FochRant: Boosting!

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  1. 1:30 uncommon boost on el halluf when the map is steppes

  2. WG retarded idiots…not surprised…I`m just watching Foch, fuck this game

  3. 4:02 onwards
    the reason why foch salt is healthy and good to your brain

  4. Lol Foch rants are best rants.

  5. i thought he was going to talk about people paying unicums to boost their wn8 lol

  6. Cigans No Sabilles

    Nahuj tu hate….Paraudi vēl

  7. Considering pretty much every new or changed map makes HTs more powerful and lights less relevant I actually disagree that boosting needs to go, WG needs to address far more important balancing issues first.

  8. Cigans No Sabilles

    Haters gonna hate hate hate….

  9. Cigans No Sabilles

    Kaut mēs satiktos vienā no šajām mapēm, prosta izvarotu.

  10. Then WarJoking decided to add a bunch of fast TDs that can climb all of these that have guns flat with the top of them, autobounce angles and the best cammo in the game because go fuck yourself.

  11. Family Planning

    They should just make the boosts have proper paths to drive up them so all tanks can get up there and kill the campers.

  12. Why u heff to be mad? HATERS GONNA HATE

  13. It just should not be possible, but the maps need to be remade, all of them…

  14. InspectorBananas

    Foch, couldnt agree more. I think you left out another reason boosts are stupid though – they are often one sided. Both spawns on a lot of maps dont have the same availability of climbs and one spawn gets a very clear advantage. Sacred valley and steppes are two great examples of that.

  15. Maybe u r just a stupid idiot who has no experience in competitive play bcz u only play randoms and base your opinions on that. For every boost there is a way to counter it. Sure, some maps r broken and they should not be the way they are but taking boosts down in total would be just dumb. Besides, if they r all so easy, why didnt u show the ones it actually takes time to learn? (ie mines, mountain pass, lakeville etc)

  16. the biggest argument against boosting is that most of the older maps weren’t designed with boosting in mind because the old physics engine made it impossible to reach most of them in the first place

    not to mention some boosting areas like in mines were already fixed. so its not like wargaming is completely negligent. theyre probably working on complete reworks of maps but like foch said its probably a long way away, or it could be 9.20 or something, who knows wargaming at this point.

  17. always found arty could get these little sods that climb but not so much now because they have been nerfed to uselessness, we will just have to wait for wargaming to fix maps

  18. Evgenios Kleanthous

    Rant about ranked battles and the gap that the impoved equipment will make between bad medium and good players.

  19. I quit playing yesterday because of this issue. A unicum “boosted” to the same spot you did on Sacred Valley and did over 8k damage easily in his tier 10 Swedish TD. WTF? It was a close game until he pulled off the last three kills to win it because no one could hurt him. JUST PUT UP INVISIBLE BARRIERS TO THESE OFF MAP AREAS!

  20. holy crap that 1st spot i couldnt figure out where an strv 103b was shooting me from now it makes sense. that td stopped our entire flank because of its rof…

  21. TheBlackStoneRanger

    well butthurt stat padders in the comments already

  22. play around with your mic setings it sounds like you are in a thin canp

  23. Foch, we r still waiting for your the summer car episode

  24. yes, broken feature indeed…

  25. Yea Fuck it all, wargaming should make more corridors on maps and place invisible walls everywhere like in good old days!
    Better still, how about removing all the maps and make a simple new one, like a massive valley so you could go only forward or back, no rocks no bushes or other shit, perfect balance, heavy tank driver wet dream.

    One stupid light tank boosts himself in a one game of a hundred and cant do shit still – yea that the real problem.
    If somebody shoots you from a boost how about you simply driving away?
    What would be the point in driving a light tank if better mobility does not provide you any advantage over any other class?

