Football in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Football in World of Tanks. Today IÙm highlighting everything about the new World of Tanks funmode and how to be man of the match!

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. hi QB did you play world of tanks in console??

  2. quickybaby iMOTM card on FIFA confirmed ?

  3. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Everyone spouting is idiocy on the comments regarding whether Rocket League
    copied WoT or WoT copied Rocket League.

    WoT copied real life soccer/football. The original WoT soccer/football mode
    has more in common with real life than Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered
    Battle Cars.

    I will say that this iteration of the soccer/football mode does take ideas
    from Rocket League with sloped edges and boost (well maybe not boost) to
    make the game mode better

  4. Sixth sense on the T-62A S – that might come in handy *rolls eyes*.

  5. 18 wins in a row… and then came most epic teammate tomatos to ruin it

  6. +Quickybaby If you like this mode..try rocket league on steam!

  7. Rocket league

  8. how you can see full tank

  9. Cheatcode Gaming

    What do you think about this story: So I fire at a kv-2 but hes to angled
    so it bounces/ricochets and hits a player so I loose 5,000 silver

  10. Played for a few hours, loved it, then it crashed, now I’ve been locked out
    of all battles for 2hrs

  11. So what about rewards? How much money do you make on average? Is it
    cost-effective to run the turbo boost?

  12. quickybaby your mod pack doesnt work for me since tank football came

  13. One_Terraria _Slayers

    I got 2 hetricks yesterday :D

  14. oi …free to play this weekend rocket league ,on the xbox

  15. why it is not on Asian server?

  16. 11:16 How come you missed you had perfectly aimed your gun))

  17. I got 11 victories in a row too :)

  18. What happens if no one touches the ball during extra time?

  19. TheTuberV - Aquax

    1TB + 250 SSD
    500GB SSD
    I usually use about 400GB.

  20. QB try to comment UEFA EURO 2016)) that would be fun)

  21. büyük hayranınım Quicky Baby

  22. :/ not in ASIA

    ASIA server is screwed, they cant even start CW.

  23. This is absolute fun… even I potato scored goals

  24. do u know when u get on a ball. The ball launches you sometimes in air

  25. i won 13 in a row but my platoon broke on 14 it was a tie then whe can”t
    get ball out of our side and streak was over.

  26. And they have to annoy us with soccer even in WOT…

  27. 15:21 WG is losing my respect also the wot blitz is-6 buff its pissing me

  28. you missed the ball like 4 times for me it was like *DONKEY MODE ACTIVATED*

  29. A brit talking about football ^^

  30. QB calm yourself.

  31. Krijn Kea (krijn1700)

    I have the tank football edition but now my modpack doesn’t work anymore 🙁
    do you have one for the tankfootball?

  32. if you mount complex equipment on your tank, will you get it back when the
    event is over?

  33. How long is this event?

  34. bani “Kill3rBunny” meyer

    When i get new skills on my commander in the T-62-sport,will the skills
    like “smooth ride” still be on my commander if i get him back to the normal

  35. so many red bobs being useless in this game mode too

  36. welp…better than watching greek teams…

  37. I am so glad there are less draws since extra time feature is better which
    didn’t exist in 2014 football but I don’t like ROUND CORNERS OR WALLS, flat
    walls and ball bouncing off was better, these rounds makes tanks go crazy
    and balls gets in air for too long.

  38. Andrius Sapitavičius

    maybe Tankball?

  39. Alexander Schlecker

    you could do a stream event where we get the chance to fight you cause
    streamsniping is impossible at this mode


  41. totally not rocket leaugue

  42. totally not rocket leaugue

  43. I love the gamemode so far, I have 2 hat tricks for now.

  44. its fun..but I want them to bring back racing 8)

  45. Hello Quickybaby! Me and my friends platooned to play the football gamemode
    and we have had a winninng strike of 9 in arow to 15 in a row with the
    occational loss before the strikes. I loved this game mode when it came out
    for the 2014 world cup and I LOVE it now! It is so much fun! I hope they
    can keep this in the game as a campain as it is so much fun! Good luck and
    habebfun Quickybaby!

