Foch rant! 5 things i would change about arty!

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  1. 1. Funny thing about bots in WOT is that WG delibarately closed their eyes
    – because biggest bot seller had this condition of owning premium account
    if you wanted to run a bot, so they did not really care running bots with
    premium time and populating server (of course WG said “there are no bots,
    no problem” and then when it started to be too apparent and big they
    suddenly go “we fixed everything now every bot-that-was-not-there is

    2. I always say to people that defend their poor play or defend their small
    kids playing – “they can have fun too dont be racist you racist for not
    letting my 3 year old ruin matches” – nobody wants to play football with
    one legged people just because it may be fun for them, small kids play with
    small kids, only moron would send his kid to play with adults and be proud
    of it

    3. sad thing is that +2/2mm is there because of monetary-motivational
    strategy that WG promotes (they think what drives regular Ivan to play this
    game is to own people — and how could your dumb Ivan own people easily if
    he could not drive over tier 3s in his kv1? or tier 8s in his IS7? )

  2. @TheFochYou My points on arty:
    1. As you said, less damage and higher RoF (not as high as FV304) so you
    can reliably support one flank with several tries and don’t have to retreat
    after one miss
    2. The trigger time on arty would be confusing, decreasing the shell
    velocity should have the same effect
    3. The accuracy should be buffed and the aim time nerfed. This leads to
    rewarding results if the target is stationary and you take enough time to
    aim and at the same time it adds some RNG if you have to shoot earlier.
    Preaiming shots and hitting moving targets would still be difficult due to
    point 2
    4. Add something like a camo net timer on arty so they can only shoot when
    the hull is stationary for at least 3 seconds (prevents snapshots on scouts)
    5. Maybe: make artillery shots audible across the whole map so that players
    know when enemy arty has fired.

  3. Foch for president of the world 2016

  4. The arty thing is the only one I disagree with. In arty my teams mostly die
    faster than I can reload the second shot and I have to fight close combat
    with anything. So to make it easier for other tanks to kill me and harder
    for me to kill them (and it already only is 50/50) is less fun for the
    artillery player only to make it more fun for light tanks. But the one
    thing I noticed is, that it’s easier to hit moving targets without even
    aiming (the shots have some sort of autoaiming going on then), than to hit
    a standing target fully aimed.

  5. You can’t remove that RNG, because 300 WN8 zombies need to bounce with
    their unangled lower plates and pen your 240 armor zones with 220 pen
    because fuck learning the game and fuck you.

  6. You make some really good suggestions here.

    One thing I would add is that the trigger that arty has should be
    randomised, say between 1.5-3 seconds, otherwise if its a fixed value the
    arty players will just learn to incorporate it and still hit shots on the
    move, they would just need to lead more.

    If there was a random factor, they wouldnt be able to take the extra lead
    into account as they wouldnt know exactly what it was going to be. This
    would really make those leading shots hard, unless it was a Maus climbing a
    hill, which they should still be able to hit.

  7. cmstront plays World of Tanks

    Epic Foch rant is epic.

  8. a simple way to fix the fucking arty would be to introduce a set up
    procedure, just like on the real ones. Meaning they have to set in order to
    shoot, therefore preventing them from shooting while moving. Arty would
    then be able to shoot or move, not both at the same time.

  9. Agree with all of this 100%. And if they stick to the punishing campers
    argument for arty why not punish them by introducing an XP penalty for
    heavies, mediums and lights based on distance travelled in the game. It
    would have to take into account how long you survived of course, but if a
    heavy or medium makes it through the whole game and only moves 100 metres
    that’s a camper and their XP should take a hit regardless of how much
    damage they might have done.

  10. Arty can be balance in many times. One of them should be that they can`t
    have direct silhouette of tanks, since Wg allways puts “historical” and “in
    real life” on the table when it comes to balancing, let arty have
    coordinates on the map. it would actually make it better for the reciving
    arty shell and for arty players, because they won´t see (satelite view) wtf
    are shooting at( if there are multiple targets in 1 place).

  11. Seriously man… This fucking game.

  12. players with 46% win rate are needed to have players with more than 50% win
    rate, if you put them into another queue, then players that now have 50%
    will become the 46% and so on. Maybe it would be possible to have a
    “ranked” MM where people with comparable capabilities play together and,
    once they get better, they switch to the next level. But this involves to
    bypass this rule when you play with other players with different ranking
    ruining theirs games because the less able player have to play constantly
    against better players and maybe his friends would decline invites to play
    with him. About artillery, instead of adding a delay into the shot, it
    would be possible to allow an artillery to fire only if it stands still for
    some second, like camo net and binocular telescopes, just to “simulate” the
    need to fix the artillery to the ground in order to fire.

  13. these and a few others are why i stopped playing.

  14. Can I like this vid about 150 more times!?

  15. Why don’t they remake artis, so they would be like in Armored Warfare? I
    think It has better mechanics – clip with low damage, just add reload time.
    It would fix it so much…

  16. someone is salty. :P

  17. A big thank you for Sirfoch!

    and a well deserved FACK YOU to Wg!

  18. Simple and realistic ways to improve the game
    1)Increase light tanks view range. I mean, everything or so at tier 9 and
    more can almost outspot you, and too many tiers 8 too, even if they are in
    heavies or Tds. Make it 475 meters for lights or simply reduce to max 400m
    to every other tanks.
    2) Foch suggestions are good (maybe not the depression part, but i
    undertand the idea behind it. Increasing the dispersioon while rotating the
    hull is in my mind a better idea), but 3-4 or even 5 arty games are just
    plain retarded. Put a limit of 2 arty per team at most.
    3) Foch MM suggestion is on point, and so it goes to the penatration.
    4) Give a maximum pourcentage of gold ammo to players. if you can only have
    15% of gold ammo on your tank, then a tank that carries 40 shells would
    have 6 premium shells at the most.
    5) Accuracy Buff. RNG decides a bit too much of the results of the game.
    Goos players will load Heat at the end of the game because the know RNG can
    fuckup their aim badly. Decreasing the RNG factor by 10% would help people
    actully winning games by skills and good game play rater than RNG’s
    decisions and gold spamming.

    But all those things means people will by less premium shits, which means
    War Gaming will just say fuckoff

  19. Another thing that has not been said are mods. On the one hand, WG rewards
    Mod developers (e.g. the arty mod Quickybaby uses), but on the other hand,
    they ban players because they have a little reload timer of the enemy’s
    gun. What they should do is take away alle the mods like other games have,
    and implement the good mods like they have done with the minimap features.
    that way, fair gameplay is guaranteed and there’ll be no more “fu aimbot”
    messages in the chat if u manage to land a nice hit.

