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Source: OddBawZ

BAGETTE BASKET: https://warthunder.com/en/news/7651-esport-olyst-cup-ii-and-twitch-drops-en

The Alecto in War Thunder is the Rank 1 reward tank for Battle of Arachis. It's a tiny little derp tank with a 95mm Howitzer that has 110mm of penetration. Don't let that penetration value trick you, though. This is AWFUL! lol

The Alecto is easily workable in low tier, but most vehicles you could take out with some poop on a stick if you're lucky enough. It can hold its own but the 95mm HEAT is VERY unreliable.

I will say this, though… it works wonders on M18's at higher BR's!

Overall, I did really enjoy playing the Alecto. If it sells for less than $3 it might be worth picking it up just for the fun of it!

INTRO (00:00)
THE ALECTO (04:17)
GAME 3 – I FIND A TUNNEL (11:43)
OUTRO (17:53)


  1. Rares Petru Samartean

    Etho’s Lab would like a word with you about your comment on onions lmao

  2. I really want to play in the tournament but I don’t have 7 people to join me or enough crew slots for the tanks. Seems fun and only 19 teams yikes. I’d like to be the 20th team.

  3. I tried it in test drive there is just enough pen to pen the side and rear of a king tiger but not enough to pen track Armour I would love to see a video where you massacre Kung tigers in the alecto

  4. baguettes? onions? sounds awfully french for a british tank

  5. you can i have tested it in the test drive although you do have to get pretty close

  6. One good turn deserves another. Oh yes ;D

  7. good to see the alecto 1 time but not exciting because there are no players good enaugh vs u

  8. series idea, best or most fun line ups for each nation in each tier.

  9. FreeThinker is just more proof that Lower Tier is the best area to be. He a good guy.

  10. Man if only i could get gifted GE but im on console

  11. lol 5:30

  12. I don’t like onions tbh but I will give a cat the boot if it starts Crip wakin towards me

  13. I still don’t know twitch.
    Also the reason i wasn’t interested in the Alecto is do the unreliability of the HEAT (and its a glass cannon).

  14. First off, condolences for the passing of your Grandmother. Second this video right here is why I am cautious playing low tier now…ya never know if there is an OddBawZ lurking around the corner with a derp tank doing derpy things…lastly another quality vid thanks Odd hope you are well.

  15. I think the reason why Sweden has strong tanks on rank 1 is do to they mostly have awful crap on rank 2; so u can use those as a backup.

  16. Engineer Merasmus

    The small italian tank destroyer with the 105mm is actually amazing though.
    It’s armor is okay and if you pen something it will always die

  17. Onions make my mum sick 🙁
    But I must agree Mexican is best

  18. Day 2 of saying E until odd bawz hearts it

  19. 11:44 that looks like a world of tanks map O.o

  20. Onions are god-tier vegetables, but you actually need to know which one to pick for your dishes, depending on what you want. White if you want a more sharp and pungent flavor or red if you’re looking for top spiciness but also some sweetness and yellow if you want to caramelize it (amazing as topping for Polish pierogi). Also one of the absolute best salads in the world is just chopped onions and tomatoes with some sour cream, salt and pepper.

  21. Baby tutel

  22. When i was new to the game I would be able to help ppl. Am confused what wrong with noobs helping other people?

  23. i dont know why im here

    hey odd can you play the arl ac1 or the arl 44 frence

  24. random gaming channel

    I’m sorry for your loss man I hope you and your family recover soon I personally have never had to deal with anything like that so I can’t imagine how hard it must be

  25. should do the 6 pdr version as well.

  26. what with ppl who cannot eat onions? 🙁

  27. I do in fact kick dogs in the street

  28. Cat With Bag on Head

    I like onions lol

  29. is it just me that thought the intro was the real video

  30. Wow, hard to think that just unflipping a teammate and falling from the top of a bridge can give you 100ge and 20 days of premium. I would’ve easily done that, even the falling part, if that was always the case.

  31. The chat being disabled really is detrimental to telling people where thing is.

  32. Why isnt this 1.0?

  33. Day 70 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire

  34. this tanks front armor is only 1 mm thicker than hoe far I displaced a chunk of my elbow

  35. I’d love to see some vids of 109s with the cannon pods doing CAS!

  36. nice little one

  37. if he can’t take a joke he better just stop playing war thunder lol

  38. MisterTankerNumber1

    Onion Love <3 ((III)) <3

  39. My brother Hates onions (bitches about them all the time) and also doesnt like animals… hes not right in the head

  40. Sorry for your loss odd.

  41. I will be needing the song from the intro section

  42. 5:28 XD

  43. Sumiter Xeros Largosius Crosis

    Me: sees new oddbawz video


    Me: hmm. I’m gonna click that.

  44. just got this derpy tank and its very fun derping around with it

  45. 5:30 Odd, that was a shame. A hilarious shame, but a shame nonetheless.

  46. Well played. Not that bad at all.

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