  46. So rocket league with less physics.

  47. I would like to see what it is like to play this gamemode withe the Chaffes
    from the Chaffe-races

  48. wtf fuck is whit the turet in the end it didnt aim

  49. Justin Gennrich (Highway22)

    me and my bro are 29 wins and just 1 lose.. :Dd

  50. love this mode, i played last night in platoon with my friends. it was so

  51. It’s rocket league

  52. British man and foot ball…I need beer!!

  53. Update modpack

  54. I want the updated modpack!!!

  55. FootBall Modpack patch in the 9.15 modpack video!!! * flies away *

  56. What’s the best way to hit bouncing Football?

  57. when you play rocket league and then this looks soo boring and slow

  58. Lol this is like a copy of rocket league but with better graphics and the
    vehicle don’t actually fly in the air.

  59. What fifa should look like

  60. I have a team, we won 24/26 games yesterday.

  61. Can you play on Asia server?

  62. Red Rabbit Slayers

    by playing in a full platoon we managed to win 18 in a row, and we won one
    in 45 seconds only that was hilarous how we were just wrecking everybody

  63. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    I ahte Franc why didn’t Romania win why,why,why,why I really hate france
    not the country but the way they played.

  64. it’s rocket league… step up your game wargaming

  65. you have to enable speed governor at the start of the game


  67. Anonymous Hacker

    i got a draw in my second game

  68. +qb great video.

  69. So i think this game mode is much bether than it was before. But i think
    that it is pretty bad, that you can put a much more skilled commander in it
    and you can put equipment on your tank. Those players, who havent got
    skilled crews or enough money to buy equipment or turbocharger are so much
    worse in it. I think because it is a fun mode, it’s not the best thing,
    that if you invest credits you are going to be bether.

  70. Mr. Grenade (Pan Granat)

    you can take your enemy on your roof, and keep pushing against them, this
    way they canr shoot forward and move, in which you eliminate them from the
    match until you keep pushing against them

  71. OMG!! LOL…

  72. QuickyMessi :)

  73. Quickymessi

  74. who is the strongest tank from russian tech tree?

  75. My equipment are Vent, toolbox, wet ammo rack, large repair kit, speed
    governor and combat ration plus skills as brotherhood and repair. It gives
    unstoppable tank – repair 1 sec and heavy to hit my tracks.

  76. Its not fair i have been updating all night and it still hasnt updated

  77. Sorry, I tried this game mode and IT SUCKS

  78. Tips from you always useful – Thanks

  79. JackRBLX “Jack”

    Imagine This In Real life. 3 v 3 T62A’s and a 5 Ton Metal Ball :O

  80. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    rocket league for free yaaay :D

  81. It seems this patch has killed your mod

  82. Wtf

  83. Most intense battle ever

  84. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    dat outro

  85. Look strangely like rocket leugue…

  86. The best way to win at this game is to get the first goal and have your
    entire team back and block the ball up against a wall til the duration of
    the game ends.

  87. Tried it loved it. It staying or limited time?

  88. Adam “MrSnobben90” Hlali

    Haha, in my first draw, the enemy team had 99 points, and we managed to
    take it over to their side, problem is, as soon it touches our side, we

  89. This event is shit…. Its far worse then last years event. Physics are
    worse, ball shooting is worse… Half the time you dont get credit for
    scoring the goals (yay for making the missions worthless)

  90. Did anyone else notice the castle from Himmelsdorf in the background in the
    first game?

  91. Bakunawa Benjiro

    rocket league tanks world of tanks edition… :D

  92. That thing its so damn OP :V

  93. Hey QuickyBaby your Mod is not working. I think is due to football update

  94. well I cant put my country`s flag as wg didnt put the Greek flag….and its
    a shame because they put the turkish flag which is not even part of

  95. Okay, but how about you update that mod pack of yours.

  96. Now I’m not a huge football(technically soccer for me since I’m US, not any
    other part of the world) fan, but from what I’ve seen, isn’t most of what
    football is just feigning injury? I know you’re supposed to kick the ball
    into the other goal, but that is what a lot of what I see happening. Though
    WoT Soccer isn’t Real Life Soccer.