  20. You are so right. Make the game a vanilla as possible.

  21. better arguments for future of WoT than whole event where clown “community
    contributors” got invited to cyprus

  22. streetware fixed

    In the meeting with jingles and other wot slaves the ceo said…”if u want
    to make it better get 250000 dollar start ure own business and make it
    better” so if the ceo will see this videohe would say ” fuck u sirfoch and
    fuck u community u make me rich ill give a fuck of you!”Its time to say
    fuck you ceo do it like this.Spend one hour a week. Create a new account.
    If u in a game with arty type in the beginning of the match ” fuck u arty”
    and attack directly, straight ahead the possible arty spots and kill that
    broken shit. Dont stop! Yes ofc ure game still ends after 30 sec but its a
    sign. It must be great if ALL tanks at first chillin to the arty spots and
    start to kill that shit. After that the fun can begin:)

  23. The only thing I sort of semi-disagrees with is the accuracy buff/nerf.
    While I’d love more accurate shots in most games, accuracy was a main
    balancing factor in WoT. That’s all the Germans had. Then they buffed
    accuracy so much that IS tanks started sniping. The Germans lost everything
    at that point.
    If they wanted to buff accuracy that’s fine but then the Germans need to be
    completely rebalanced and maybe even moved around in tiers and stuff. Like,
    if the Tiger isn’t accurate then what exactly is the point of it being in
    tier VII? It’s slow, unarmored, low alpha.. And had slower firing rate back
    then as well. The only thing it had was accuracy. It could deal with
    enemies before they got too close to rape it.
    It also removed the only real downside of the Russian tanks. That was their
    weakness. They need a new weakness if you remove the accuracy one. They
    have decent-good armor, decent-good mobility, big ass guns. They need the
    bad accuracy or they simply dominate in every situation.

  24. Yeah I agree with you on +1/-1 MM. We have it here on WoT Blitz and it is
    fantastic. You should check it out

  25. Arty should have 1/10 of the alpha it does now be required to directly hit
    the vehicle to do dmg (eliminating accidental team dmg) have longer lead
    times with quicker reloads and 75% less rng where it lands, also to track a
    tank the round has to hit the side of the tank. Arty should not be used to
    kill tanks but to deal light dmg and cover bottle necks and lanes of fire
    where other tanks could flank their team mates, maybe give them smoke
    rounds too. Make arty work for their dmg and support their team properly
    not fight rng.

  26. IchMacheAlles2x

    I heard from a german WoT ytuber that there is a rumor of Them making “WoT
    2” in wich they will make new tanks wich are not “historical”

  27. the only thing I want to change about arty, It’s existence

  28. What makes the S-51/SU-14-1 such an extreme case is that historically, they
    were actually designed with an eye towards equipping the 203mm B-4
    Howitzer. That two more SPG’s were also designed and built (Or rather that
    the SU-14-1 was modified into the SU-14-2 with the application of armor to
    protect the fighting compartment, and the later 212A was designed once
    again to equip the 203mm B-4) for the specific purpose of equipping this
    same gun, while a large number of other Soviet SPGs being distributed among
    the Soviet TD lines due to their extensive use in the role during WWII,
    this put WG in an awkward situation in which no matter how they designed
    the tree, there would be a 203mm B-4 platform down at tier VII.

    Artillery does need a substantial rework nonetheless, but I doubt that full
    on removal will ever be on the table.

  29. poor little fochey poo terrible at the game so he cries.

  30. pretty obvious that WG has been spending the absolute minimum amount of
    money on this game possible and looting the rest. even the new update just
    steals a bunch of ideas from xvm that should have been part of the client
    years ago. I mean, just now getting around to actually showing gun
    depression in vehicle stats???? WG gets away with their lack of investment
    in the game because the sheep keep lapping up every “new” premium vehicle
    released. like taking an IS3 putting an A after its name and charging you
    $45 bucks.

  31. Instead of the trigger time fix, just have incredibly slow shell velocity
    making moving targets impossible to hit, and I totally agree with the
    transverse and gun elevation suggestion, and to help them kill campers more
    effectively they should be able to see track traces but with a 15second

  32. +/- 25% chance on everything.

    I THINK as well they have a chance to not pen at all as well no matter
    what. BU that happens not that often. However the times I have bounced a
    round off the ass of a light tank in a TD is decently high.

  33. Foch + rant in the video description? I knew it had to be good. 😀 But
    yeah….fuck WG and their arty.

  34. Foch 2016 -#makewotgreatagain. Arty takes 0 risks to do damage people say
    camping td’s are worse but they need LOS and need to take a risk. It makes
    no sense that they do so much damage especially if the hit or even just
    splash 2-3 modules or crew are destroyed, . RNG will always be part of the
    game but 25% on 3 dice rolls (pen, acc and dmg) is way too much. 5%or even
    10% would be massive improvements. Also where is the carousel mod in the
    client 5 years and they still can’t implement this? WTF

  35. I play arty for most of the time in last two months. I’m just sick and
    tired of MM. Playing arty makes no problem for me if I am Tier 7 arty in
    Tier 10 game. Actually, I prefer it .

    Reading your comments, you guys may not spend much time playing arty.
    Besides, usually poor spooting by light tanks, my Tier 7 arty reloads in
    about 50 sec. Aim about 7-9 sec and finally, shell completely miss target
    most of the time. Than you go again. After all, I make maybe 2 good shots
    in average, per round. I don’t use premium ammo.
    And you guys think arty is overpowered ? If you get hit by arty for over
    1000 HP call it rare and very lucky shot for arty player.

  36. Imo the problem with arty is the same as the problem with the WT auf E100
    was. In the current stage it’s not fun to play, and it’s not fun to play
    against, so it just ruins the game.

  37. all the things you said about arty
    AAAAND some skill involved, how abou this, in fifa nowdays to shoot
    penalties you have a bar and there is 1 pointer that moves left and right
    fast over that bar and you need to hit the slider directly in the middle to
    have the best accuracy while shooting the pentality, how about the same
    system in wot, so to shoot a target you aim where you want the shell to go,
    so on a target or if you feel lucky maybe try hitting a moving target, you
    click and hold the click, a slider shows up and then you let the click off,
    if you hit the middle part you have full accuracy on that axis, if not well
    the aiming circle is bigger, i would also add now a 2nd slider from top to
    bottom, the y axis basicly and that would determine the lenght of your
    shot, if you will hit where you perfectly aimed or you will overshoot or
    undershoot the target, that whole process should be around 3-4 sec so in
    that time its hard to predict the movement of the target and lets not
    forget the flying time of the shell, so thats like 6-7 sec after you hit
    the trigger button and your shell hits the target. Making it impossible to
    hit fast moving mediums and easy to kill base campers that never move. if
    you read all of this thank you for your time 🙂 would like some comments to
    see what the community thinks, lets be real no tomatos watch foch’s videos,
    so what does the majority of the wot community think :P

  38. LOL I’ve lost count of these WOT rant videos I’ve watched on youtube
    lately. can’t say I’m proud of still being playing WOT after three years,
    but at least I can say I never gave Wargaming any of my money

  39. My 5 cents:

    Arty: limit number of artys to 1 per side, give them scout mm (this means
    removing tier 9 and 10), lower the alpha and buff the rest a bit.

    Ammo: limit the number of gold shells you can carry and make them a lot
    more expensive.

    Bots and tomatos: implement a skill barrier. Something like if you reach
    400+ WN8 you get rewarded with access to tier 5 tanks. Obviously this won’t
    work because of prem tanks. But it needs something, I’ve seen too many -400
    WN8 driving around in tier9 and 10 tanks as of late.

  40. 1. Fixing MM – I agree with the bot statement, they should also do the same
    with platooned up unicum players. Players with a 56+% win-rate driving
    around in their t-62a’s spamming heat at everything and running thru bot
    teams should not be a thing.

    2. +1/-1 MM – 100% agree. Scouts should still get +2/-2

    3. RNG – should be a maximum of 12% either way for AP/APCR/HEAT. 20% for HE
    and HESH. This should be for both damage and penetration.

