Foch 155 goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. WG console hates this tank too. They nerfed the alpha to 770, but still
    left the waffle with the 6 shell auto loader. Fucking stoopids

  2. this things a lot more sluggish than i thought itd be

  3. 0 dislikes – Foch Boss

  4. I sold this, big THNX to WG :)

  5. poor owernerfed beast ?

  6. RonniePoleCasper

    Nice to see foch playing with himself

  7. Foch is playing with himself again

  8. not for long it is losing the 155 name for a 120

  9. s anagnostopoylos

    @0.37 its only me or foch said crackwhore?

  10. yes yes we know you can ham in foch155 and anything else , ,, , , , , but
    when are you going to ham in e5 or even can you ?

  11. Foch playing the Foch 155 Nice

  12. Bojan Arambašić

    nice video as allways. can you or someone else tell me name of that mod for
    hit log. thanks

  13. Still getting hang of the 1440p world will make the end screens bigger also
    if anyone knows a good UI scaling mod for 1440p let me know.

  14. kharkov is my favourite city map, it feels as if it just promotes flanking
    better than other city maps.

  15. all shots penned. Kreygasm

  16. Do you recommend the Foch 155 to anyone?

  17. Foch 155 – so many good memories with this tank…savage nerfs, rip sweet

  18. Glad it’s not just me that thinks it’s terrible !

  19. the shell delay is shit

  20. I can’t read shit on those result screens.

  21. Best tier 10!

  22. Zerobladetion Wot

    Op tank i love it when it got release.

  23. Beast bro

  24. It’s so funny that WG named a tank after this streamer.

  25. First

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