Flipping the American Meta Ft. M900 – IPM1 – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

IMP1 Just received the M900, but does it make a difference?

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  1. What hangar are you using?

  2. T90 needs to be 11.0 it’s better than leclerc leo2a5 type 90 ztz99 and m1a2

  3. Does the IPM1 got a 3rd person thermal?

  4. Why doesn’t the M1A1 get the M289A1 when it uses the same 120MM as the M1A2. It would make the Abrams a lot more rewarding to use especially for those games when Russians and Germans are on the same team

  5. 6:26 the crew is roblox

  6. Jesis I hate American tanks in this game
    in realife they such trash haha only the Inf support works on any americans perfekt I see so many Abrams goes Boom like shermans they got shootet from tigers but it was only some Rpg 7 or Tow rockets their yeet threw the entire armor haha

  7. Want not front anybody but not that hard to play op tanks in a game

  8. I’m still stock on both 🙁

  9. after this vid, I might actually spade the IPM1 now.

  10. i mean why would anyone hate you for using the fj while everyone else uses A4E or the G91s. its the norm at this BR

  11. Give the M1A1 the M829A1 and move it to 10.7/11.0

    Give M1A2 the M829A2

  12. Chicken Dinner Gamer

    10.3 gets a lot of downtiers both in Ground and Air RB, it’s a very popular BR because Gaijin keep moving 10.0 and 10.7 vehicles to 10.3.

  13. Not entirely related but this video was still great- You should play the T-55AM-1 as it’s really good at the same tier, and its even good at a full uptier.

  14. When you have almost 100,000 GE and don’t get the ace crew which gives a better reload… Bruv

  15. fortnitesucks yee

    Justin i have question should i buy tam 2ip?

  16. Justin: dies*
    Me: OH NO
    Justin: Bonus Time
    M: Anyway

  17. Also i think, gaijin should give less night battles or maybe make night battles a little brighter or not as dark

  18. Me, A USSR main at 9.0:

    “I am invincible!”

  19. Raphael Martin D. Jimenez II

    HAHAHAHA that was me, I got killed by Justin TWICE IN THAT VIDEO, dunno if he saw the chat though (was just me going “OMG ITS Justin! Big fan, big fan” HAHAHAHA) XD. I saw him in that IPM1, I knew it was gonna be his M900 video :DDD

  20. And yet people want this tank with M900 at 10.0 lmao.

    Tell me you’re a freeaboo without telling me you’re a freeaboo.

  21. Omg I had heard they just moved it up to 10.3 but didn’t know they added m900. Omg this tank is actually gonna be good

  22. Hey Justin. I just unlocked the Caernavron and I looked for videos on it, but all are outdated (it’s 7.3 now). Can you give it a look over? I had fun driving it on my first game but I don’t know how to play it.

  23. Bruh like ipm1 is now better than the m1a1 like the m1a1 has a 120 mm cannon it should have a better shell just like the m1a2 should get it’s modern day shell/ totally not the deadliest shell in the world but I think they should add another shell or the same shell to the m1a1 because now I could say put the ipm1 above the m1a1 because now the m1a1 120 vs 105 and the 105 wins and the m1a1 can use a shell that can pen 600 mm and the ipm1 and pen about 530 and the m1 can pen 490 and the m1a2 newest shell can pen 1000-950 mm of pen and they won’t add the stuff like WTF like add the m1a1 tusk or ha and the m1a2 sep 3 and the m1a2 sep 3 tusk like WTF war thunder sooo dum this is why war thunder is not realistic like the Abrams can pen more than what they put in the game they know it won’t be unfair

  24. M1 now needs to get the M833 (if it hasn’t already) and the XM1 (not sure if it’s just the GM or if both that and the Chrysler iteration carried the about to be mentioned round) get’s the XM773 Which was the designation for the same round found on now just the M1 during it’s development.

  25. If only relikt worked how it should, but it is what it is

  26. Well russia just became more unplayable imagine that

    • Unplayable? What? Just because ipm1 now can pen 522mm? If he want to penn you, he must aim in the sames spots as before (with the old round) even if it has a better round.