    4. Ammo rebalance – I would limit the amount of premium ammo tanks can
    carry. 33% of total ammo could be premium. All tier 9 mediums should
    receive APCR as standard round. This is why russian tanks spam HEAT at
    everything. 201 pen is trash when trying to pen tier 9-10 tanks.

    5. Arty – Should never hit for more than a heavy tank of its own tier.

  41. this just makes alot of sense but the thing that ruins it is WG wont listen
    to shit what the people say who actually know how to fix things or have
    great ideas

  42. I think Foch forgot about the glorious E5

  43. The constant hate on arty is getting tiresome. Arty is inaccurate, slow to
    aim very slow to reload has 25% rng on its shells too and there are few
    maps they’re good on. Light tanks are being made irrelevant by medium tanks
    and small/ciry maps not arty…

  44. Another option for arty would be remove freaking drone view, nerf damage
    boost reload speed have tracers or something, then have your allies help
    you in chat say shoot a bit more to the left etc. a bit further. that way
    you can shoot yourself in on your target by help of allies communication,
    but you can’t actually see were your shots are landing unless direct line
    of sight

  45. just make it so that you can tk arty without penalty and make their
    hitpoints like 10 on all artys and nerf their camo values and their fucking
    turning rate

  46. Man With No Name

    The sad thing is I’ve heard Circon and Foch come up with ideas like +2 gun
    depression and 2 second delay after shooting for arty about 2 years ago.
    Guess how much has changed in those 2 years…

  47. I think artillery could be returned to its original state but let them play
    against bots pve. Take them out of the game with public players. The
    artillery grind is still part of the game, no one loses their tanks from
    garage but they play only against AI opponents.

  48. Amen agree with most, for some maps arty is useful and sometimes prevents
    camping, but there is always idiots that fuck up boiling a egg so expect
    the same in the game.

  49. Agree on all your points 2 things i’d add as well.
    First of map design, add maps with more cover and many avenues of attack,
    and NOT with one big square in the middle that rewards camping, make it so
    you ahve a town and can move all the way from map edge to map edge in cover
    and in multiple alleys, not freaking lanes which again will reward camping.
    the best maps are those were you can actually attack smartly, otherwise
    it’s just a campfest.
    Second completly unrealistic add huge costumization to the tanks, let
    people have multiple form of sidesgrades exept just upgrades, like add more
    armor > loose speed, make room for more reloading speed > loose armor or
    something. D
    o lots of those options be inspired by EVE online spaceship fitting

  50. Why not make the arty shooting in such a way, that you cant fire while
    moving the gun, similiar to atgms in AW… so you have to hold the cursor
    still for 1-2 seconds, before you can fire…
    also reduce the moving speed of the gun, so depressing it when spotted
    takes like 5-10 secs, which seems actually realistic for a gun that big,
    with a hand crank

  51. remove the retarded arty camo. its soo dumb when a LT gets spoted by a
    house sise arty and doesnt spot the arty back. than geting killed by the
    arty siting in the bush.

  52. Making the arty’s aiming circle visible on the ground, so you know when
    they’re aiming at you?

  53. I agree with everything, exept for the noob player solution. Is not a
    terrible idea but i think it would be better if somehow they would be
    incourage to platoon with experience player so they can teach how to play,
    at least at a decent level (none born pro, we all has to learn how to play
    form better player) or just simply put a twitch link in the garage.

  54. Arty:
    Bring back arty tracers, nerf penetrating HE.
    Introduce temporary damage after getting hit(not taken out for the rest of
    the f*cking game after one shot).
    Buff reload time according to dmg nerf.
    Introduce support roundsspecial abilities make arty deployable(deploy for
    better firepower or mobile with nerfed accuracyRoF, no tracers obv.).

    +-1 MM 100% agreed, it has no effect on matchmaking whatsoever, same amount
    of players in the same tanks, no major balance issues.
    Invest in an anti-bot system(its not that hard, most major MMOs are quite
    good at it).
    Get rid of the corridor clusterf*ck map design.
    Instead of having a spare server for russian kids to run around full prem
    practicing their team killing skills how about they dedicate the test
    server for testing stuff. Even potential changes.
    Remove XVM statistics support and introduce skill based mm.
    Rework shells to get rid of “gold spam” and shift the $$$ income to prem
    time or whatever.
    And the last item on the menu is listen to the community. Not the ones that
    are the loudest, the ones that have a brain.

  55. What the poster doesn’t seem to understand that frustrating players (and
    therefore making them spend money) is an essential part of the game
    model… The other one is the game rigging mechanism which is described in
    their official US patent for the matchmaker (basically it states that game
    props up shit players and tries to drag down good ones), 25% RNG is a
    perfect blanket to cover these manipulations….

  56. wow.your arty rage has retard it.

  57. WG need to fix in game reporting sistem

  58. Kuhmo KurculjaVEVO

    Best streamer ever! Fuck arty and anyone who plays it.

  59. Flapablesteak 89

    Foch what about a perk like sixth sense, but it talks u if the arty is
    aimming in ur sector of the map? Also new and different equipment and crews
    skills that mean u don’t always have the same stuff or ever tank.

  60. agree, there is no need for +2 mm, there are enough players in the server
    so -1/+1 would not make queues that much longer

  61. WoT is shit, WoWs is 10X the game in my opinion 😛
    Edit: also Wargaming are shit devs

  62. at least you could have throw some pictures on background man…..

  63. Nice one, hope WG would see this and at least give it a thought.
    But also I agree to disagree in some points:
    1. Bots, well, I will connect them to premium ammo later, so nothing for
    now, or skip to ad 4..

    2. MM isn’t great, that is almost obvious, like WTF can most tier III do to
    a KV-1? Really, It is still in 9.14 way easier yo kill O-I Exp. with tier
    III and some premium ammo, then try to go for a scumrade KV-1, that can
    bounce from the back 130+ pen guns from less then 50-100m, but will get
    back to RNG later. Anyway, it is not fun at all to play tier 3-4 tanks now
    especially for new players that can meat in tier III KV-1 that can just ram
    then not shooting once because they can’t do anything or get one shooted by
    BDR or O-I Exp. so they will attract more focus from KV-1… . But still
    most medals are for tier V and above and also missions, that re impossible
    to obtain or be done without getting +/-2 MM, but tiers 3-4 should get +/-1
    MM for sure. That would make new players stick to the game and maybe learn
    more before they got to tier V and above.

    3. So now time for RNG and I also agree that it is now complete bulls…
    When I first started playing game in 2012 I don’t remember that LT could
    bounce some ridiculous shoots from other tanks or scumrade tanks could just
    bounce shoots from side at 100 or less that have 2 times penetration needed
    to get through. What piss me the most if that, how f ridiculous RNG is
    today compared to what it was some time ago and mostly that scumrade tanks
    are now like rolling on RNG all the time. Bounce from back of KV-1? No
    problem, now he will probably kill you no matter how good your front armor
    is, or all those shoots in the side of IS-3 and above, when you aim between
    track and still magically hit f black hole, then also play with VII and
    bounce or do no damage from less then 100m into IS because RNG is still
    drunk and thought you still play against IS-3’s… Most f up games are
    those where are just too much scumrade tanks, because even RNG can’t tell
    what will happen. Also that accuracy nerf was really needed, like does this
    even affected scumrade tanks at all? Seems more like any other nation is
    being f up with occasional WTF moments when they hit something at full

    But to sum it up, WG want’s WoT to be e-sport with so much RNG f up all
    skilled play’s is just a good joke, when you think you can kill a tank, and
    either by accuracy instead of weakspot or hitting him at all, you miss or
    if you him him, then you find out that you did get low roll and if he is in
    scumrade tank, he will probably high roll and kill you instead. Some time
    ago there was more consistency with both accuracy and damage rolls and if
    something was off from time to time it was interesting and probably epic in
    the end, but now every game feels like WG want it to as much unpredictable
    as possible so there will be more fun for players…. well not f really I
    will say.

