Foch Rant! Object 268 v4

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System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Kylo Ren's Rage

    I’ve always felt like WG CS is a farce and when you point out their mistakes they jus shut the ticket down lol.. Also feels like however lost their job at EA and the likes have jus come here to screw us over…

  2. I totally agre Foch and Im sure you have many subscribers that do too.Seams like evrt=y game I see this tank in, the team just rush along besides this thing and they over power that side and win by a hugh margin. And its so hard to stop it with its armor, sped and mobility, It just rolls the enemy team over.

  3. I have over 27k games. I went from playing 500 matchs a week two years ago to less than a hundred a week by the end of 2017. I played alittle after graphics patch, but load in issues made me rage alittle. But worked past it, but just hated the changes to 268v4 line. The su101 now clubs at tier8, the 263 clubs all and the 268v4 only fears e3,e4 and jpe100…at range alteast.

    Su101 is now 200mm+ effective all over the front of tank. 263 had its mantle buffed to a flat 250 and the side gaps between it and hull filled… because reasons. An the 268v4 is practically immune to all but tier 10 tds prem rounds and can out heavy the heavies and out run alot of mediums… like really wg.

    Its no wonder I play less than 10 games a week now. I get the itch to play, but soon remember its just not worth the time. I’m not even a bad player. Can look me up, I’m Altansar on NA.

  4. Su101 is also op

  5. I agree 100%…. Having played WoT pretty much since the beginning, I ground through every line to get all the T10’s, then about the same time they introduced the T10 lights, I just fell out of love with the game… Played no more than 30 games since then and get the same frustrations that made me stop after a few games and stop again. My frustrations… OP new tanks with armour that forces you down premium ammo… MOSTLY Russian tanks as well, with the 268 V4 top of the pile…
    It’s a real shame as this is at its basics a great game….

  6. Couldnt agree more with you, havnt played tier X in about two months(?) now cuz its such cancer.. Keep up the work, cheers Foch

  7. u call that a rant, i call it a fart

  8. i like to play the jpe100 against that thing, when i see one it gets a heat shell to the face.

  9. I have quit this game not so long ago, BObject was the main reason…

  10. Stopped playing Tier X because of the BOBject. Stopped playing Tier 8 Because of the matchmaking. Tier 6, 7 and 9 are still playable.

  11. Even a lobotomized shrimp kept alive with electrical impulses from a wire can play this idiotproof tank. But of course it is working as expexted, much testing blyat no russian bias.
    Now better release more premium tanks instead of fixing game.

  12. The sad thing is, no matter what we do, they’re not nerfing it. The forum has like 40 pages of complaints, then the WG staff reply “We are reading all the feedback and will adjust the vehicle if necessary”. Then the people just start roasting them.

  13. Mustrum Ridcully

    Like many who have stopped playing, I am pretty much in that group too. It isnt balanced, reasonable or fair any more. It’s been broken for too long and until they put the game over their pockets we wont see improvements. However – Foch is the legend that is always worth watching. I have a premium account with 60 vehicles sitting there including 30 gold ones. But I just have no interest in playing any more because of the sheer stupidity of the system. No more money from me.

  14. Mads Fogh-Ravenberg

    My team: one Obj 268 v4
    Enemy team: 3 Obj 268 v4
    2 min into the battle and we lost.
    OP i Think so

  15. Fuking spot on man..I fking hate WG op Russian tanks cheering cunts hidden softstats all in their favour…I even believe they alter the servers say if you in USA or UK so server recticl is way out Russia just cheat that’s what they fking do probely the KGB are making them atler the game just to make the motherland look better…Fk you WG arrrrrr that feels for another game…

  16. love how mine has a 0% in 5 games cause 14 other may as well spin in circles the entire match.. This video just shows every team I get.. The one that is getting raped. Every damn match.. This is what happens.. No matter what. SO I quit again for another 6 months.

  17. Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
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    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Remember, Russian Bias does not exist.
    Said every Object 268 v4 player, ever.

  18. Also why dose the Russian line have more tanks than all other lines tier 9and 10 more bulshit

  19. I must say i still hate the type5 more

  20. Really really saddens me. I remember playing WOT in the golden days. Been gone for a long time. Now my 50+ tanks I own are just complete cannon fodder and not anywhere near what they used to be. It’s just so sad.