  97. Quickybaby, what premier league team do you support?

  98. I’m not sure if anyone has ever told you this quickybaby, but I think you
    look very similar to Jamie Vardy

  99. Where is your Modepack for the Update ;)

  100. Why play this slow pace old man game when you can play rocket league

  101. Football gents….not soccer.

  102. You can use the removed speed governor with no penalty… I’m going to
    assume the engines health is high, because the governor will never damage
    it in this mode

  103. from what i tested with a friend, speed goveners and oil seems to have no
    effect to your acceleration or speed

  104. why i don’t have this tank ? i want play fotball too 🙂 help me please….
    because i don’t have T-62A Sport in my garage :(

  105. Redman Bros 1023

    That is soccer not football Football?. Soccer ⚽️

  106. I think you mean soccer ;)

  107. it look fun!

  108. rocket league has nothing on tank football.. I hate football but tanks in
    the mix… football becomes fun

  109. X The New Panda Bros. X

    Are Tog’s allow as goalkeeper??

  110. You could win a type 95

  111. Lol wut iz thiz? I don’t plae gaems 2 plae sumfin eye cahn plae irl. 4
    shaym wergaymen, 4 shaym…

  112. so like rocket league. just not as cool lol

  113. “Come on, lets get it in!” -Quickybaby, 2016

  114. Only NA server?

  115. actually , didn’t TOP GEAR do this 1st ……..?

  116. QuickyBaby hi Which is better IS4- IS7 ?

  117. QB has managed to make the football look good. It isn’t. The gravity effect
    means the ball is up in the air most of the time. It’s just an
    annoyance…and a huge credit sink.

  118. Make this a permanent mode!!

  119. if you must know its fútbol :)

  120. Thanks for promoting Slovakian flag. I saw it everywhere in this video. It
    feels good to see it.

  121. Wargaming should also bring back the tank racing during Le Mans or

  122. I’m American, so I personally call it soccer, but I understand why people
    call it football because honestly it makes more sense. But people bashing
    America for calling it soccer is just silly, you’re not gonna change
    anything. Same for Americans saying that it’s called soccer, equally as
    pointless. Let’s just agree to disagree and enjoy Quickybaby’s video.

  123. that moment when the players on the asia server suck so much your 5-7 kills
    and 2-6k dmg will still result in a loss….

  124. gtaclevelandcity


  125. I feel what they did with the sides was bad. On NA, atleast, its sit in the
    corner as your unneeded team mate comes in to keep the ball in the corner

  126. So it’s rocket league with tanks?

  127. @ all the fucking retards talking about football vs soccer

    There are 2 sports at topic here: Association Football and American

    Association Football, in AMERICA (and other places), is called “soccer”;
    American Football, in AMERICA, is informally called “football.”
    Association Football, in EUROPE (and other places), is informally called
    “football”; American Football, in EUROPE, is informally called “handegg” or

    If you want to be formal and “international” in language, say “Association
    Football” and “American Football.” But the fucking terms are dependent on
    the speaker’s fucking nationality so saying stupid shit like “it’s soccer,
    not football!” or “it’s football, not soccer!” is simply fucking ignorant
    and stupid.

  128. Great video, I have found that tracking opponents can come in handy as

  129. Who else saw the first match in his stream earlier today?? :D

  130. do you have a link to your updated mod pack quickybaby? pls i need it

  131. You mean soccer? ;)

  132. I see you have your modpack working…how ? I cant even get xvm in its
    standard edition to work, how to make your hitlog and blocked shots own
    tank ?

  133. 11:02 – No one going to mention this?