    • @Dany I die from engine shots that miss crew ammo and fuel with the way every other faction is besides China Russia’s the most unplayable

  27. the main reason your getting lots of downtiers is this
    1) lots of 9.3-9.7 premiums
    2) many players started to pull IPM1 making less 11.0 for USA so you end up getting more downtiers
    3) 9.7 is a decent BR to play since you dont get matched by 11.0 so many play there naturally

    also that spot at 9:04 i love that spot using merkava 3d
    not that spot exactly but near there is a rock shaped perfectly for the height of merkava 3d making the tank invincible only showing the gun (also its quite a boring spot since you rely on the enemy trying to push to B or camping at the west spawn for kills)

  28. Doesn’t the IPM1 also have a faster reload rate than the M1A1 by more than 1 second with the same armor and speed and a better round at the same battle rating?
    Even though M1A1 is supposed to be better than IPM1 in WarThunder.

    • First three minutes of the video do make mention of all lf this, so…

    • ​@JustinPlays Some people who made this change are not very smart, their site is set too short, and didn’t see the wider picture even though they are paid good money to make changes as their work and failed this simple task.

    • Grand Moff Tarkin

      The reason behind the adoption of M1A1 is the usage of M256 smoothbore gun, which shorten the length of the barrel while retaining high velocity required to pen armour.

  29. Andrew Fitzsimmons-Evans

    M1IP didn’t need it, but now they need M289A1 on the M1A1 to make it worth playing. But then if you do that do you add the M289A2 or A3 to the M1A2? Just unnecessary power creep.

  30. Is this Gaijin slowly hinting towards the M1A2 SEPV1/V2/V3?
    Because the M1A1 was also equipped with the “silver bullet” that the M1A2 now uses in game.
    Maybe they will update/upgrade the M1A1 next?

  31. Le le has arrived

    Great, now my 9.7 russian lineup is now even more painful with this addition

  32. Gabriel Marvi Polinga

    It’s literally a domino effect, since the IP got the M900, the M1A1 should now get the M829A1, whilst the M1A2 should have the M829A2. Anyway, gaijin would probably not give M829A2 even if they give the M1A1 it’s silver bullet.

  33. Can you please give some modification grinding tips in your next videos like you did in this one? For example what mod grind out first or in what order should we grind certain vehicles?

  34. I guess I should play the Abrams tanks. I love many things about the Type90, but zero survivability is too rough. Leo2A5/6 are great, but not maneuverable enough. Ruskis are near perfect, but old thermals and easy ammorack makes me sad.

  35. Justin still hasn’t done the vid on the Leo a1a1 😂😂

  36. Funny how americans get m900/ dm43 and only gets 0.3 increase, had it been german i can imagine the outcry in reddit and forums. In my eyes its now equal to Leo 2pl, trade turret cheek armour and gen2 thermals for better survivability, mobility and reload (it has 5sec vs 7s).

    cant wait to unlock it myself, still trying to unlock mbt70… dreadful grind and no balance in that tier with 100% uptiers against p2w premiums is depressing and not fun.

    • Leo 2pl even with 490mm of pen apfsds is able to pen even a m1a1 in the cheeks, it has much more armor than the ipm1 and m1a1 and it has gen 2 thermals for gunner and commander (the m1a2 has gen 1 for both). So yes, the 2pl is ok in 10.7.

  37. Hey Justin can you please put your setup specifications on the description or even on this comment… I’m really curious about you monitor specifically because of the way the tanks are shown in the hangar , they seem to be observed from further away than what I’m used to

  38. Distraught Cruiser Owner

    I don’t get to play much but i enjoy watching your videos

  39. At the same time can we get Type 90 down to 10.3?

  40. Yes TURMS with radar

  41. Im pretty sure that, thanks to many more people using and seeing the M900 used, the Stryker mgs will be raised again by BR and my 9.3 line will be ruined once again as was the 9.0 one

  42. This tank scares me now.

  43. the ground BR changes is fine but the Air BR is BS

    like for example the mig21 facing f100D

  44. How’d you change the garage view?

  45. This is going to end up with a 13,000 SL repair cost next economy update lol.

  46. I think they should add M829A1 to the M1A1 and put it at 10.7.

  47. Finally man gawd damn

  48. M900 is one deadly little blow dart.

  49. Dame your definition of toxic sitting at spawn camping people honestly 🙄

  50. TBH They should probably fix the M1A1 rounds

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