  21. Russian Bias Blyat

  22. Wargaming told me in minsk that they thought this tank would be underpowered when they added it.

    I get the impression that either their testers are 45%ers who tried to snipe in this tank or they’re lying.

    Bet it’s a bit of both.

    • LemmingRush They know exactly what they are introducing into the game. Let’s get real. They have a separate balance department. Like a lot of people in it, with a manager, meetings, reports and so on. They know exactly what they are doing

  23. i already left this game fall of last year. Did not regret leaving, i dnt see tomatoes bumping in my ass and certainly not dealing with a company that doesnt listen to its playerbase.

  24. Warm regards from one of those who left the game.
    Feels great, feels like shit.
    Why? Because I was winning in the game, I was losing in the game, but when I came to realize that WE ALL LOST THE GAME, it was time for me to say Good Fuckin Bye.

  25. The wt e100 was cancer too. I feel you forget that, I’m not suggesting the basic direction of your argument is wrong. Just that they have a history of fudging t10 yes and making them overwhelming. They will need this once enough gold has been spent on the line. Sadly it will be something like terrain resistance which won’t address the problem. Perhaps they will replace it with a garbage verhicle like they have so many times in the past. I thought the 257 or whatever the angled Soviet heavy is was going to be the worst…

  26. can they stop adding overpowered russian tanks? this obj. 268 v4 is a f****** joke, and those clan rewards tanks can they keep in clan battles!! not be able to use em in random games or other modes either.

  27. I guess I’m a terrible player then? I unlocked this thing last night and my first game was 3, 5, 7 I drove forward on glacier got clicked by arty, then enemies came from the shadows like cockroaches, a Lowë double tracked me, then all the tier 8’s got up behind me, tracked me again as I used my repair kit, couldn’t reverse and everyone on my team had run away and left me to die. I lived all of 5 mins.

  28. What are you talking about this is the most balanced tank in the game that’s why I have merely 72% winrate with 300 battles in my bobject

  29. and You forgot about province map that is broken more than obj. It is even worse because it was implemented in the game once already and they had a lot of time to improve that … and surprise !!! its unbalanced AF!!!

  30. Your not talking out of your ass you are saying what is true and WG fucking hate the truth. They are to lazy and to arrogant to listen to the player base and it will bite them all in the ass eventually. VK wont care hes made his billions already. They are a bag of dicks no question about it.

  31. Foch always speaks the truth without careing about the consequences. Thank you and that is why I still watch your videos and stream even though I stopped playing. I was so pissed of with the latest changes, so I quit after 5 years. And I feel no urge to return.

  32. Stanislav Coros

    This is true. I noticed this shit obj268v4 has waaaay too much speed for armor it have, whith no weakspot almost or incredible small. Stupid imbecils i told that. Slow turning is not so showstopper for this tank at all. Again and again u create demented tanks, and after u lost players, u will create a video: we took it too far with obj268v4 we will nerf. But this is so naive and even if u will do it, it will not fix your reputation. Becouse u will do it again, i bet.

  33. TheResistancess

    I stopped playing this shit game a while ago, console devs are just as retarded and also don’t anything about balance.

  34. im not playing for 2 months cuz tier 8 premiums are ruining team battles

  35. I’m grinding to it but it’ll be nerfed by the time I get it.

  36. Game is also on fast decline on consoles, even free tier 8 give away event is not getting players back… let’s hope the 357 crap don’t get to consoles…

  37. Everyone worries about their ‘win rate’ — which is dumb when you think about it. Because it’s rigged with matchmaking algorithms. You have mods in the game. You’ll be playing absolute shit tanks to get to a good one. No matter how good you think you are, you’ll get into matches with tanks like this one here. You can buy skill. In fact, that’s the whole object of this game.

