Flick of the wrist – T92

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  1. I was re-watching your old videos Circon. Just realized that not only you play even better now, you also kind of able to enjoy every memes you could make despite of RNG, MM, and balancing bullshiteries. Keep being awesome!


  3. people arent toxic as fuck about the stats
    they are toxic as fuck because of other reasons, then come into a new game, maybe having been let down by their team the games before (in their perspective) and immediately think that they are not the problem, so jump to the first thing they can blame… that being the “skill” of their team

    Now, to be clear… I am not defending how toxic some cu*ts can be in this game, just saying that if stats were removed it would not fix much, those same screeching arseholes would just get toxic about something else. EG: Tank selection, map, where people choose to go, removing stats would not change this

    Also, I run XVM, i do not scream at my team for not being 4000+ WN8, its a minority that are loud. VERY… Loud…

    Furthermore, the amount of people that actually run XVM and have it activated is very minor, as someone who uses the mod i can see who else uses it, and i can tell you its a lot less than you think.

    This problem is quite relatable to people being mad at XVM “focus”, with so little people using the mod in the first place (im too lazy to get accurate stats, but to guess i would say 1/10 tops) XVM focus just doesnt happen. Most of the time when i see someone say they were focused because of their stats its because the person that killed them made a stupid decision which resulted in killing the person that is complaining. What you have to remember is that the randoms in WoT are… Lets say…. Not… Competent… At all…

  4. Haven’t been playing WoT for years but used to get into discussions about banning XVM for the same reasons (elicits toxicity). I would also consider it to be a cheat since it gives you an advantage over players that don’t use XVM. One should not be forced to download third party software just to be able to compete fairly. In short, deny players access to profile/stats while playing a match and remove public API that allows third party sites to get access to player stats. Stats should only be viewable through the garage UI. What would wargaming lose? Nothing… What would wargaming win? Less developing time since public API removed. Potentially more players because toxicity can be a reason for players to leave the game. It certainly was one of the reasons why i don’t play WoT anymore.

  5. The whole comunity in WOT is toxic as fuck. Worst in any game i have ever played. And I have EvE online as my hobby.

    WG should just remove all stats from public view. Make it personal only. And xvm is poison straight in the drinking Water for the whole village.

  6. Because XVM promotes damage. How to get damage the easiest way spam gold ammo which promotes premium acc/tanks.

    STEP 1: Turn the speed down to 0.75
    STEP 2: Go to 4:33 in this video
    STEP 3: OPEN THIS SONG: https://youtu.be/OjmMZ942WCI?t=50s

  8. The problem isn’t xvm, it’s the people using it, the mod just bring to surface the real problem, the toxic players, who are a bunch of twats

  9. Mud hungry district wind motive gift gifted avoid prove solve

  10. I would like to see 3 gun marks highlights on this tank

  11. i personally use XVM to watch my improvement in the game, for nothing else. And I find it quite annoying when people say ‘oh what a bunch of retarded tomatoes’. Although they may be right, it is completely unnecessary toxicity, so i suggest if you use xvm to put others down then you should just uninstall 😛

  12. I actually started to have better games when i uninstalled XVM

  13. What is the mod that gives the percent for marks at the bottom?

  14. Somebody but a 100% credit increase on circon if you kill him in games

  15. I do agree and I don’t about XVM at the same time. It’s true XVM made people toxic, but on another hand I know which player will help me push/kill someone, I can trust yellow/green player, but red and purple are always afraid to take a hit.

    • To see red also helps positioning. Never stand near a red in your TD. Bad crew, bad equipment. Even standing too far out of the bush. Seen it all too much. Lesson learned. You get shot because of him. Or you hold a flank with a red and an orange. Better leave. Better fall back. Really. Don’t die there. Be more useful alive somewhere else. I don’t never ever play without XVM anymore. I can deal with that. No hate, no toxicity, no insults. Just informations.

    • I’ve also encountered it numerous times where the toxic people complaining about how bad the friendly team is before the countdown even finished didn’t have XVM (XVM shows you who does/doesn’t have XVM as well).

    • Purple arnt affraid to take a hit lol They just take there time with playing the game. The longer there Gun is in the game the higher the chance of a win. You know Purples always get shot at first

    • And this replay didn’t teach you that your thinking is wrong? Making a decision ahead of time based on what you think are the skills of the other players results in you not playing the game that is in front of you. Just watch the map. It is the only thing that matters.

  16. In my perspective xvm is very useful for ‘ new player’ to see the enemy stats. Helping what their have to do with ‘good enemy’

  17. Circon what’s your webshop site?

  18. I´ve used XVM for years until last patch. I finally realised that it doesn´t help me as a mediocre player at all. You only get pissed off before the battle even started.
    You recognise a bad team very quickly on their behavior anyway…

  19. where i can find that gunmark mod and your crosshair?