    4. As for rebalancing ammo, there is a way for WG as also players to
    finally get some normality in the game. It would also make bots less
    effective and in the process made them useless, since most bots use premium
    account and premium tanks like T26E4 or normal but with gold/premium ammo.
    So what could be done then? Lower the experience ammount for doing damage
    with it. Simple as that, since if someone uses ammo with better
    penetration, to make it easier for him/her to pen other tanks, why should
    he get same exp then some one who will do same amount of damage using
    standard ammo and putting real effort to play the game with a tank he have?
    Of course some tanks are not that great thx to WG rebalance, but still,
    there should not be a reason for player just to load better ammo just
    because it is better and he can then play other tanks to make this one
    better by pressing 2 most of the time. If you go easy with game, then play
    it more to grind the tank, or train the crew or play best you can using
    premium/gold ammo wise so you can get most exp and be competitive. Since
    there would be less exp for spamming gold, premium ammo could also cost a
    bit less. but it would be fine, since even if someone have premium time on
    his account he still would benefit from it, but not just in pure exp, but
    get some for premium. Either way, players who really play to the bones and
    work hard to master some tanks would be rewarded, and players who just want
    to skip a tank, also would still be able to do so, but they would do it a
    bit slower, so it would be better also for them to spam less and just play
    better. It would also don’t affect e-sports in any way. Still, of someone
    would want to be an asshat, he would be no matter what you do with
    premium/gold ammo, but at least all other players who have brain would have
    to decide if they want to get most exp from the battle or maybe they really
    need to win a game because of mission or clan wars, so they would care less
    about exp from battle. I know it is not ideal, but I think that’s the best
    solution for now and would change how use gold/premium ammo.

    5 SPG case… oh boy, also agree that SPG should do less damage per shoot,
    that should be f obvious by now for WG. I play SPG from time to time, just
    to do personal missions and get extra female crew members, but at the same
    time I sometimes enjoy playing it, especially FV304 when I can shoot with
    most precision into IS-3 back and do 450 dm or maybe set scumrade also on
    fire( hahaha, no really, that was a joke, because scumreade don’t get
    critical hits even when you shoot them in the back of course…) that your
    team can’t do anything, because they shoot him in the roof and bounce of
    course, not Op at all. Most of the time however playing SPG is more f UP
    then playing against it because instead of helping a team, you end up
    killing 1 tank with 1 shell and then doing almost no damage, because sells
    fly all around not hitting anything. There is no consistency at all and so
    not so rare is to be last alive or getting killed by LT’s or MT’s. Of
    course try to make last stand every time but sometimes when I see whats
    going on and that my team can lose I just go yolo and try to kill something
    up close and then die faster just not to waste my time. And problem with LT
    or MT is not that they can’t kill SPG or SPG can kill them, SPG should have
    option to protect itself, but WG should make also sure SPG need to move and
    not sit in one covner of a map so every LT or MT that drive for it get
    shotgun in the face.
    So what should be done with SPG from both attacker and SPG side? First of
    all, less damage, bit better reload, more accurate and most of all
    consistent rife from SPG. so there would be just less RNG and more SPG
    player skil to not just aim at a tank, but try to hit engine deck or
    turret. Less RNG less one shooting tanks, because SPG would have to hit
    engine and set it on fire or hit ammo rack straight for that to happen and
    how that happen now we all know with normal tanks.
    SO less damage, better reload, more accuracy to aim at weakspots or looking
    for detracking shoots for allies to then wipe out maybe enemy without gun
    depression maybe but also less chance to hit a moving target since it would
    require some skill to predict and hit in the spot where enemy will be, not
    like now when you can just aim a bit in front and then look how RNG f enemy
    up for you. Also SPG should have some range restrictions like FV304 to make
    it move from cap like 700-800m max for tier X. Since SPG will need to move
    after the team to do damage later in game, LT and MT would have more chance
    to make a sneak attack on SPG that would be in the open and easy to shoot
    not sitting in some bush near cap. It would also mean that If my team f up
    I don’t have to wait most of the time to get killed, so that would be less
    pain in the as… to play it.
    And so, with less damage and range, better accuracy and rate of fire but
    between 20-30 sek lets say for tier 6-10 SPG’s mostly, every shoot fired
    would have to be aimed and if hit actually a player doing not just more RNG
    based like now, which would also mean less frustration, since every tank
    that would move not in predictable way would be safe but tanks that just
    sit in one spot or don’t try to change way they drive out of cover would be
    hit same way at it is now when enemy is just driving back and forth so you
    can shoot him in weakspot on turret or hull by pre aiming in thew spot he
    will drive again and again.

    Well that’s my opinion, you have right to agree to disagree :D

  64. Nothing but truth, sad that there is other people(players) who work with WG
    and during the game when arty hits them for like 3/4 of health says “wow
    great shot by arty”(because U know ass have to be licked) and in real life
    there is just a lazy clicker on other end of cable who clicks with mouse
    and eats chips while killing all fun for players who actually tries to win.
    One more point to fix arty is to be optional play with clickers or not. I
    would definitely clicked on button “no cancer”. Great job Foch!

  65. Mahmoud Kahilan

    arty is retarded, I once hit an amx 50b in my su142 full hp gone

  66. It’s funny how half of the video is about arty.

  67. WG is a retarded company , they prefer to lose costumers and players than
    move their lazy ass to make a better game . You did forget about cheats in
    the game .

  68. Some very good points.1) bots : just simply remove mods in battle this will
    also removes the cheaters !!! Cheat is *the* missing point on your list.2)
    +1/ – 1 MM definitely YES ! Try to playi a stock average tanks versus a T+2
    OP tank.. Hopeless and frustrating!3) 25%RNG I fully agree. As you
    said, might be ok for damage (10-15% should be enough) but it’s really a KO
    for accuracy, shells penetration…4) ammo rebalance. why not ? It must be
    well designed to avoid side effects.5) arty. I do not agree with all your
    proposals otherwise this will make this class useless (just remove it). I
    play arty as all other classes and if one-shooting a full life medium
    happened from times to times (but believe me, it’s really really rare) this
    compensate for all the games in map like Himmelsdorf where you are either
    killed in 45s while slowly crossing the 3 column, do 0 damage or sometimes
    when fully aimed on a stationary target you missed 😮 !!! You feel like
    shooting a donuts : your shell disappear in the hole ;)Playing arty is not
    as easy as you said.Your ideas about rebalancing them are interesting :
    less alpha damage with an increase firing rateAdditionnal points:- #1 :
    cheat (see above) – Modules grinding. especially from T7 upward. Some stock
    tanks (like Panther II, Centurion…) are almost useless even at equal tier
    and at T9 you must spend well over 50k XP to have something enjoyable. So
    make stock tank efficient on the battle field.

