Foch B is New WT E-100, With Buffed Alpha? | World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch B SandBox Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps channel out!

Once again I am back on Sandbox test server, because you wanted to see AMX 50 Foch B with new rework ammo on the SB server.

This beast now gets 4 alpha damage, having 6 shells in magazine and dealing almost 3,000 damage with one clip… The main question you wanted to get answer to is – Is this “New” Waffenträgger Auf. E-100 in now-a-days World of Tanks?

Let’s find out!


  1. This is what you wanted to see and this is what you get… Foch B on the SB server with buffed standard round Alpha damage!
    I wouldn’t say it is even close to the WT E-100, but this clip damage is actually quite nasty! 😛

    • Fochentrager auf B-100

    • The WT E-100 had multiple nerfs prior to its removal and was less OP than many tanks we see today. I still struggle to understand why the FV215b with half decent armor and a turret has been left with the ability to 1 shot many tanks on the field, was removed from the tree but not from the game like the WT E-100. Those of us that ground the line for the WT E100 ended up with a POS Grille 15 which is a woeful replacement that we never asked for.

    • i got chimera cuz of foch b

    • if u allow me i will send u link of that battle replay

  2. And the Ammo cost a lot of credits many many many much credits! Why you dont show the detailed report? Waste credits.

  3. Teobaldo Leonheart

    Dez, you say it is better, but 2400 alpha damage already killed 1950 Mediums the same as the new 3000 alpha damage kills 2450 hp mediums. The increases of everything in the test are very relative to current server numbers.

  4. WhiskeyTango Foxtrot_AU

    With all this power creep and awesome rus obj coming into the game, I want my 183 to have its HESH back and my 155-58 its full clips back, I didn’t grind them in the early days just to have WG to decide to kill them off, especially when they then bring in later what they have !! Bloody Cheecky Basturds.. 😉

  5. Wteaufe100 with armor thanks wargaming the 1st broken fresh tank

  6. This will never make it into the game in this state. The uproar would be absolutely epic.

  7. Foch B is terrible IMO and most want buffs on it. But not many complained about the alpha on it. 490 would help. But then 4 rounds with 2,5 sec between each shot would be better. But again, sandbox. Vs CT it’s a “how would this work” testing ground vs anything close to final. And if anything, it shows how good or bad it can be.

  8. I want WT Auf E100 BACK . In our days is not OP, with Foch 155 , FV….

  9. Remember when the B came out everyone cried it was so OP it would ruin the game.

  10. Foch B is New WT E-100??? Stop dreaming, nothing can come close to WT E-100 beast ^^ In sanbox it feels like bunch of sheeps are playing 😀 In standart server random battle foch will still have his ass kicked 🙂

  11. Shinyone Incarnate

    Will this AP buff affect any of the other French TDs, such as the FOCH 155, FOCH 50, & the AMX 50 mle. 48?

  12. Why has these changes been done? I mean the AP damage and HP buff? Because who cares if you have more HP if shells are also going to do more damage to compensate? Because premium rounds do less damage? Because if that’s the reason I hope you all know that this is Wargaming, they’re probably gonna buff premium round’s damage again at some point, idk, just saying that for me it makes no sense buff these two things that in the end it’s the same as we have now just to refuse to straight up reduce premium round’s damage and nothing else, so it has to be for a reason. Is it because people like to see numbers going big? I don’t really understand, sorry
    And yes I know it’s the sandbox server

    • Because they want to test stuff.
      I would imagine the easiest way to test something is to apply those changes to the sandbox server and see what happens.

      Why are they doing this? They want to see how nerfing premium rounds and changing HE mechanics would affect the game.

  13. Or they could just nerf prem ammo damage…

  14. oh dear, it’s going to loose a shell form the magazine at this rate – goodbye n Foch U

  15. I am happy with my Foch 155

  16. Don’t nerf HE on console wargaming if you ever bring this stuff to it

  17. Luís Augusto Panadés

    WT Auf E 100 was a shit: but it is the shit we ground, not that piece of shit of Grille 15 that has indecent stats, that is underpowered and boring to play: that has nothing, that has fucking fake stats, that was done with copy and past. I wanna put Grille 15 into the asses of WOT balancing team

    Going back to WT… it was a piece of shit with AP and an sometimes very good vehicle with Gold. It was never OP, not near to be OP.
    But Grille 15 is … my god… I wanna put that shit into the asses of WOT balancing team.