  20. As long as that certain content creator licks everyones boots at WG he could promote warpack and get away with it.

  21. Кот Некрофил

    Чел ты приколый=) желаю тебе много подпищиков=)

  22. Lol your teammate is really bitching about “Yellow Idiots”?!?! Do they mean completely average players?! Haha looks like they’re the real idiot.

  23. “From this day forward quickbaby and circon were never seen together ever again…”

  24. circon we love u showing us stuff, but please tone down the primadonna part.

  25. You can only get the joke in the video name if you listen ac/dc ??

  26. And that’s why I have chat deactivated and use mods w/o player stats

  27. Watataputtatapa
    Gang gang gang

  28. whenever i have a shit streak of polish teams i just go out with my T92 from a random 2k bese xp carry

  29. The sole reason I use XVM is to know who to shoot at first if it comes down to that or who to prioritize. There is definitely a difference between a unicum and a red player, and that’s that one can dish out a ton of dmg and one struggles to. Therefore, to win games, I choose to prioritize the “best” players on the enemy team which is basically the people who are best at dealing dmg.

  30. While I agree that its a the win Chance thing is absolutely stupid, it does only show how bad WG is at making a game capable of matching even the most basic of player metrics across two teams. Here in the US its not uncommon to see games with mid-low 30% for one team or the other.

  31. The song sounded like patser gedrag if your dutch u understand

  32. People are just generally sh!t and the mod just gives them the excuse. Even if they didn’t have it, they’d find other reasons to spew venom into the chat.

    That said, XVM is mostly useless – it makes teams either overconfident, causes them to give-up or makes you under/overestimate your opponent. The only stat that matters is how many Russian tanks the team has 😉

  33. game with Stat public always make retard be toxic. Stats should be private.

  34. Man I want Big Alphaaaaaa this little poo flicker needs to be 3 marked. Nice Video as always Circ.

  35. i dont like XVM either. Especially when it comes down to the attitude it promotes. i popped over to QB’s stream once and he loves to call people tomatoes, and as soon as he does the reaction his chat has speaks for itself. Everyone instantly starts to insult the player or players in question, saying they’re completely trash and such and that they’re useless etc etc. Everyones always talking nonstop about their stats and it isnt a very nice environment to be in honestly.

  36. i have and use XVM stats and i dont really use it to jugde other players therefore i dont know why you would do that it all seems weird to me in my mind the is one big problem with XVM is that it is calculated from past data and people will 90% of the time improve with experience therefore the stats Arent really viable for examlpe one of my friends is what you would call a well tomato but so far from what i have seen from his gameplay lately his is playing way better than that

  37. Clandestine Reactionary

    XVM doesn’t suck, many online gamers do. They need sunshine and exercise.

  38. The real question is why would a company continue to silently support a mod that only promotes stats based bullying and superiority? Because WG consistently displays to everyone they are not interested in balance. Just look at the tanks they introduce or refuse to adjust. Also look at ranked which doesn’t promote balance or even the idea of winning but instead supports finding a way to be near the top on stats. Name any other PvP game where winning isn’t the ultimate goal.

  39. I finally turned yellow from red and was feeling good about myself but turns out I’m still an idiot 🙁

  40. I LOVE XVM and here is just 1 of my why : Good scout = I can be more aggressive & offer better support , Bad = playing carefully and ready to * sorry you are on your own * RUN !

  41. XVM reminds me of WoW gearscore back in wrath of the lich king. By the end of the expansion you needed 25 man item gearscore to get invited to a fucking 5 man heroic, it was ridiculously stupid.

  42. Id be happy with xvm being installed if it just showed my own stat, so everyone is white apart from me. I like to know if my typical gameplay is ok overall or if im a proverbial kv-5 being pulled by a fiat cinquecento engine. ( who knows, it can probably be done and im just a nugget)

  43. Waldiss Productions

    U found it, there is that “song” He “sings”. https://youtu.be/g0OdmRtuQew

  44. I dont know if you ever read your youtube comments but I agree about xvm.. But I know why a lot of players use it, its to see if you improve or not compared to others, it gives players something to aim for other than new tanks. Sure you can see this ingame aswell but it is a lot more hassle to get the same information.
    Personally I prefer the counter you have that shows how close you are to the next mark, that aso gives players something to aim at and more so since it is live and does not feed toxicity.

  45. Why be so toxic against XVM…..

    Haha the irony ? although I’d just get rid of the entire resmods folder and have zero mod support….. #SIMPLES

  46. Circon OP pls nerf

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