  69. Mahmoud Kahilan

    I once shot a t49 with my jagdpz e100…
    he had 780 hp and I rolled the minumum roll for like 750.

  70. Glad to see something new on the channel. Heres another 2 things you
    forget, I guess on purpose. First and biggest – maps. Everyone knows that
    maps are fucked up with all the changes and that is THE reason for all that
    shit after -arty, lights, mediums with only premium ammo… and the second
    is precision and why the most important factor is completely obsolete.

  71. Ashley Beanblossom

    The other key to balance arty is to limit games to one arty per side.

  72. Significantly decrease arty HE penetration (To just a few mm) and display
    the damage dealt for non penetrating HE instead of penetrating HE. And
    decrease arty module damage. Then there’ll be no ridiculously high damage
    HE pens and devastating module knockouts.

  73. sir foch for USA president!!!

  74. Fuck arty! was one shotted by a conc gc in my bulldog yesterday while doing
    80kmh across the field in swamp!

  75. I dont even play the game anymore (over year now )but I still watch these
    vids and im happy I quit the game since its not going anywhere and these
    videos give me all the fun I need from the game without getting raped by
    arty in my e100 etc :D

  76. how about remove artillery and replace them with a new line of tank
    destroyers or well anything else, and even if there are no TDs to replace
    the artillery with just make up new ones just make up new version ones from
    prototypes and concepts like wargaming always does.

  77. vote for sirfoch to be the WG head for 2016!

  78. Make shell cost regular to they dmg and pen. With a medium i must shoot a
    lot more than with a heavy to get the same dmg

  79. Terra Incognita Gaming

    Bots arent ever gonna vanish. wotbuddy aint ever gonna disappear just like
    honorbuddy. if blizz cant do shit, wargaming certainly cant. And I doubt
    they would even if they could.

  80. I totaly agree with foch, but maybe a new perk on you’r commander that
    gives you a sign if arty is aiming at you

  81. Buff IS3 Plz

  82. A man with one arm who puts in an effort to play this game would probably
    make 48-50% winrate.

  83. -WG should remove bots, I agree.
    -MM should stay the same. Besides, it used to be a lot worse. Could be
    +1/-1, if the queue times get too long.
    -RNG should be part of the game, but not 25%. Perhaps around 10%.
    -I agree, the ammunitions are boring.
    -Remove arty, or make it like in War Thunder.

  84. Mmh gotta love foch ranting for 15 min <3

  85. I know a lot of people love and hate AW, but they did one thing right:
    Artillery. Everyone knows when they are targeted by arty. Arty is much more
    accurate. Arty does much less damage. Arty reloads faster. Arty does lots
    of module damage but not near as much HP damage. Basically, removes a lot
    of the RNG and warns players about to get outbalanced so they can move out
    of the way.

  86. Nerfing arty’s gun depression to be capped at +10% would mean it would be
    impossible to shotgun lights close up with the dumb “TD mode”.

  87. steven koestner

    Honestly the one and only way I picture arty being a class that does not
    instill hate in people is to have it focus on something other then damage.
    It needs to be a buff/debuff class, many other games have the classes that
    have limited damage output but are still vital to their team due to their
    supportive roles. That is what arty needs to be. Have it have the ability
    to drop smoke rounds to help his teams camo, illimunation rounds to hurt
    the enemies camo. Have some type of gas that can boost the effectivness of
    allied crews, have another on that hurts enemies crews (like 10-15% max.)
    Crap like that I am terrible with coming up with ideas but you should get
    the general idea of what I am trying to suggest.

    Though I will admit having a fuse delay like you suggested would be an
    alright solution. It would stop arty from punishing me because I dared to
    stop for 2 seconds and aim my gun.

  88. Preach it.

  89. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    Arty is like 50-70% rng, if light gets close you nuke or die. but it isnt
    rly up to the skill of the players, it mostly luck.

    so i like your arty change ideas, but arty should be able to hit a 300m,
    but i would be fine with not hitting at like 150m

  90. First thing WG can do for chancing the ammunition, is to make it so that
    people can’t load full premium ammo. Maybe something like 30% of the total
    ammunition can be premium ammo. It is good for WG too, because if they do
    this the game looks less pay-to-win.

  91. It would be nice if both scouts and arty had “scout matchmaking”/+3 and all
    the other tanks had +/-1

  92. I would add another point. Make non-premium and premium players more equal.
    It really sucks, because without premium account i have to try hard on
    higher tiers to be profitable(or at least not spent too much on repairs
    after lost game), but guy with premium can do shit and still get same
    income in xp and credits as me.
    You suck in game, so you’ll lose credits and if you cant maintain higher
    tiers…then go play lower tiers untill you learn enough to be profitable
    on higher. Then you can profit from your premium account.
    Flat bonus is good for WG, but its certainly not good for game.

    Its reason why so many people shot only gold today. Few games with OPwell
    and he can shot gold all day long.

  93. In this video, Foch outlines pretty much all of the reasons why I quit haha

  94. Nice to see nothing changed since i uninstalled…. suffer you mindless
    puppets muahahaha….
    Not sure why wot still exists i mean war thunder or armored warfare brings
    insanely less frustration to the table. Guess logic is a rare thing these

  95. Timotej Andonovski

    Why is no one mentioning the FUCKING ARC! Real life arty was not able to
    fire behind a rock ffs! Reduce it! Also, make arty one shottable for almost
    everyone. A fucking 140 has to shoot a GW E100 3 times if it rolls low. The
    arty aim completely in those 11 seconds that the 140 reloads. That is not
    even mentioning light who have on average 200 damage ffs!

  96. Roast is real 🙂 for lights i would increase the viewrange or decrease
    viewrange of other tanks. Having the same view on tier 8 light as tier 9-10
    meds/heavys just doesnt work. Or just give something, only thing lights
    have is the camo, and well.. the maps we are playing, it really doesnt
    matter that much.. tier 9-10 light tanks would be cool too with like
    420-440m viewrange.

  97. It isn’t even minus 25% RNG, it’s plus, minus 25%. Really nice video, lots
    of good points and I agree… Some pictures would make it even better. +2
    MM is so annoying and devs (at least Storm) are against removing it,
    because some tanks would be too strong then. So nerf those tanks then. What
    is the reason that T8 tank has 1500HP and T10 2200HP. They could easily be
    balanced to face each other with simply higher tiers = more armor, more
    pen, more view range, better mobility.

  98. My suggestion for a change to artillery would be to remove the ability to
    see tanks from a top down view on the other side of the map outside the
    normal view range of 400 or so meters. They could see tanks spotted on the
    map beyond that range like every one else but if they wanted to shot that
    tank they would have to estimate or guess its location when using the top
    down view. This would make artillery fire indirect fire as it should be.

  99. Oh I’ve been waiting for this vid for years…. yeaaaars.

  100. Well, if you cut arty alpha damage by 50% then a JP E100 could sit in the
    open and take fire from a 261 for like 5 minutes

  101. Alexandru Laurențiu Rădulescu

    “Even if the AP has 200 pen and the HEAT has 330, you’re gonna shoot HEAT
    regardless” – (HEA)T-54 Players…

  102. I would like if there were special premium crews like Berlin crews for
    every line. I don’t like how players who play Russian tanks can get this
    crew on 3 premium vehicles, that is a huge advantage, and other lines
    (except British) have no way of getting that crew unless they get female
    crew (but female crew is different).

