FOOTAGE OF T-34 Killing All Enemies Almost TWICE (War Thunder)

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OF T-34 Killing All Enemies Almost TWICE (War Thunder)

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No Money Intro (00:00)
PHirst Game(00:06)
PHecond Game (03:26)
PHird Game (07:55)
Spooky (17:39)
PHird Game (19:04)
End Of Phun (20:59)


  1. 0:35
    *looks at the second flag

    *. . . I think not

  2. I wonder if phly ever gets burnout from playing war thunder

  3. I have only seen 1 other person get 18 kills in a game I got 2 I was 3rd place

  4. Play the 105 Sherman but you have to alternate round types

  5. Me: sees the name “t34 1942” instead of t-34
    Also me: “capitalist communism” *wheeze*

  6. Karpaty Slovakia

  7. Is it me or has Volumetric made some russian tanks tough as all hell
    The KV1 for instance

    It was already tough

    Playing italy i have to go only for side shots against russia as it is so unpredictable

  8. “if you’re having a troubling time In War Thunder. Just play Russian 4.0.”
    Me who just got to 5.0 _-_

  9. Can you play whatever you think the best German tank is

  10. Volumetric shells were a mistake.

  11. My rear looks good as well Phly.
    Just saying,

  12. When I play t34s Stallinium armor fails me so I get 1shot all the time and I cannot pen anything unless I get lucky in a flank so that the enemy exposes their side…. But I have to get lucky for that….
    When I play against Russia I cannot pen them at all…..

    • You haven’t been sacrificing enough political dissidents tovarisch, arrest and imprison a bit more than a thousand at once, then send them all to hell via firing squad all at once, that should earn you Stalin’s favor for quite a bit 😁
      Oh, and make sure they are all innocent of any crime whatsoever against the state, that’s crucial 👍

  13. “I just don’t like Finland” sad perkele 🙁

  14. can i have some advice please i need to win some realistic and tell me how to dive and hit the target as a stuka

  15. Whenever I see a trapdoor spider with no door, I pee down it.

  16. T-34 is good, but all I seen was the Chaffee…

  17. Russian tanks arent bias…
    They’re just better than every other nations tanks.

  18. Phly got kind of angrier recently, ripping enemy team like it’s nothing

  19. Phly, look up Semyon Konovalov; his KV-1 tank crew destroyed 16 German tanks, two armored vehicles, and 8 trucks in a combat action.

    Perhaps this can be a Custom Sim Battle opportunity for you against some other Youtubers/community? (Sim would seem to even the odds more than Realistic via limiting view like in an actual tank and making it like the historical battle situation) You (or whoever is the KV-1) have a few minutes to position wherever you want on one of the large forested maps, and then 16 others begin a search.

    Attempt #6

    The movie ‘Tankers’ and your KV-1S video are the source of this idea.

  20. T-34 is just OP change my mind

  21. UnicornStalkR Gaming

    I’d let this guy show me how to play for a dollar.

  22. Try to play this on the PS4 console and see how it goes.

  23. Phly: Is playing something Russian
    Also Phly: “I just don’t like Finland that much”
    Coincidence? I think not.

  24. I said it the t-34 needs to be a little bit nerfed

  25. world peace thunder

  26. *THICC 34*

  27. This video has some of the best tank gameplay I’ve seen from Phly in a while

  28. Ok so I’m still new to warthunder. I dont have any tanks over 2.3 do you have to buy the ammo for higher tiered tanks??

  29. *sees TWICE in the title*


  30. This is what you call an low budget film

  31. Phly!!! I’ve been using the T-34-85 with the BR-365A rounds, and oh my God! Do I love this tank! So much fun!!!

  32. HAH haha best inrtro

  33. GuyThatLikesBigBooms blah

    Barmy bros, unite #6. Play the stock M1 Abrams with heat because why not.

  34. Your so pro😁😁

  35. Me watching Youtuber play WT:This is so easy
    Me playing the game:Why the blin did I had to go into Realistic battles

  36. One comment: this tank is illegal…

    So I use it in matches

  37. Phly sending traitors of the motherland to the gulag for joining the other side

  38. Please play the tiger 2 p

  39. Just like Iraq

  40. Phly: Carpathians, a map that i enjoy
    Poles, Ukranians, Romanians, Serbs (Czechs and Slovaks maybe): *happyness noises*

  41. phly you forgot you are using a better round! the one with 92mm of pen!

  42. Attempt# 175: can you phly the xp50

  43. “My rear looks good.” It’s low brow but I’m partially surprised that wasn’t a ioke.

  44. Only 18 fly you need to put those number up it’s the t34 20 minimum

  45. And still there are people not aware of stalin-bias in this game =D …or worse: deniers.
    Knowing about T-34 technical problems, terrible quality and its overall inability to make use of the crew inside it, I say that none of it is implemented into this game. I read some stuff about it, spoke to people that were actually crew members of post war T-34’s and this tank was a disaster. Its only advantage was that it was produced faster than getting destroyed.

  46. Got 10 kills yesterday on Carpathians on my first spawn in the T34 1941 in an excellent spot at the castle. It is such a broken map though. If you dominate the castle, the team in the southern spawn is screwed.

  47. Hey Phly mind if we played some games with the Russian bias

  48. Phootage Of t-34 Killing All Enemies Almost TWICE

  49. French have the m4a3 105, so if you play this tank with the french you can be with the german team 🙂

  50. nice movie 😀

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