FOCH YOU | AMX-50 Foch Beast French Tank Destroyer (War Thunder 1.75 Gameplay)

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FOCH YOU | AMX-50 Foch Beast French Destroyer ( Thunder 1.75 Gameplay)


  1. French are awesome tanks like almost invincible

  2. Phonetic. Foe csh. It’s easy bro-chacho

  3. want elc amx

  4. Raphael I Forgot The Rest

    Foch is pronounced as Fosh

  5. Jesus Phly you just seriously cut that guy off, i hope you dont drive IRL.

  6. I feel sorry for the falcon that almost got hit by the atgm. F*cking MBT/KPZ-70 used em as a shield

  7. I like how you acknowledged it was rude to kill that AMC.34 and still did it anyways! xD Had me rolling!

  8. Lakshmi Narayanan Srinivasan

    Wants to say “fuck”
    Might get de monetized due to the YT faggot moderators
    Says some sissy shit like “fosh”
    Hide the pain Harold T_T

  9. It was like super cool when the missile when below that tank

  10. Would you believe Gaijin banned me off their facebook page for pointing out broken ass mechanics in the game and daring to ask when they would address them rather than adding new shiny tanks to sell off

  11. it’s fok

  12. I’m so glad people quit making fun of the French tanks ever since they have been added.
    I mean at least now people know not to underestimate the French.

  13. Phly you haven’t played the Gulag ticket delivery plane The PE-8 for 1 year Take it out again Or you will not go to gulag,hurry!! There’s a Communist party going on there

  14. The 1st Foch died by Arty and not missile, look at the indicator

  15. I like when tanks have rotating MG turret(s) of higher caliber.

  16. Challenge:
    Find the tank with the highest penetrating HE shell in the game and try to get an ace.

  17. What happens when you meet a zsu while he is looking at your side?

  18. Cacahuète Pistache

    It has to be pronounced : “foshhh” not “fotch” ? french baguette signing out !

  19. Overpenetration imminent

  20. Also it is spelled fosh

  21. its pronounced Fochhh like a german CH

  22. thats just rude. phly, youre french, youre supposed to be rude!

  23. Its pronounced Foch, Not Foch

  24. Pz ivG plz

  25. Hey, how can you get access to dev server?

  26. tak už vím kdo mě zabil

  27. Its pronounced foshizle


  29. Phly!! They updated bomber crew and added a DLC called “Secret Weapons”!!

  30. That Falcon had your little insignia on his turret and you didn’t even notice! 9:20

  31. As a real français, it’s pronounced

    Tiger I

  32. I want ww1 tanks on war thunder can someone Support me

  33. the easiest way (for me) to deal with those is by shooting the tracks then maneuvering to the back or the rear sides other than that this tank is hard to fight head to head

  34. In the hungarian language the Foshh it sounds like fos. Fos=watered shit

  35. fabi meinlebenundich

    This tank looks a bit like a copy of the jagdpanther, but I understand that, ’cause the jagdpanther is a machine!

  36. “fosh”

  37. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo du schöner
    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee sterwald!

  38. OG Beerus ハカイ

    Its Pronounced “Foush” “Fush”, *because French*

  39. i have this tank in wot and blitz

  40. PhlyDaily is pay to win look at 3:17 up left it’s custom battles

  41. Everyone being concerned with the armour, meanwhile it’s a oneshot in the rangefinder with any round that has filler *cough Russia*. smh

  42. I’m still waiting for the Reggiane line in the Italian Tech Tree….

  43. مدين البدران

    Foch youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Play the OP tank the KV 1 old and easy to play!
    I don’t know if he’s OP I don’t think so but i always win and do a lot of kill

  45. Hey Phly, it’s a bit of an odd question but do you know anything about the Li-2? I think it was a license built DC-3 in the ussr but was used as a bomber and had mg’s put into it.

  46. Fucking frenchs, they aint do shit during ww2 and they got there own tech tree ?

  47. why do all tank look like penises?

  48. Can someone please how can i play on test servers? Thanks!

  49. Ten milion of fireflies

    why in war thunder there isnt any polish tanks or planes?

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