    I would also like if other lines except Russia had many choices on premium
    crew trainer tanks. For example, there isn’t really French TD crew trainer
    except FCM pak 40, there is only Scorpion and T28HTC for American TDs and
    all of those tanks are kind of hard to get. At same time, Russia has always
    available Su-122-44 and Su-100y and sometimes available ISU-122s and rare
    SU-85I. So – more premium tanks that aren’t Russian! But I’d also like a
    Russian scout crew trainer for high tiers. Germans have Blackdog, French
    have Amx 13 57, there are rumors that soon there will be t7 American
    premium scout, but still – nothing for training Russian scouts.

  103. Water Headed Individual

    I can taste the salt

  104. Armoured warfare is a good baseline for how arty should be.

  105. You know what? WG could make test server clients with these things changed,
    and collect feedback from players and later on implement the ideas into the
    game, but this will never happen because WG doesn’t seem to give a fuck
    about what players think of their game, rightfully so because diagrams and
    statistic is way more valuable to player feedback….

  106. WG has a global rebalance due somewhere during the summer which will
    completely overhaul MM, arty, vehicle class and other big stuff you talked
    about. I can’t wait what they have in mind

  107. although i like jongles & quickybaby. when they were in Cyprus, they hardly
    voiced any complaints about wot gameplay..ffs jingles don’t even play wot
    anymore,because reasons youve stated in this video…

    wg are just sucking the skill out of this game,with all the points you have
    made in this video.also it seems that some tanks suffer a lot worse rng
    than others,why is this??

  108. what do you think of powercreep?

  109. Bob Raoul (Caravedturtle)

    WG also needs to re-balance light tanks, they are the last tanks not
    playing in their own tier, that’s annoying.

  110. #makewotgreatagain

  111. they should make pemetration values 100% consistent, but increase the drop
    off amount, in order to force people to acknowledge the distance factor of

  112. Kristijan Majdic

    And now look at that morons atacking me 4 bring on my opinion. First thing
    WG should do is to get rid of those morons with lenguage as ritch as that.
    Like Julian R and Alex Lesiw. Idiots like those two should be banned for

  113. Are you saying retarded children shouldn’t play with the rest in the school
    playground? Just messing with you buddy I agree with your suggestions.

  114. how to fix arty: much less alpha, counter arty minigame (like aw) AND arty
    should not be able to shot anything that is nearer than 200m. Arty must be
    dead the moment any tank gets close enough.

  115. The arty changes are supposedly on the way .. supposedly.

  116. In real life, howitzers can do both direct and indirect fire so if an
    armoured column surprised them and if they could turn in time they’d wreck
    any tank.

  117. Wargaming…. doesn’t give a shit about balanced gameplay, investing in
    improvements or making the game fun….. because… give us your moneys
    bitches! I have only grinded to tier 8 and I have given up on WoT.
    Repetitive game play, shit match making and maps with similar gameplay
    characteristics. No thanks Wargaming, there are better games out there.

  118. stopped wot 6 month ago because of arty and +/-2 mm. My wn8 is ~2100 and i
    have 19k matches. This game is seriously broken. I give my money now to
    other games.

  119. Arty able to turn as quick as it can? Have you played the T-92?

  120. I like the +3 minimal gun depression for arty idea

  121. Good one!

  122. I disagree about arty part. Arty is already nerfed and is ok. If you cant
    kill arty 1v1 when driving scout, cmon, you have to learn to play then.

  123. The +/-1 mm thing (excluding arty) is spot on. Just common sense. Arty?
    well, there is a number of dynamics and of course opinions to this issue
    but for me, the basic overriding function of artillery should be to
    INFREQUENTLY HARASS enemy vehicles. That means relatively small damage
    output every 30 seconds minimum (reload time and dmg will obviously rise
    with tier). And 1 arty per team max! The idea is that they support the
    regular tanks but do not win games on their own. There is also a strong
    case to make the artillery line end at tier7. There is no rhyme or reason
    to have anything more powerful arty-wise after this tier bearing in mind
    the notion of infrequent harassment. Not allowing arty to defend themselves
    from LTs is a bad idea though bearing in mind the vast majority of players
    in random games simply do not give a fuck about defending SPGs whenever a
    LT does actually break through. It would probably lead a lot of arty
    players to just suicide if an LT is making a beeline for them. Every
    vehicle in the game has to be able to defend itself in some way so since
    most arties cannot outrun a LT, then they have to have the power of at
    least damaging their attacker.

  124. shouldve put some generic 10k gameplay in the background

  125. put something like binos turning on mehcanic for arty fireing so they cant
    fire on the move or on the turn?

  126. what about mods/xvm focus?

  127. I, for one, don’t mind the historical accuracy. In fact I’d like to see
    more historical accuracy, just not War Gayming’s fucking pick and choose
    ‘hysterical accuracy’. Yes the IS-2 had a 122mm gun that could pen a KT at
    1km while the KT couldn’t do the same. BUT, and this is a big BUT, you also
    have to take into account the awful shell velocity, the abysmal accuracy,
    and the long ass reload time of the D-25T.

  128. Foch, I have been a subscriber to your channel for a couple of years, and
    learned a lot from you. But unfortunately today you displayed a side of
    yourself I did not know – A whiny little bitch. The only people who bitch
    about arty are those people who can’t figure out how it plays.

    I have been playing WoT for 5 years now, have 42k+ battles, and a
    respectable WN8 rating, and I cannot remember ever, EVER being killed by
    arty where I did not immediately realize that I screwed up. We all know
    where arty goes, and what kind of shots they have from there. If you get
    spotted and stay camped behind the same bush or rock because you want to
    get a couple more shots in, you deserve to get artied. If you cross an open
    space, zig-zag – I’ve gotten pretty good at leading targets when they go in
    a straight line – and so on.

    Arty already has some huge handicaps – no health, no armor, little
    maneuverability, huge aim-time, 2-3 seconds shell flight time, terrible
    accuracy, and having to give half their XP to other players who spot for
    them. That’s the price arty players pay in return for being able to do a
    lot of damage when they get it right.

    If you want to nerf arty so bad so that nobody will play it, play another
    game. If you are serious about nerfing it more than it already has been,
    then arty players need to have some compensation, like faster reloads, more
    health, more maneuverability etc.

  129. You make some good point sir, indeed you do!
    I do think however that the gun depression increase you say arty needs is
    quite unnecessary, and the trigger time thing is very unlikely (it would
    make playing arty extremely hard). Also, every class in the game should
    have a reasonable chance to defend itself in close quarters combat i think.
    Arty might not had to in real life, but as you say, this is a game, and in
    this game sometimes it has to. If you make arty pretty much unabe to defend
    itself when, lets say, it its left as the last surviving member of a team
    against one enemy (in this scenario, you still have at least some chance to
    win with other classes), than you basically say that players should have
    less chance to win a match if they play arty, than if they play any other
    class. This, by the way, i kind of agree with, however wargaming states
    form time to time that they have no plans whatsoever removing arty from the
    game. So as it is, having to accept arty as a class in the game, i dont
    think it would be prudent to punish people who play it. From wargaming’s
    part it would probably be a worse idea than leaving it as broken as it is.

