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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Gameplay 1.55 Ó For King & Country!

Thanks for watching!


  1. The first like and the first comment

  2. second

  3. like 2 and comment 2

  4. off all

  5. FREE ?!
    holy macaronie

  6. only tanks i have left to purchase in the british tree are the 40mm
    crusader AA, centurion mk.10 and conqueror…..and im trying to grind out
    using a underpowered black prince with sabots and a practically garbage

  7. Dylan Grizzly Fischer

    link 4 golden eagles??

  8. Play Valentine or 3-inch gun carrier.

  9. I enjoy watching this guy playing WAR THUNDER, helped me alot too. thank

  10. comet

  11. propper good job mate

  12. Do Brit 5s

  13. wot > war thunder

  14. Get any high tier tank, preferably top of tier 5. The fill the rest of the
    line up with bi planes and use the 50/60 kg bombs to try and kill someone.
    Maybe even use the po2 if your feeling brave enough :)

  15. Can you play next the tortoise?

  16. do the tortise

  17. Baron, if you look at the scoreboard/statistics I think they call it, at
    the top in the middle it shows the flags of the nations fighting on each
    team. For instance at 1:32 you bring it up the scoreboard and it shows your
    team with the USA and UK flag and the enemies as Germany and the U.K. So
    you know your fighting Germans and Brits! Just a tip!

  18. yay 301st

  19. MIG17 and T60

  20. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Plz next tank the hetzer!

  21. Chemistry´s the best!

    baron you can see what nation you are fighting by looking at the top of the
    score board (there are tiny flags (!

  22. What tanks/planes should we take out next time (same BR)?

    Haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Want to start playing War Thunder (and let
    me shoot you) Sign up Here:

  23. What’s everyone up to this weekend? I might go see 13 Hours, it looks
    pretty good!

  24. Chemistry´s the best!

    who wants a b36? Would be kind of fun to drop two 20 TON BOMBS on top of
    the enemy, right? :D

  25. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    Crusader Mk. III and Hurricane Mk. IV

  26. Diego navarro flores

    plese play all the cañons of 122

  27. Grass Brassington (thegrassmaster2)

    The Pe-8 drops a 5000kg bomb which is 11,023 pounds not 4000

  28. im like number 69

  29. Great video, as usual. I wish I had the editing software to mix your song.
    I would call it “the Grind.” Play the 3″ gun carrier next.

  30. WhatWouldYouHaveYourArbiterDo

    I am not sure whether that attempt at an accent is more offensive to the
    British or to the Australians. Apart from that, good video.

  31. Doom turtle

  32. Doom turtle and mig

  33. Do Sheman Firefly(Research Tank) and the Firefly Mk.1 with rockets

    Light up the grounds and light up the skies kind sir

  34. saying god save the king before driving out the Cromwell is one of the most
    ironic things I’ve ever seen

  35. KV 2 and pe 8

  36. Highest award is the Victoria Cross

  37. Baron, when’s your next stream for WT? I just finished my pc build so I can
    play on a worthwhile setting and would love to join you for custom battles
    or something.

  38. KV1 L11/Pe3

  39. play world of tanks :)

  40. WhatWouldYouHaveYourArbiterDo

    Oh and Baron, the Victoria Cross is the highest military decoration awarded
    “for valour” in the face of the enemy to members of the armed forces of the
    United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  41. Baron, the highest British military award is the Victoria Cross.

  42. Soo will you start calling Baron a sellout like Orange?
    PollyDolly fanboys.

  43. I love how you say we even though we didn’t do shit lol

  44. Tank smasher and Tank shredder
    Maus and the HO(229)
    Use the Maus to punch your way through the enemy defenses and then use the
    HO to mop up the rest.

  45. Does the free golden eagles thing actually work.

  46. baron you got any free golden eagle things for computer? i dont have a
    phone so this one dosent work for me and others as well probally

  47. Its not a valentine mk9 poppet its the mk 11 with the upgraded tea cup

  48. When are you going to play the comet?

  49. For tea and crumpets!!!

  50. Vidoes: Amazing
    British Accent: Terrible


  52. FluckDuckProductions

    Isn’t it meant to be For Queen and Country?

  53. The Victoria cross is our highest military honour, also, hello from the
    British army Baron !

  54. Victoria cross is highest

  55. Its so annoying when americans try to do British accents lol

  56. Baron! there are flags of the tanks you are fighting on top the player list

  57. What happened to powerhaus?

  58. Panther G! Hitler’s Kitty!

  59. I like how your Phly goes bashing on TheOrangeDoom for using the free
    golden eagles ad in his videos to advertise but doesnt say a word to Baron
    at all.. Fucking hell

  60. baron take ze tortoise the doom turtle faster brother

  61. Joe Google Plus User™


  62. Maybe the Hurricane Mk IV With 40mm of doom

  63. Our great leader Stalin wants you camarad Baron to play with his teddy
    bear: BT 5 and the I-15 with rockets! It’s this or Gulag!! Good luck

  64. Wow with all the comments mine was one of the ones in the video! Any way
    nice video and plz keep it up as you have sold War thunder to me and I now
    love it

  65. Can u take out the zsu 57 2??????????

  66. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Realistic battles is boring.

  67. Primarch Alpharius

    Victoria cross is the highest award i think.

  68. If you like tanks and if you like anime then watch Girls Und Panzer. It’s a
    really good anime that involves combat of WWII tanks

  69. 3 inch gun carrier

  70. Highest British military medal is the Victoria Cross. It’s made of Russian
    cannons captured during the Crimean War.

    The highest civilian medal is the George Cross. It was awarded to the
    Island of Malta and the people on it in WWII.

    I should have said “I’ll try playing War Thunder once again.” Damn thing
    won’t download.