  134. what I do think could be better (at the player’s side) is that no-one is

  135. Sigh, you dimwitted people. World of tanks had a soccer event a few years
    back WAY before rocket league. rocket league got the idea from world of
    tanks and just copy it from there. the tanks were also T-62A. look it up.
    quicky baby also put this up but it’s an old video.

  136. This bullshit mode is so annoying…
    My Mods > Soccer mode

  137. That’s not football, check the US NFL for proper Football!

  138. I love how we hear cheering even though there’s no audience

  139. It’s rocket league’s Idiot brother: tank soccer

  140. omfg i understand that the people who are saying that this is a copy of
    rocket leauge are annoying but i swear you guys who are just like “OH MY
    GOSH WOT DID IT FIRST BLAH BLAH BLAH” are more annoying

  141. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    This is completely pay to win though… there’s no way to fund the
    turbocharger and still make a profit

  142. Its called FOOTball for a reason you use your feet to kick a ball.They
    should just rename the other game Throwball.

  143. This game mode is dum

  144. This is not a new mode. This soccer game in WoT has been in the game
    before.. ( temporary)

  145. at least the graphics are better last 2014 its not yet HD

  146. Hi Quickybaby

  147. if you use a large repair kit you can use the pasive for tracks

  148. LOL quickybaby=maradona

  149. We need a new mod pack quickybaby !!! For
    Help ! Thx :)

  150. SOCCER!!!!

  151. Like for soccer reply for football. I wanna see how many people call it
    football or soccer. To me it’s called soccer

  152. Soccer is back!

  153. Drumnation Gh0st

    quickybaby do you got any tips on the Sherman 3

  154. is this on Xbox too?

  155. In about 15-20 games today I made around 200k , and I’m not using any
    “turbo charger”, equipment on my tank or anything extra. Play it for fun,
    spend nothing, and it will still make some credits.

  156. Russian bias game, still shit

  157. I wonder where all the drunk soccer hooligans are. Soccer is soooooo fkn
    boring, there’s nothing to do other than get drunk off your ass while
    watching a nil all draw that takes hours. Maybe FIFA needs to add guns like
    this to make the game watchable.

  158. QB run the speed go enter for the whole game as the tanks are immune to any
    damage except to the tracks

  159. That’s some fancy soccer right there. I tell you what.

  160. Mod Pack?

  161. QB I just broke my arm and cannot play world of tanks anymore, and am
    really bored please upload once a day :)

  162. Came for the football, saw it was soccer… meh. ;)

  163. *soccer

    For the Americans

  164. When the football mode online in Asia server ?

  165. Syahareen Sha Rani

    you mean my balls quickybaby ;)

  166. Thank you so much Quickybaby for posting this, I haven’t played WoT in
    ages, this definitely will make me. I remember the other football gamemode
    for the World Cup, got a bit slow sometimes, but I still loved it! Thank
    you for awaring me about this so much, I should’ve known they would’ve done
    it for the Euros. Thank you so much mate!

  167. lol wargaming have some balls and creativity, its like rocket league tank

  168. Sławomir Klęsk

    Still broken like previous version of football… .Only wargaming can
    fucked up same thing twice in a row…

  169. Speed governor has actually no impact on the tank acceleration… unless
    everyone in past 10 games used it… which i highly doubt… Can anybody
    confirm that?

  170. You can turn off speed boost in mid-duration and leave it to recharge

  171. Hey QB!
    Can you do a review of Panther 8.8? Its seemingly a bad tank.

  172. Cøunt Grishnáckh

    For those who dont know,Quickybaby’s updated XVM modpack is always in the
    latest patch video,just go where you’ve previously downloaded the 9.15
    modpack,you’ll find the latest and greatest XVM there, in the same link, in
    the description box.

  173. Pig Monkey (Dino Velvet)

    OMG, bullshit football game resets my MODs. What total bollox

  174. lol its the first time quickybaby got it in xD

  175. Is this only on the EU server?

  176. *Soccer?

  177. say football in you language!!