  130. ALL PRAY OUR LORD AND SAVIOR SIRFOCH! I’ll send that to the french
    communtity department, they are known to really send stuff to devs and as a
    community contributor myself it should be quite fast

  131. I laughed my ass of at the arty rant .. so good :D

  132. Here here to the arty rant, and also to different types of ammo- having 3
    viable ammo types on the ru251 makes it so much more rewarding to play, I’d
    welcome that on other tanks

  133. 1. Ping area on the map from where arty took a shot (like AW). This would
    cause them to fight between themselves and take out the pressure from
    “normal players” a little bit. Or at least postpone the game-ruining
    mechanic 🙂
    2. Decrease camo value for arties so there will be never a situation that
    arty will spot you first!
    3. Limit penetration values to absolute minimum, so arty can pen only other
    arties and (perhaps) glass cannons. That’s it. No one-shots! This is sick!
    4. Major fix of dmg/aim/reload. Make it more skill based, not pure RNG.
    5. Perhaps introduce mechanic where arty would incapacitate crew for some
    time instead of killing it. And that would be it main support role instead
    of direct damage class.

    Actual arty mechanic is frustrating for both sides. You get 1-shot by arty
    and it ruins the game. But on the other hand, when you play arty you have 1
    game per 10 like that. Rest is just RNG and team-composition luck.

  134. Agree with the dispersion of player skills – queues would be longer to get
    in battles. One tier MM – again, longer queues not much benefit. 25% RNG –
    mixed on this one because it would promote more sniping/camping. Ammo
    rebalance – YES!!! Premium ammo needs to be nerfed or tripled in cost to
    discourage the players that spam premium shells every shot. Arty needs to
    be fixed. Remove the tier 9 and tier 10 arty, increase dispersions. Agree
    with most of the things that Foch said. Arty and ammo rebalance is feasible
    for WG to do.

  135. Constantin SilverFox

    On arty I’d remove AP & Heat shells. Larger splash radius on the HE premium

  136. Arty from tier III to VIII, not in tier IX or X. Give them scout MM and
    reduce the alpha damage so they can not one-shot tanks even if those tanks
    are in lower tiers. Give them faster reload and aiming time but reduce a
    lot the alpha, make them more fun to play. They are like WT.ausf E100, kill
    an enemy in a few secs and then reload 1 min. WHAT???
    Give arty +3 as max gun depression so they can not shotgun-u-in-the-face

  137. Good point with that trigger time, excelent idea. Another one : for normal
    tanks it takes 5 to 10 seconds till their spotted enemies dissapear after
    breaking sight contact ( unspotting ). I think for arty it should be
    immediately – it means, that after breaking sight contact, or activating
    camo, other tanks will see you for 5 to 10 seconds until you unspot
    yourself, but for arties you will disappear immediately.

  138. Make arty a debuff/support class.

    – Reduce HE damage significantly
    – Make HE penetrations impossible
    – Cap arty at 2 per team down from 5
    – When firing, audio/visual cue should be heard/seen by enemy team so the
    location is given up to alert enemies
    – Increase aiming time of AP/HEAT (i.e. non-HE) ammo significantly, so arty
    can do meaningful damage to campers but not to anyone else

    – Increase speed/traverse to compensate for giving away position when firing
    – Improve accuracy and aiming time
    – Damaging shots TEMPORARILY knock out crew via new mechanic of
    “shellshocks”, for example it deactivates your gunner for 10 seconds or so
    when you are hit. Shellshocked tanks should have something that displays
    this to the enemy team so they can then capitalise on the debuff.
    Shellshock can still be healed with med kits if you really need, but if not
    they will automatically heal after X seconds.
    – Gains XP/credits from assisting team via shellshocking the enemy

    – Reliable way to support team
    – Much more dynamic gameplay with the shoot/reposition system
    – Can still counter campers with high accuracy but LONG aiming time AP/HEAT
    that does full damage (chance of hitting an unaimed AP shell is pretty much
    – Does not completely fuck people at random with full penetration HE that
    either one-shots or kills 3/4 of crew and modules

  139. From those of us with disabilities: Get bent

  140. Mostly agree, and 100% on arty. Suggested something very similar to Jingles
    hoping he would forward it to WG: dramatically reduce arty shell velocity.
    If arty hits with a shot travelling 3 or 4 seconds it was either a real
    camper or a very skilled arty player able to predict the enemy movements.
    Plus you could add ammo choice: high alpha, low velocity vs. low alpha,
    high velocity. Removing the arty shotgun mode sounds great.

  141. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    I would throw away the premium ammo entirely. It would make the game much
    more tactical.

  142. Adding a gamemode without any arty would be perfect. Arty players would be
    sitting there on there own in 15vs15 arty games realising how much people
    hate them :P

  143. Mihailo Pisanjuk


  144. QQ

  145. Console Peasant

    Remove corridor & ridgle line cluster fuck maps.
    Stop burning money on esports.

  146. William Minidis

    So basically making all arty like FV304/Bert but not as fast and without
    the op factor of hitting targets behind buildings, Bert has PAINfully slow
    shell velocity and low damage.

  147. Foch for president!
    Make World of Tanks great again!

  148. Vector Signorelli

    i am happy that i play blitz

  149. Meshari al mazyad

    I think removing Arty’s is a better idea than higher rate of fire. because
    at lower tiers everybody will spam them because of the even higher rate of
    fire. I mean think of the sexton or the annoying fv tier 6 British arty or
    the 105 lefH… whatever it’s name is, those things well break the game
    even if u lower dmg. I mean the lefH has less than 9 seconds reload time.

    So if they remove arty and give refunds to players who have them or provide
    a tree to unlock for the same number of Arty’s removed from the player.
    but talk is talk I know wargaming won’t do shit to fix the game because it
    a cash cow untill another game takes over the market and their gold mines
    deplete. until then they actually might and I repeat “might” “think” of
    fixing the stupid bais game.

  150. I would also suggest to make the top suspension on every tank the default
    one. It is simply annoying to have to grind through the turret, several
    guns AND the suspension. Quite frankly the “in-between” guns could also be
    removed, as they serve no purpose but to make the grind longer and more

  151. I agree With you in every single point! arty is just broken as hell!

  152. nice one foch i wish WG would even take some of the ideas and implemenz
    them into the game

    one question tho:
    what would you do to pref mm tanks when there is only +1 -1 mm in the game?
    make them cheeper or rebalabce them in a way to make them be competetive?

  153. i wouldve said remove the 3rd person auto aim from arty thats a really dumb
    mechanic and its why they can so easilt mess up lights

  154. I would keep the high aim time of arty, but reduce the bloom a lot, so that
    once they aimed they wouldn’t have to spent 6 seconds re-aiming 10 metres
    to the left.

  155. Rowan Liversidge

    i was thinking an arty fuse shell, before you fire you set the fuse on the
    shell (3 seconds or something) and when it hits the ground it will explode
    after 3 seconds the longer the fuse the more splash and damage it does, so
    if you set it to 1s it will not have lots of splash or set it to 5s and it
    will have like 9m splash range and a damage boost. would stop campers and
    give meds and lights chance to move away.

  156. 1. bots – N/A, we don’t have bots on the filthy console peasant version of
    the game
    2. +1/-1 MM – IMO MM is fine. Thought that you’d love the challenge.
    3. RNG – RNG is a terrible mechanic for a game. Taking anything out of the
    player’s control only causes the player frustration. it can fuck off.
    4. Interesting, but I doubt WG would do anything to actually improver the
    5. Arty is wonderful. It generates plenty of salt XD. BTW on the console
    version our arty was never nerfed. 25 second reload on the M53/M55. The
    only arty you see in the higher tiers pretty much. Other arties are fine
    though because they are completely unreliable. I’ve lost rack of how many
    shots that swing wide and cost my team the game because RNG decided I
    shouldn’t save my top tier heavy.