    Thanks for the shout out by the way.

  71. Tank destroyer next time please!!!!! Any nation, any tier

  72. +baronVonGamez the cromwell V has a 75mm not a 76mm

  73. any british tank

  74. need to roll the infamous archer

  75. So the highest honor that you could receive would probably be the Victoria
    Cross or George Cross for the more modern equivalent, going strictly by
    award. I mean a Knighthood might be a higher honor (although in investiture
    the VC is always awarded first, even before knighthood), but isn’t really
    the kind of thing awarded strictly for valour in the face of the enemy like
    the Victoria Cross is.

  76. Baron! When you press tab to look at the leaderboards, on top of the scores
    you have flags of countries in each team.

  77. Highest award for courage and sacrifice for the king and country in face of
    danger and destruction in united kingdom is Victoria cross

  78. I had the app it worked a few times but now I don’t get golden eagles
    anymore. I reported it to support about a week ago no response.

  79. woah my comment got selected

  80. M5A1 Stuart Baby Sherman. SBD-3 Dauntless DB

  81. Victory Cross

  82. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    KV 2 and Pe-8 stronk combo

  83. Baron play then tier 1 hellcat….I seen one of your old videos of it not
    sure that it’s called

  84. how do you get the Boston bomber? is it only available during special
    events or something?

  85. scott “easydry” davies

    Victoria cross, and your’s was posthumously

  86. Upright productions

    Wait. You hack your eagles?

  87. the duster

  88. take the kv_3

  89. The Avro Vulcan

  90. TheperfectIntroMaker Pro

    tm9 please

  91. Highest award in the UK is the victoria cross, but to get it you have to
    like, personally kill 3 tigers, without a tank.

  92. geez baron, just look at the flags at the statistic and you see which
    nations you fight :/

  93. B-29 with matching tanks

  94. ” i love my boston bomber”
    Horry shet

  95. Baron try to bomb a spitfire while in flight!!!

  96. A moment of silence to those up us living on campus with restricted
    internet and can’t play this glorious game. :(

  97. Next take La-5 :D

  98. BT-7 Race car tank!

    Baron how do you get the doubloons in World of Warships? you buy it? or you
    use app as well?

  99. awesome reload.

  100. Hell cat

  101. But is it safe to get the free golden eagles from that link? I don’t know
    man… Looks pretty sketchy.

  102. I don’t get it (I’m not offended either) but when dope do British accents
    it’s ok but when a British person does a aisian accent it’s deemed racist
    why is this?

  103. German Churcill and Duck with 75 mm

  104. ludorije duda srbija games

    use of Russian self-propelled plll percent of them useless in general a
    very good they slew all the tanks

  105. i just started playing and i got to say the pz lll are trash

  106. Hey baron play red crucible firestorm it’s on steam

  107. you hit the side of the tank but the shit server says you hit the track…

  108. ^For Queen And Tea

  109. WITH FREE EAGLES when it asks for a code type zs3xy for 10 eagle bonus

  110. Sherman and do it fury style!

  111. wow didnt know about the free golden eagles :P

  112. Victoria cross is highest medal in the uk

  113. P-51 m 3 lee

  114. Pull out the Panzer III Mafia and the MC (Macaroni) 202 folgore

  115. that app is only for android noooooooo

  116. The Ho 229 and the Mighty Maus

  117. Highest British Military Honour is the “Victoria Cross”, cast from bronze
    taken from the French in battle.

  118. baron do a aussie combo the new ac4 thunderbolt and the beufighter mk21
    with some rockets

  119. Victoria cross is the award I think you were referencing there at the end
    baron. highest british (and commonwealth nations) military award for valour

  120. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    Damn I need an android for the Eagles app

  121. marder or zis30,darn those blasted things it’s so unrewarding to play with
    those.Get shoot down by plane mg np ><

  122. 3 inch gun carrier

  123. Tortoise and Lancaster mk .3

  124. crusader

  125. tiger and me 262

  126. Pretty sure it is the Victoria Cross, which is generally awarded
    posthumously. It is harder to get than the American medal of honor as I am
    pretty sure less than 1,500 have ever been awarded.

  127. all you have to do is look at the score board to know what you are going
    against and who you are fighting with.

  128. Highest British medal is Victoria’s Cross as far as I know. It’s been
    around since Britain pretty much owned the world.

  129. baron, its not pronouced Stug, its prounced St-oo-g. Stugeshutezen

  130. you should play the M4A3 Sherman 105 next

  131. b36!!!! decimate the enemy!!

  132. Diego Alejandro Padilla Lopez

    Baron or any one! Can u use the app of free eagles for my account in the

  133. the boomerang or the wuarray (most likely misspelled that one) please

  134. Use the ACIV thunderbolt which is super ultra rare

  135. The Amazing MinecraftPro

    hey can you conquer all the maps in war thunder that means win in all maps
    its like conquering the game now.

  136. Attack the A point!

  137. I Love the Cromwell

  138. Hey Baron, you should try some Eve Online! I think you’d enjoy the tactics
    of it!

  139. Do more battle on this map

  140. Use eh4ey as an invite code!

  141. I think the highest award in the British Army is the Victoria Cross

  142. AD2 + T32 for ‘murica

  143. Are you really using that to get GE??
    Naw i dont belive you how do you get so many but anyways thanks Baron ;D

  144. Baron its called the Victoria Cross

  145. Can you play the Sherman Firefly 😀 +BaronVonGamez

  146. Victoria Cross

  147. Black Prince

  148. Maz “das Zerstörer” Jaeger

    baron, do you have tried the Japanese in War Thunder?

  149. The Centurion please do that. (Doesn’t matter which one.)

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