    ME: Futebol (Portuguese, Brazil)

  178. Fucking gay ass mode. Why does WG have to ruin the game. Gross.

  179. Whole QB’s comment section is cancer. So sad, he makes great content that
    everyone enjoys and you go to the comments and see people behave just like
    ingame WOT, obnoxious and getting nowhere with themselves and just
    commenting for the banter.

  180. Rocket league copy

  181. It’s absurdly amusing. Seeing your comment about hat-tricks tells me why I
    was being blocked by my own side after 2 goals.

  182. Why is the minimap so huge? It’s irritating to the eyes and blotting out a
    lot of the action…

  183. What’s your favorite soccer team?

  184. Which Deb was playing rocket league

  185. How do i get in ? i dont have T62 sport in my garage

  186. How was there a guy with 4 points??????

  187. Rugby is much better… just saying the truth

  188. I just love how Wargaming still hadn’t fixed the game game connection for
    macs. :(

  189. This is socer, not football ! AND THE FIRST SOCCER CAR GAME EVAAAR WAS
    “supersonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars”, not fukign Racket league
    This is the easiest setup for trolling.

  190. The speed governor can be activated every time. It won’t cost you money
    since it won’t damage after one battle. This means that you gain 10% engine
    power for free! Also, by equipping a large repair kit, you get an instant
    10% repair bonus!

  191. LOL 11.15 turret don`t work :D

  192. Hey QB my modpack has stopped working after the update is there a way to
    fix it?

  193. A T62a Sport was in a trainingroom today

    idk how, and im not kidding

  194. It’s football, NOT fucking soccer you uneducated americunts…

  195. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    So what equipment do you guys recommend?
    Also, is ti just me or is my commander really stuck at 70% repair skilll?

  196. in European servers that take place near Eiffel Tower :)

  197. i did a perfect barrel roll from running into the ball at 100kmh :D

  198. Boy van Doremalen

    this sucks realy… noting to do with wot

  199. i see many shots going straight trough the ball

  200. Modpack update?

  201. Wotreplays By pedro

    15000 for showing my contry wtf wargaming

  202. xvm doesnt work :(

  203. N1nja_ 987 (N1nja987)

    Quickybaby, please update your modpack to I love your modpack and
    everyone would appreciate an updated version. :)

  204. Benjamin Bastings

    My pc is still broken ???

  205. QB you’re mod is not workking no more for me i denewed it and its not
    working, some ppl are saying its the new update, but i dont know please
    reponed me

  206. so xbox / ps4 getting free tank . pc have football again so unfair

  207. QB had way to much fun in this video :p

  208. I’m the only one that the xvm isnt working well?

  209. ?what do you use to be able to upload the replays ?

  210. hello QuickyBaby my modpack of yours isnt working on wot anymore!!! help?

  211. Am I the only one who really wants another round of Chaffee races? :P

  212. Also rammer, vents and torsion bars

  213. I use fuel, speed governor and turbo thing.

  214. Vardenis Pavardenis

    QuickyBaby is weak

  215. QB turbocharger isn’t paid per battle. Its a one time purchase of 15k

  216. Hey quicky how do I upload world of tanks games?When I try to upload it it
    says that the file isn’t supported.What to do ?

  217. Europeans must pretty insecure if they flip their shit when an American
    makes a comment about football being called soccer

  218. polska will win the euro

  219. Modpacks, not football. :)

  220. Michele Malvestiti

    I have a Mac and since the patch 9.15.01 came out, quickybaby’s modpack
    doesn’t work, can someone help me? Thanks

  221. Emmm we need an update to your mod pack

  222. Arc-Soldat Fives

    I figured out there are some bugs with the ball. Sometimes your shell just
    flies through the ball and in some situations this can be very
    frustrating… And will you participate in the campaign? :)

  223. InsertGeneric Insult

    do you get free xp for the missions or is it just normal?

