigor.

  21. Bartosz Baranowski

    PL is just country designation.

  22. Poland: let’s modify the Leopard 2

    Also Poland: let’s take away its ridiculously good armour, *AND* add a couple massive weak spots.

  23. Damn Phil you got some Hawk eyes

  24. I have never seen a shell go through an engine block in all our practice on the range…

  25. “russia is strong lol

  26. The PL is just NATO designation of country. That’s what they call vehicles with nation dependant modifications. Fx CV9040NO, CV9035DK, Leo 2PL, Leo 2DK etc.

  27. bring back the intro day #2. love you phly

  28. Thanks Phly for appreciating Polish military forces, and no PL stands for POLISH UPGRADE. Sending love from Poland:)

  29. your really good at this game and its not annoying when you say ardi mic farti

  30. “China is like – What’s the top tier ?” xDDD

  31. You need to do the Falcon Nuke run

  32. The PL stand for Packet Loss.

  33. Must be nice being unicom. I am forever average

  34. Phly please try the cursed LVT(A)(4)(ZiS-2)

  35. sushimakki22 birb

    Top tier and fun?!
    Stahp lying

  36. PL simply stands for Poland it’s a country tag

  37. Can someone tell me how you tag locations with that arrow? Like right at 7:38 in the smoke.

  38. I bet the Poles like to be in the german tech tree^^

  39. Which is already pretty small in the first place

  40. You need to try the flakpanzer Gepard at 1.7 so much fun i had extrem good battles

  41. day 1 of telling phly to play 76mm BT-7 with shrapnel rounds only

  42. Captain Murica1776

    Germany sUfFeR.

  43. More like: Leopard 2 *PACKET LOSS*

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