Football in World of Tanks! (2018)

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Source: QuickyBaby

To celebrate the 2018 World Cup is back in World Tanks – here's all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. And t62 can splash ball, “unicum”

  2. RaLLyfan7322 -_-

    :O thats cool

    Thanks for notice this:)

    The old football only t62 a


  4. I have stopped playing WoT for the duration. Cant stand the interface style, ill look back into the game when WC is over and things go back to normal.


    Buffon is a legend

  6. Can we play this with italian and dutch tanks?

    I think e100 will win the tournament. 😉

  7. Trackball*

  8. 1.0.2 wot mod?

  9. Who will win World Cup?

  10. Oh quikie you buffoon. ;-p

  11. I dont like it. It’s like a poor version of Rocket League.

  12. Xvm mode pls

  13. I can see you use your modpack QB. We don’t get one? 🙁

  14. Were is Quickybaby his xvm guys?????????

  15. Marijn Van Der Lugt

    I am a free-to-play player and I got 1 milion credits in 2 days! Just play with friends and you get it much easier

  16. QB u bafoon 😀

  17. Is Eli Manning or Tom Brady in this football mode?

  18. I can’t believe you actually made a serious video about this.

  19. Ty QB, i did not know how to activate that special skill on E 100, now i know 🙂 And shame on you because you have XVM and you won’t share 😛

  20. Aivaras Andrijonas

    @Quickybaby, do you think is it possible to play 116 matches in 24 hours? I don’t think so, he was possibly using bot… Because who could play the same mode about 10 hours?!

  21. I’d rather have wargaming have sell more 750-1750 Gold camos than Overpowered/powercreeping premium vehicles. Even if its a non historic element, I think its a better way to give them money than for vehicles (even tho I am guilty myself of owning 3 such vehicles)

  22. wher is your mod pack

  23. modpack?

  24. Buffon is not French

  25. bufooooon haha xD

  26. Where is the XVM update?

  27. Clickbait. Got excited seeing football.. Ended up being about soccer. Meh.

  28. Really …150k …wow …. nice propaganda! 🙂

  29. Even with E100 it is better not to stay in goal all game, it is better to go to the edge of the box you are closer to the ball so less distance for the shell to travel, in kickoff if you go forward you can loop the ball over enemy e100 shot so imidiately you have advantage, I hope QB can see this so he is better goalkeeper 🙂 also in E100 dont stick to the “post” as QB did in this video because the ball with go over… be in goal so you are not in the way if the ball goes on the wall

  30. Hate football

  31. What i want to know is if this “buffon” has a unique voice? and if you asign him to a nation can you asign him to another after?

  32. Is it on Xbox 1

  33. get it right you potato

  34. The way he pronounced Buffon the first time xD great video

  35. I turn on TV – football.
    I turn on the radio – football.
    I open the fridge – football.
    I open world of tanks – FOOTBALL.

    Soon I won’t be able to raise the damn toilet seat.

  36. Here comes Russian bias

  37. Sadly, this football mode isn’t NEARLY as fun as the last one in 2016. It comepletely ruins the fun that the E100s do nothing but sit on the goalline and make shooting goals totally dependent on luck or RNG, not skill.

    In 2016 it was much more fun being much more chaotic since there were only 1 type of tank for football and all 6 players brawled it out in the middle.

    This just isn’t fun, not to mention that getting the prizes is completely dependent on luck. The least fun of the alternate funny game modes as of yet.
    Lunar Stalin balls was insanely fun, pixel tanks were pretty good, 2016’s football mode was also fun, this just isn’t.
    It’s just like the Call of Duty MW series MP. First Modern Warfare’s deathmatch MP was insanely good, 2nd MW’s DM tried to be better at everything and in the end totally SUCKED balls.

  38. Gigi Buffoon… dat shade…

  39. Nikdo Neexistujici

    Where did you guys get XVM for 1.0.2 ? Mine isnt working anymore with this patch and cant find any

  40. Quickly, I don’t know if the European server is different but if the score is tied at end of timer on the American server the field is reset and 2 bars appear and it slowly ticks to 100 for how long you can keep it in the enemies side, or a single goal (no matter the score) is instant win

  41. We want Frontline back!!!!!!!

  42. Try to play this crap after rocket league games, good luck !

  43. Damn a ton of games played just to show off that he got 3 goals with E100 … smh

  44. Richard Stefanits

    And the most important part is = where is the checkbox to get rid of succker theme ?

  45. Where is your modpack???

  46. You Brits and everyone else in the world and your “football”…Lol, jk. Enjoy it, my brocephs and fembilinas out there!

  47. I can see you have it

  48. QB, thanks for the truly horrendous content!

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