  224. Potato aim why not tomato why do u hate the tomato why 🙁 shy on u D’: xD

  225. Soccer.

  226. This and chaffee races are my favourite events :)

  227. i like it so much this New gamemode

  228. Gilian Rüsterholz

    Shut up about “rocket league copy!” this mode came out way before RL
    Shut up about “it’s soccer” and go play rugby or something.

  229. quickybaby do u play wot blitz? pls give me to know

  230. With my platoon we managed to glitch enemy player inside the wall. He was
    stuck there the whole match (until extra time started) cuz of that we won
    XD. (bad english)

  231. Dumbest Idea they have ever come up with.

  232. my first game is a draw

  233. Hey Quickybaby you forgot to turn on your removed speed governor

  234. Great, prepare for a further invasion of Mexicans on the US East and US
    West server.

  235. Clovis Pessiot (Kurōbisu)

    What are the keys to unlock free cam mod ? I press Capslock+F3 but it
    didn’t work, and I reaaly want to visit the football maps :p

  236. Wish they would put the time and manpower toward fixing issues that have
    been in the game for years instead of coming up with new gimmicks.

  237. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Why did they even add equipment and consumables in this game mode? Feels so
    much pay to win. Oh well, guess I still can’t complain about 100k profit
    made in a single evening…

  238. I chose the Belgian flag because my country (The Netherlands) can’t play
    for SHIT

  239. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    Had to dislike this vid. Sorry Quicky. Nice vid but a really pathetic
    offering by WOT.

  240. Belgium will win Euro 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. are you going to release an updated mod pack? my mods stopped working after
    this update :/

  242. My modpack doesnt work :/

  243. Ramdhany Kasmani

    Maybe World of Tanks deosen’t know everything about football and theres no
    reds cards,yellow cards and paneltys and etc.????

  244. There are lots of idiots playing this gamemode at the moment, it hurts

  245. Christopher Medow

    hey I’m a world of tanks blitz player. anyone know if this is coming to
    World of Tanks Blitz?? I have heard Rumours…

  246. Toasty Roasty Man

    I would watch eu football if the players carries guns. Even air soft guns
    would be nice. :)

  247. Oh. I forgot them people call it football not soccer.

  248. Can we just mention that the cannon has an alfadamage of 420?

    BTW: Me and my friends won 24 games in a row ;)

  249. Muthanna Almughairy

    did he just say 50,000 credits for a consumable ???

  250. Played one match, won but it was the most boring crap ever.

  251. Every time I click on emblems or inscriptions to put on a tank, my game
    crashes. Not with camo though. Any idea what’s going on here?

  252. MOD stop working! :(

  253. It could be better if your tracks can’t break. I get shot to the tracks

  254. People say it’s stolen from Rocket League, people don’t seem to know about
    Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars and also don’t seem to
    understand, that “car” football is actually even a thing in reality, too….

    Oh and yes, this mode is brutally fun 😀 Until some cunt ass platoon of 2
    ppl comes in your team and faults you – the guy who wins about 80% of the
    football matches – for all of their stupid ass mistakes and rants rather
    than fucking playing the fucking game FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!11

    sorry for bed wurdz :0

  255. I just want to make something clear before this discussion about what got
    inspired by what goes to far. The first “Carball” game. Where all of this
    is inspired from was held on the 16th of june 1933 on the football field of
    the FC Frankonia in Karlsruhe,Germany. Karl Kappler in an Mercedes-Benz
    against Willy Engesser in an Opel. Case closed. Thank you.

  256. TIP here dont shoot ball while it falls or jumps shoot it when it is in the
    air changing direction or when it hits ground much easer to hit :)

  257. they should of had an is 8 ball for the ball lol:)

  258. Just had a game of wot football! Instant nope! I scored 2 home goals just
    to make it stop.

  259. Charles Vokrachko

    I actually had fun playing this!

  260. The modpack causes an emptu garage after update :(

  261. why the modpack isn’t working after this football update?