  157. Or remove the SPGs and put an artillery barrage that does 300 damage in
    total at tier 9 and 10, 200 damage at tier 7-8 and 100 damage at tier 5-6.

  158. Instead of a trigger time why not do something like this:Arty has a
    significantly buffed aiming time however before firing the arty must be
    stationary for at least 1 or 2 seconds before they can fire. They can still
    aim during this time however and the aiming loss whilst turning would be
    reduced so they don’t have to wait much longer. This way hitting a moving
    target would be borderline impossible however hitting a stationary target
    would be easier than it is now or roughly the same depending on accuracy
    buffs. And in case you are wondering where this is coming from, many arties
    have things in the back to anchor themselves into the ground to manage the
    recoil of the gun a bit like on the tier 6 AMX arty or the M53/M55.

  159. Cut HE alpha, set a minimum damage for HE, give HE zero penetration.

  160. Spot on. I remember owning arty with light tanks. Now I have to be really
    cautious, they should nerf the arties view range or ability to detect light
    tanks. And jesus yes, +/- 1 tier.

  161. Rolling Thunder

    I would also say general balance is a big issue. I mean WG brings in
    extremly overpowered Tanks in the game then nervs them into the ground
    after a few patches. And also there are so many almost unplayable Tanks or
    very painful Tanks to play in the game while others a re so broken that you
    only have to press W and left Mouse button. So yeah Fun…

  162. My 2 cents:
    1 – Won’t happen, bad players still pay wg money. Also it’s not fair to bad
    players – how will they learn to play better?
    2 – Yes please, no reason not to do. Maybe it gets a bit more boring since
    you face fewer type of tanks. Only Problem I see is balance. Strong tanks
    tier for tier like T29 or IS-3 get even more op, since they will never meet
    tanks they can’t handle easily.
    3 – Rng simulates luck imo, I don’t mind it on damage or penetration. But
    it’s really frustrating on aiming!
    4 – Very good points, that shit should change. More viable choices would be
    5 – Kill it with fire! Damage should be like a normal tank with lower dps
    to compensate for the range and good accuracy to still be fun. Getting
    caught out once by arty shouldn’t be a death sentence. Also love the
    positiv depression idea!

    Oh and a billionaire doesn’t normally have a billion lying around. He owns
    a company which net-worth is estimated high.

  163. Kristijan Majdic

    Go play Barbies,no arty there. S-51 reload is 45+sec,and I never did that
    1,8k damage in one shot. And yes,I love my artyes but Im playing all types
    of tanks in this game. Im not crying whan arty hits me. Dont cry like a
    baby.Just take another tank and play. And at the end,you waste half of the
    time in the video for one thing that should not be changed. All the other
    things are discussable,but arty is not. WG nerfed most of the artyes

  164. 5 is too many, there can be only 1, and that would be FUCKING REMOVE THIS

  165. Dis gon be gud.

  166. Perfect “all what is wrong in a nutshell” why I left this game behind me.

  167. if they put +1 -1 matchmaking then they could fix the massive pen of tier
    6s as an example armour at that tier is pointless they have 160 pen or more
    and the thickest armour is nothing to that of they fix that itd be awesome

  168. Thanks Foch. And now.. Wargaming… PLEASE!

  169. liked the video even before i watched it

  170. I would like the old MAPS to be brought in again! From a couple of months
    it is always the 4 fucking maps with variants we can play on! Some rework
    may have to be done like why the fuck is there so many mountains we
    can’t drive on or lakes? I would like different tactics to be considered
    when attacking / defending, now it is too ”predictible”.

  171. All 5 things AW does better. If you still play WoT you deserve all this

  172. SirFoch our Lord and Saviour

  173. Foch ftw!

  174. Apart from the 46% below special MM, I whole heartedly agree with you on
    the rest…ESPECIALLY THE ARTY changes!

  175. this is exactly why I quit

  176. jeffrey schreuder

    #1 bots dont like the solution do think it should be stopped
    #2 +1/-1 matchmaking sure
    #3 just increase the chance to hit the center again should do fine
    #4 no problems with ammo except for maybe a limit on gold ammo(certain
    ammount of gold shells depending on how many shells you can load)
    #5 hell yes!

  177. Yea, they should give arty shell travel time a lot longer, like fv304…
    then it would really take skill to hit moving targets

  178. Nowhere near as salty as I was expecting. Good display of self-control

  179. Arty does have its place and I agree with Foch on what he said, I would
    also limit arty to just 1 per team, how many times there has been 3/5 per
    side which leads to no one moving for minutes.

  180. 3 things to change about ” arty”
    1) give whatever penalty to arty players
    2) after repeated ofenses bann them for 1..2..5 days
    3) wipe theyr acc if they continue playing arty 🙂 ….

  181. I was an arty player aswell. Nowadays I play my three tier 10 arties less,
    because WG nerfed the accuracy aswell on arties so they are really useless
    now. Sure, Foch rages when he gets oneshotted and I do too, but if u see it
    from the arty player perspective you may notice that even the Object 261,
    former known as most accurate artillery in the game, is now as rng
    dependant as the Conqueror GC (!) So WG even made it to make artillery SO
    broken, that it isn’t fun anymore. Neither for the receiver nor for the
    player. Even after 8.6 you could reliably do some hits with some arties (BC
    155 58, Obj.261), but like I said WG ruined the arty completely with the
    accuracy nerf plus the wider shot spread which they applied also for the
    already most inaccurate vehicle class in the game -.- Also, I see that Foch
    doesn’t play arty very often. The oneshots from the front or the occasions
    where you hit light tanks at full speed are so rare. So much RNG involved
    you can be the best player in the world and miss a still standing maus
    So: I absolutely agree, changes have to be made with artillery. You know
    something is broken, when both parties complain about it.
    Btw: Arty is the most unrewarding class nowadays in the game. You get
    flamed, no matter what you do, some teams just let you die no matter how
    much you try to relocate, you get reported by ignorant assholes just for
    joining the battle with artillery. So the occasional game carry or the rare
    oneshot does feel very good. I get sick when I hear people talking about
    only “bad sadistic humans” play artillery, what a joke.

  182. an0ther@World of Tanks

    That’s a lot of beaujolais non-Nouveau there :)

  183. I hope Wargaming sees this video. They also fucked up on Assault and
    Encounter. They created 4 different MM Queues. 4!!! 1 for
    Assault,Encounter,Standard. 1 for Standard, Encounter. 1 for Standard,
    Assault. 1 for just Standard. This is the dumbest thing they could have
    done. Players from two different queues can’t get in the same standard
    battle. It’s also why QB and Foch never end up in a battle together :p

  184. Foch for President!!!!!!!!!

  185. I could run a fish and chip shop with the amount of salt in this video
    But all things considered, Foch makes some good points in this video that i
    agree with.

  186. Couldn’t agree more. Especially with the arty part and putting ultra shitty
    players in their own games.

  187. Foch, Our Hero!

  188. life is full of choices let arty be yours

  189. #1 remove arty from the game

  190. cyka blyat

  191. first

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