  18. Nikolai Belinski - Raiden

    Now 120mm does more damage than 122mm, equal to 128mm and 105mm does more damage than russian tier 8 122mm. Wtf wargaming?!

  19. I hope after this update there will be less gold ammo flying on randoms

  20. i still remember when in the old WT E-100 Circon managed to pen all his HE shells in the magazine

  21. In my opinion the best move for WG now its to nerf the premium shells alfa damage, and increase the normal shell dmg… also maybe put a cap on premium rounds… like 25% of ammo carry can be gold ammo… not full like now…

  22. its same alpha 400 🙂

  23. how much HP has the Tog2 with the buff?

  24. Dont worry. Wargaming will delete or nerf it soon, Because its not ruski.

  25. Then why not just bring the WT Auf.E100 back? This is actually worse then the WT, cuz at least it has superb armor. Yeah it has big weak spot on the top, but let’s not forget that WT’s turret was probably bigger then FV 4002’s turret, rofl.. WT had garbage armor & cammo.. Foch is not like that.

    • Why should they bring the WT back?
      Did you wake up right now or didn’t you realize that this tank has been in the game for couple of years?

  26. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    what do you have to say to this aproach from WG Dez? what do you think about all this changes?

  27. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Yeah but didn’t they buff the HP of all the tanks? All they’ve done is ‘nerf’ premium rounds by buffing everything else.

  28. Fochentrager B 100 😀

  29. do a full HE load out plz lol

  30. it also still has bad pen and no turret

  31. I love me Foish too.

  32. JustAFriendlyMetalhead

    “Oh shit, wrong side”

  33. Is anyone interested in an acc from EU with 2200wn8 55%winrate 10 tier10 tanks with 3 marks, 18tier9 with 3 marks and 279 and 260 in garage?

  34. Can I change my Foch 155 into this one? 😉

  35. Buffing everything execpt E100 and Tiger 2. Oh Wargaming how pathetic you have become.

  36. 4 shell clip for the 155?

  37. Wg removed 1 shell from the WT E100 so it couldnt kill a maus in a single clip but then removed it completely cause it was so OP but now we got the EXACT SAME 6 SHOT SAME ALPHA AUTOLOADER! thats the thing that wg removed cause it was gamebreaking and now they brought it back so why dont bring the WT E100 back then?

  38. Halu Dez, can you consider making a newbie guide vid?

  39. Wow, I actually feel excited enough to play my Foch again to finish unlocking foch B

  40. *pc player* : OMG fortunately they remove there op tank for the game

    *consol player* :not a single tanks has been remove on OUR game we still have all there op tanks and the op premium tanks
    (defender) still enable in the preimium shop *world of tanks consol id balance*

  41. Have always loved your channel, straight to the point, keep it up!

  42. Great video Dez, well Foch B maynot be as troll as the WT-E100 was , but looks like is is the closet to it in curent game, who know if WG get desperate enough one day they sell a nerffed down WT E-100 in some crazy $$$ bundle…

  43. Yohann's Gaming Channel

    Dez commentary is my favorite among the WOT commentaries.

  44. Доржоо Баяраа


  45. New players: Fosh B os OP this game is broken!

    Old Players: First time?

  46. its so unfair..the shitbarns, the foch..and take away the wtf-100 and replace it with the g-15..a whole difrent kind of i cant make my e-collection not complete..c ‘mon wg bring it back..i wil hapely change my g-15 for the wtf-e100

    • Well, the problem with Wt auf E-100 was that it could clip any tank in the game reliably. It had superb view range so it could spot for itself. It hat superb gun handling so it could load all the shells without worrying about aiming. It also had a fully rotating turret.
      Shitbarn has shit camo, no viewrange and horrible gun stats. Yes, the tank is broken and stupid. But at the best it’s going to do only ~1750 dmg. Most of the time (if it even hits) it’s going to do ~600.
      Foch is a bit sneakier and has some camo but it doesn’t have a turret and the gun handling isn’t on the same level as the WT auf E-100. It needs to aim a lot between the shots. Also it has a low alpha of 400.

  47. So mad rush to get the Foch B before they nerf it ?

  48. Can I get a link from where I can download test server?

  49. 6 go on 4 and alpha dmg be downgrade.

  50. You are good with Foch man. Pleasure to watch.

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