  262. MakeAmericaDankAgain

    Quickybaby you need to press the 5 button to activate it

  263. guys i’m having problems with quickybaby’s modpack in this patch. It
    doesn’t allow me to enter the game. It remains stuck on “discounts
    synchronization” or something. Am I the only one?

  264. worthless super worthless no good rewards like 500k credits or something
    like that I’m dissappointed

  265. Like rocket league

  266. I want chaffe race back!

  267. Stupid wargaming charges you put flags and camo… I have to convert gold
    for credits just to buy them . Million$ company is just a joke since
    2012… Many things promised which never came.

  268. This is football, becouse you play it with foot, hot with hand, so,
    Americans, fuck off and play your “American football’

  269. Christopher Robison

    silly people that ball isn’t foot sized or anywhere near foot shaped.
    That’s a volley ball some scrub couldn’t hit so they kicked it in a fit of
    rage and someone thought it looked cool.

  270. is that an euro server exclusive?

  271. +QuickyBaby what about the XVM m8 please answer

  272. This Game Mode is Stupid it Gives the European players the Advantage in
    Soccer, Because that’s Their whole life.

  273. How long does this mode run for? I can’t play WoT for the next two weeks at
    least and I missed out on the last Football Mode…

  274. SebasGaymerHd Minecraft Tecnico y PvP

    quickybaby review 9.15.1 xvm plz

  275. if you train smooth ride on that vechile and move it to obj 140, will it
    stay there?

  276. i need help my game is saying critical error can not connect to update
    service for a week now and this is my favorite game mode and i dont want to
    miss it how do i fix this problem

  277. Can you get your 9.15 mod working on if you just want to play
    normal random battles? It doesn’t work when you switch files in res_mods

  278. my mod isnt working what can i do to make it work?

  279. Could you please update your modpack to the current WoT version and put it
    up on mediafire, qb? :)

  280. QuickyBaby, what is your favourite football/soccer team ?

  281. Bass Boosted Music

    How can you install the turbo?

  282. Sergeant Schlumpf

    can’t you shoot their tracks too

  283. Nice video, unfortunetly this game mode s*cks

  284. Christopher ransley

    how long does this mode last whole month.?

  285. i cant even start the game for somereason help me

  286. Best game mode ever. Pubs, rampage and CW included…

  287. So many uneducated Americans here lol. All of the comments are either “Its
    Soccer, not Football” or “Its a copy from Rocket League”.

  288. i missed this so much so glad its back

  289. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    I think it would be cool for a Baseball type mode, They can model the
    barrel to a solid hitbox and make the turret rotation retarted fast, to
    swing at a ball.

  290. Shalindra Senalankadhikara

    I’m going to consider reinstalling :D

  291. lol, what do i do, if i havent got t-62s in my garage? Some bug or

  292. bogdan ioan Ignat

    xvm dosent work anymore for 15.01…can you help ?

  293. This is like rocket league, but worse…..

  294. first

  295. qb in one of the games that i playd today we maneged to win in overtime
    when enemy team was 1 sec away from victory

  296. Dimitris Xouiazis

    why I can not play this mode

  297. just think how hilarious this would be with MAUS only XDD

  298. Epicpandaproductions Puffkins

    wish was on console

  299. Tina Stormcaller

    Sprocket League

  300. This is horrible. Just a bunch of noobs that keep blocking you and track
    you every 8 secs

  301. I like this game mode, but i think the gun should be more accurate, and the
    reload time should be much lower

  302. TheSethosaurusRex


  303. Yeah I couldn’t care less about this stuff. Rocket league does it better

  304. I watched this to try and get information on the xvm patch that should
    match with 9.15.01. QB’s xvm stats were working and I don’t know where to
    look for the patch for xvm is.

