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  1. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Kinda wanna see you play the italian p40

  3. I like bullying leopards in my T34

  4. I’ve been taking out the Type 62 today, and it feels like an even lower tiered MBT. It’s literally a mini and shittier T-54 at 6.7. 85mm gun with HEATFS, decent speed and maneuverability for a light tank, and the only real downside is the paper armor and the turret traverse.

  5. TwoFaceHeavy lol

    “Ridiciouless battlerating” Meanwhile tiger 2hs fighting object 120 for years, and ww2 planes fighting cold war jets with AA missiles

  6. “Patient is key. Whoever’s not patient dies. Or.. whoever’s too patient dies as well” -Phly

  7. Sneak increased lvl 99 lmfaoo

  8. Day 285: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  9. @1:30 all German shit gets nerfed caused this RUSSIAN company had to use them as the STANDARD!

  10. Hey phly, there is a 400mm heatfs at 4.7, yes! 4.7! sweaden have it, the Ikv 103, havn’t seen a video of it yet,
    Huge phan, hope to see that video…

  11. playing dirty pool

  12. Cant believe a leopard 1 is killing hell cats now

  13. When will Phly play Centurions again?

  14. Life & Times of JCM

    god i love the comedy you put into your videos! keep it up!

  15. Hello Phly i am a small content creator and i just started making war thunder content. I was wondering what is the minimum of how to get partnered. btw love the vids been watching for like 2 years now.

  16. Barbarie Alexandru

    Ww2 tanks should never have to face heatfs and need to be separated from post war tanks.

  17. Day 306: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  18. Leopard 1 has a reputation as a glass cannon, but it actually has (roughly) the same armor as the Panther, and can work when angled (just dont get carried away, 6.0 armor in 7.0+ is not exactly god mode)

  19. That shhhh stuff made me wish I was deaf. Ugh lol. Still love you though Phly.

  20. Not many people play sherman jumbo anymore, it’s my go to tank

  21. Play the xa 38

  22. Phly can you please take out the I-16 TYPE 10 for a phlight. Been requesting since Sept 2018. Thank you

  23. Day 290: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  24. Seen the flag on that one tank. Glory to Ukraine!!!!!

  25. Wait till you try the British tanks… For years they’ve been like this

  26. Leopard 1: gets BR buff because people abused it
    Hellcat: gets BR nerf because people abuse it

  27. try hesh rounds only on the leo one just melts people like nuclear war heads

  28. I still don’t understand why people use Heat fs on the leo when the APDS is more than enought

  29. I think the 7.3 Leo 1 should be 7.7 and lowered in repair costs from 7200 sil to 5-6k. It shouldn’t be fighting 6.3, ever, and already faces laser rangefinders and stabilized tanks that can 1-shot it at 7.3 so bumping it up won’t change much. The 8.7 Leo A1A1 should be 8.3 given it is such a marginal upgrade. Slightly better armour with a stabilizer+NVD shouldn’t warrant 1 whole BR higher, especially without a laser rangefinder or thermals. The TAM and Bagleit are way better at 8.7 so the A1A1 at 8.7 makes zero sense besides its decent repair cost.

  30. Jakub Olaf Strumiłło - Photgraphy & 4x4's

    If tanks are PoKeMoNs Leopard would be evolution of Hellcat

  31. Thank you so much you made my entire childhood from 2012 to 2019 and now i was watching your videos thanks man.

  32. 8:14 SO TRUE

  33. Чарли неизвестный


  34. That one sussy as leopard tho

  35. This tonk is so good,it has a stabilizer without a stabilizer

  36. hey! i’d love to have your views on the F.222, it’s a 1.3 french bomber, that is the heaviest bomber in the entire game (52x50kg bombs) with the con of it being really heavy, lowest turn rate and easy to stall (also no armor)

  37. 100% aimbot CHEATER here: – NGA – JuMu in replay 100% clear visible

  38. Hello Phly, I’ve been playing war thunder for some time now and since then, watching your videos, I think it would be great for you to cover the Vickers Mk.3 in a video, It’s been added at a recent update and it’s a very nice tank overall, 8.0, full stab, laser rangefinder and heatfs, a different type of tank for the british but a very appreciated one that would make a good video! (Day 1).

  39. phly do a t72 av turms t review
    you don’t have one

  40. I would tell you what the real hero of the 7.3 time traveling tanks is…but then it will get up tier’d I mean send it to the future

  41. btw why ur leopard shoot bullet near midle croshair.
    meanwhile i feel like my crosshair and bullet ar diffrent thing.
    my bullet always hit to the left of crosshair.

  42. 2:40
    Guy on low*: what a SHINY TANK!

  43. Snowballgaming_YT

    Try out some Canadian varient tanks

  44. That intro to man, I was howling

  45. Play the brigan b 1 for Britain

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