  38. Andrei-Alexandru Marinescu

    probably the newPlayers are playing/paying enough money to cover the loses of oldPlayers that are not paying “enough” money; considering that an 50Euros premium tank is more money than an very very good game like ARMA 3 (discount at 45-60days will go for..30-40Euros) and many more very good games on STEAM !!! its all about money so as long WG is making money…. the BS will continue 🙂 when statistics will go wrong for WG at MONEY then will be a change, big change in the way of treatment of the comunityPlayers and after that WG will do the same 5H1T because most of the players/people are STUPID and will forget; i will never forget the way WG treat FOCH some time ago 🙁 !!! …and me and others when WG DIDNT rollBack accounts and take gold bought with REALmoney at that BS problem on EU servers which WG created!!!)

  39. Yes, I thouroughly enjoy ending up in tier 10 game after tier 10 game whenever I drive a tier 8 tank, and it’s especially fun when I have to face this ridiculously OP object, or something equally retarded like the Type 5 Heavy or the Swedish Mr Invisible which hits and pens every single fucking shot. Add to that the fact that armor has become pretty much useless (just press “2”) in what’s supposed to be an ARMORED vehicle game, RNG screws you over again and again, mapclickers are even more of a cancer than before, and the XVM cheat (yes, CHEAT) allows a team to focus down the statistically best players first, and it’s pretty easy to see why I stopped giving the incompetent muppets of WG my money a long time ago.

    If only other people would stop financing them as well, then maybe people at WG would finally grow a brain cell or two and fix these issues, some of which have been there for YEARS now. But I fear this will not happen, so I’m always on the lookout for other games that will satisfy me without endlessly frustrating me at the same time.

    Honestly, I don’t know whether or not to feel sorry for WG’s art department. The maps look gorgeous, the tanks look stunning. They put a lot of hard work in making a true piece of art, and then the game balancing department takes a bucket of horse manure and rubs that all over it. It’s like spending months of painstaking manual labor to build a one-of-a-kind specatcular sportscar, and then watch how your boss sells it for 10 dollars to the first flea-riddeled hobo so he can crash it into a tree. satisfaction guaranteed.

    So yeah, on the one hand I feel sorry for their art department, but on the other hand it seems unlikely that they’re not aware of what’s happening with the game. I guess the money must be good then, because you sure as hell won’t work there because it makes you proud.

  40. Has anyone calculated how much this thing should actually weigh with all this armour it’s carrying and how fast it would actually go? I’m guessing those two things don’t quite match up…

  41. Metaliationgame

    Why dont you just start playing war thunder? Better graphics as WOT and for the ones who haven’t noticed yet, since when does a tank lose HP? If you shoot the cannon barrel or breach your tank is mostly unable to fire back. If you take out it’s gunner the tank can’t fire back. Kill the driver? No movement for you son!

    Need to say more? Give it a try.

  42. You know a tank is OP when QB releases a video about it being too powerful

  43. I don,t play much now!I got up to tier 8 and got pissed of trying to fight 9+10 ,firing gold at point blank and bouncing !when you do penetrate ,minimal damage .When I play now ,I either pay my t34-85 which is 97% tier 8 games or tier 2 which is far more fun than being one shot fodder

  44. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    who actually gets outplayed by the 268 4? its DPM is shit.. easy cupola on top just shoot heat at it. we had to suffer through the E5 cupola cancer for like 2 years. so i mean. its really no different. some of us did not pick the 268 4. i had the 263 back when it was still tier 10. it was my only tier 10. now all i have is the 268 4 i cant be faulted for playing my only tier 10 its a good tank. it pushes well. but is easily out flanked. just flank it. thats what meds are for.

  45. I do think that Wargaming developers or testers are bunch of red players or maybe even bots. I would start complaining from the removal of Waffletraktor but let’s forget that for now. It’s not only this new Tomato-friendly TD is too overpowered, the fact that tier 8s can meet this is a complete dog poop. e.g. I am trying to grind a Maus, I’m at VK100.01p, and whenever I face this, or the stupid walking castle Type5, I literally search their hull and/or turret to find a spot to shoot with my 220 Penetration. Even with premium ammo, It’s so hard to hit their weakspot if there is any. I mean, if you are willing to play this poopy game, know that you will spend a lot of money, and you also need patience of a monk.

  46. 37 mouth-breathers want to keep playing their OP 268v4

  47. Drexter Charles

    I stop playing the pc version a long time now i only play wot blitz now its way more balanced that the pc version

  48. thats why i dont play this trash game 😀 , they shit on the players head but not on mine 😛

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