  305. Me and my friends won 29/30 rounds in a 3 platoon

  306. I remember watching this on stream and QB was so angry at his team when
    they were blocking him at around 10:39 when he speeds it up

  307. i feel like rocket league

  308. how do you get in the game mode

  309. today i won 11 times in a row. And this game mod is awesome

  310. today i won 11 times in a row. And this game mod is awesome

  311. Do you watch football?

  312. How do you snipe so good?im playing at low settings and its almost
    impossible to hit the balk while being in air

  313. Minecraftster148790

    Quickly baby is not American, so he calls it the proper name of football

  314. Maarten severijns

    mod doesnt work anymore :(

  315. When are you updating your XVM? D:

  316. fucking rocket league boooooring

  317. ThatOneChelseaFan #KTBFFH

    QB actually knows his football/soccer terms.


  318. tsss, i had like 15 in a row ^^

  319. But now you’re mod pack stopped working. ….and I played 1 match then I
    looked at 1 of my tanks and it’s gone so is it 1 game each every day ????

  320. FreeSpiritGamer YT

    Tip: Just play agressive,.. i made 300 000 credits for like 2 hours ;)

  321. At first I was like, “How are we going to play football with tanks?”. Then
    I saw that it’s only soccer …

  322. i think you have not used your “removed speed governor” as it needs to be
    switched on first. when it’s being used it glows green

  323. Is there a medal associated?

  324. Wish they would put this in blue instead of shitty camouflages

  325. OMG it’s rocket league in wot

  326. How can i play it?

  327. The latest micropatch……seems to have by-passed any XVM Mod Pack
    including yours…..bro………have been enjoying playing old school
    actually lol

  328. Where is your updated modepack?

  329. France 2 – 1 Romania

  330. i dont Have that white Circle under the ball

  331. Lolz this reminds me of Forza soccer

  332. ok but xvm not work qb?what about that?

  333. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    Too bad there isn’t a C. Ronaldo tank

  334. fyi rocket league is the sequel to supersonic acrobatic rocket powered
    battle cars
    so no rocket league did not copy this

  335. Really similar to Rocket League. I like it

  336. The physics of football mode are rather crap. Ball physics are like it’s
    full of sand. Ball ownership is defined by in which half of the field the
    ball is??? and some idiot put rounded corners on the gates which lead the
    ball in….

  337. Gave it a go. Once was more than enough thanks. Just unhappy all the mods
    are messed up for no reason other than this gimmick

  338. I don’t care about football, I wanna play world of tanks!

  339. Football + Explosions, just like it’s going to be in Paris

  340. Stupid soccer broke the modpack…

  341. Your modpack stopped working. Just fyi

  342. Matthew Boothman

    why r u always so serious? it is a game where u play to have fun and your
    still on about pen and how to win, people know how to win

  343. My Modpack of you doesnt work anymore… Any Tipps?

  344. NEW TANK: Type Ronaldo 07

  345. It’s soccer not Football! !!!

  346. World of Tanks football mode was out way before Rocket League. So stop
    saying it’s a straight copy of it you misinformed shits.

  347. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  348. This is a lot like Rocket League :’D
    Altough, tactics do not work :/

  349. QB Where is the modpack?

  350. hey Quickybaby do you play first match with rt007_iron

  351. This is something like Rocket League! looks really cool

  352. Nice to see myself on Quickybabys channel :D

  353. SnapShot GetRecked

    Whoa SICK im a soccer nut btw

  354. Soccer*


    Rocket Leauge aint got nuthin on this

  356. lol

  357. YoungSirPhoenix / NightPhoenix652


  358. Wish they would bring something like Hockey or Racing into WoT for a while.
    That would be more interesting than soccer IMO.

  359. Rocket League copy?

  360. There is only one letter “R” in the word “draw”

  361. QB modpack?

  362. World of Rocket League

  363. yes really excited!

  364. And I’m stuck here with a broken laptop ?

  365. This will get lost in the comments 🙁

    Heavily weeps*

  366. DankestDankMemerStever

    Almost like rocket league got inspiration from this

  367. Forst

  368. four

  369. Viewer 32 :P


    How is everyone doing today? :D

  371. Anthony Perfetto


  372. One of the first? lol


  374. third

  375. da fyrst lolol

  376. GeneralPirate25 _


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