  26. I think these out of bounds areas should have a delay painfield. If you spend more than 1,5-2 minutes there (so if it takes you 30s to get there you’ll get to use it for 30s-1m) you’ll start losing HP at the rate of 10%/10s

  27. inb4 #BoostBetter

  28. It pisses me off so much when people like Jingles or Quickybaby upload videos where a player goes 1v9 or something retarded in these stupid positions after waiting for their entire team to die because I know for the next 48 hours every retard in a light, medium or td will be licking their monitor in one of these positions ruining the match for the other 29 players

  29. but the mountain goat does it :'(

  30. Am I the only one waiting for Xan to comment on this?

  31. WG should just make these areas on the map a “return to battlefield” zone, like in CoD or Battlefield, where you get a countdown and then you just die if you don’t return to the battlefield in time. It’s the easiest thing ever, and if they would set the countdown to for example 3 seconds, then the problem would solve itself, as it would become impossible to abuse these positions effectively. I mean, you shouldn’t be there in the first place and you don’t just randomly go there by accident either, so it should be fine to just have the countdown as low as possible.

  32. Double Double 4G

    Let the eediots boost, then watch them cry all day everyday when WG finally pulls their thumbs out of their a$$es and removes these positions and they don’t know how to play the map properly ;P

  33. Probably french artys wet dream to take a shit up in the mountains.

  34. Geometry Dash Warrek

    You can see this shit more often nowadays, it is annoying.

  35. “You have full cover'”
    That’s why there is arty in this game. O right, I forgot, you hate arty because it’s CryBrokenCryMechanicCry.
    Sad, Foch…just sad..

  36. Foch, I respect you as a really good and instructive player, but climbing is part of the game. Period. Pro’s are using it and it is here to stay. At least for the near future before those complete reworks of the maps.

  37. Guido Van Der Velden

    you are so funny…. 95% of the usefull positions u can go by climbing are counterable.. just learn the game and those climbs won’t be that OP…. and lights are just too good climbers atm, that’s why u can climb….

  38. The one that’s really annoying the hell out of me is the C7 area on Fjords, excellent camo & hulldown positions, only counter is to rush the water area from Eastern base and hope they’re dumb enough to get spotted, and then usually some idiot yolos you and you lose half your hp.

  39. ralph isyoutubing

    i love it when circon and foch see someone that got into a weird and high spot and say “oh i watched this youtube video on how to get up here hehe”

  40. why is climbing a hill called boosting? are the jews responsible for this?

  41. It would probably take a whole day for someone to manually change a few thousand polygons on those maps. Shows how much of a fuck they give about these things.

  42. Ladies and Arty Shitters – Gilbert Gottfried is back with more commentary

  43. Foch in Polish means sulk or having a hissy fit. Coincidence? I don’t think so! 😉

  44. while I see boosting having a place, some of them do need to be reworked because there are minimal risks with them.
    certain maps (like mines and mountain pass) need them for high mobility tanks to stay relevant. and there actually are risks involved with those as you need to time when you poke properly to avoid being wrecked.

  45. just add a few random bombers flying overhead that drop HE on any tank that goes off piste. Would be fun to see.

  46. Everyone must only play the tanks Foch wants you to play, and everyone must play ONLY the way Foch wants you to play…otherwise he will Gilbert Gottfried autistic screech in your ears even more

  47. But if they fixed it, they may have to remove some corridors, provide useful areas to play in. So much work.

  48. i dont see boosting a lot, its very rare. i only see it when im in arty(coincidence, i think not) and i just love wrecking em. had a game 3 days back, on sacred valley. enemies had 4 tanks boosting, a t54ltwt, a grille15, wt auf pz4, and batchat. we won all flanks and our team couldnt reach em. luckily i was in bc155 55(tier9 arty french) and wrecked em to hell. my team was full of a lot of cancer haters, but they were loving it, typing “Boosters deserve the worst death, cancer!”. totally loved it, did 4.1k dmg in 9.18 nerfed french arty!(cos i do 200-300 dmg per hit now, unlike in 9.17 when it was 300-400dmg). it was fun

  49. Landoforpresident

    i’m actually annoyed that you can’t boost arty Kappa

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