Foch 155 goes Ham

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Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Go Ham in the Failowe! (VK 72.01K)

  2. You still haven’t put those fooking curtains up have you Foch? Sounds like
    a fooking echo chamber in that flat :D

  3. Try and go ham in the FV4005, that is a tall tall order

  4. I know it’s been awhile, but I still miss –
    ‘And of course “Ace Tanker”…. Derrrr ‘

  5. +TheFochYou I need this shirt! You are by far my favourite WoT Youtuber,
    and i think i can support you even more after subbing to your Youtube and
    Twitch and gifting you tanks etc. I love your content, even if its not WoT.
    Keep the good work up! I will buy one in 2-3 days. :p

  6. I’m weird and want this tank. I want and like alot of not the best tanks.

  7. Alexander Janosevic

    GO HAM in the Ferdinand… :)

  8. send this video to QB

    • +CatsWontPlay dont ever mention QB either in his stream or under his
      videos. His Chat and fans will murder you 🙂

  9. it’s been too long since I’ve been waiting to see Foch go ham in a Foch!
    So… foch you!

  10. this thing seriously needs to be buffed, reload between shells needs to be
    dramatically decreased.

    • +bryanFDNY lol, I don’t think that’s what needs to be buffed. I’d like
      better mobility but idk.

    • +bryanFDNY Dont forget it has some really really trolly frontal armor.

    • +Ruben I played this thing before the great TD nerf and it was a balanced
      tank, good gun, descent armor and good mobility, when you got to the side
      in any tank it was done, this tank has a great and powerful engine but
      doesn’t have the weight to push other tanks around, now it’s just
      useless… shit armor with those huge weak spots and horrible side armor
      40mm that any 120mm gun and up can auto pen at any angle and 5 sec reload
      between shells is horrible.

  11. T-shirt ordered.

  12. Kamil Bielaszewski

    T95 goes ham pls…. Kappa

  13. You need a ‘Because Fuck You, That’s Why!!!’ shirt!

  14. +TheFochYou I would TOTALLY buy one of those shirts now if I weren’t a
    broke assed bum (too sick to work regularly and almost all of the extra
    money I earn goes to WOT and WoWS) – but I have some hilarious ideas for
    Foch shirts! Stuff like “Prime Minister of BroMania” with a picture of the
    OLD KV-1S on the back with a caption that quotes one of the MANY hilarious
    things you said in that video!

    I have more ideas as well that I don’t want credit for (if you like them
    maybe send me one? XD) message me if you’re interested! I have the time to
    go back and re-watch the funniest and most popular videos you have made for
    quotes and good ideas for pictures and designs!

  15. You did take an AP hit. 3 hits received, 1 penned (pot. dmg 400)

  16. What do you think it will take for the foch 155 to be competitive again?

    • I’m not Foch (obviously) but having experience in the 155, I would have to
      say that 1) it needs its side hull rebuffed to at least 50 , preferably
      55mm thick – while this does not sound like a lot, the 155 with 40mm thick
      sides WILL be overmatched by any gun at 120mm or larger due to 3x overmatch
      (auto-pen) , with 55mm thick sides it would only get overmatched by the
      JagdPzE-100 or one of the 183’s. 2) the aim-time needs to be lowered to at
      least 2.5 seconds, or 2.7 with MUCH better gun handling stats. 3) maybe a
      SLIGHT RoF buff, perhaps 4 seconds between shots instead of 5.

      If all of this were done just right the Foch 155 COULD become a balanced
      and badass TD again – finally… Ofc remember (or not) the E-100 was nerfed
      HARD about 2 months after it came out, literally RIGHT as I had the E-75
      fully upgraded (this was almost 4 years ago now) and the E-100 was my very
      first tier X – and I HATED IT!

      I actually sold it after a year and a half with some half assed buffs (HP
      brought to 2500, turret front buffed from 240 to 250mm) – but nothing was
      done about the 120mm 45° lower plate which could be penetrated by KV-5s (as
      they USED to see Tier X, and I know it was easy, as I killed E-100s in my
      KV-5 with just AP to the lower plate, the KV-5 was my first premium) – not
      only was the lower plate UBER easy to penetrate back then, but it lit on
      fire almost every other shot to the LFP!

      About a year after I sold my E-100 – it was FINALLY fixed to where it is
      today, which when used right is a truly beastly BADASS superheavy! So don’t
      give up hope, WG may take a LONG assed time to do it, but once they have
      correlated the stats and how few people are playing the tank (yes, playing
      it LESS is likely to get it buffed more quickly!) – and have the time and
      resources – I would not doubt that they will eventually rebalance it.

      Just don’t play it much would be my best suggestion til they fix it.

    • Removal of the WTE

    • +Dysphoricsmile the Wt E100 should get the same gun handling as this tank’s
      gun the WT E100 even has a turret and has better aim time and reload
      between shells

  17. I was JUST looking for a fosh 155 review cause I want to see if it was
    worth the grind. Ty for saving me the trouble.

  18. The one tank left in the shadow because of yhe WT auf E100, but it’s a
    great tank if you know how to use it

  19. Great as always

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