^^| Forgot to buy a turret. JagdTiger. Stream Highlight

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So painfulllllllllllllll
Thanks for watching!


  1. name for Q&A? meming and scheming

  2. This video. Is exactly. 6 minutes. Kreygasm FeelsGoodMan

  3. Q&A video title? Circonversations. DO EEEEET.

  4. I agree about the Jagtiger… a pretty crapy tank. No turret, slow to turn,
    weak lower plate, upper hull vulnerable to HEAT. Only ways to use it are:
    1) Full on aggression, like you did in that game. (But that relies on
    travelling in a pack with other people that can save your bacon if you get
    tracked or flanked). Or 2) Find an arty safe, hull down spot where you are
    using gun depression, so that people can’t so easily pen your upper hull
    with HEAT.

    Anyways, that was a nice game… really aggressive play. Using the dpm and
    bullying the enemy so they shit their pants when they saw you and rushed
    their shots. Don’t know why those morons in the E5s ignored you while you
    shot them in the side repeatedly. I think their stupidity lost their team
    the game.

  5. That moment when you saw this in the live stream. also when will you be
    buying a turret for your jagtiger.

  6. At least that thing turns, unlike the tier 8 Jagdtiger.

  7. The Q&A title depends on what you’re going to talk about. Something
    bothering you? CirconVexes. Crazy American gun laws? CirconTexas.
    Overpriced Asian cars? CirconLexus. Your favorite DVR’d shows?
    CirconPLEXes. Preferred giant green man not in the Avengers?
    CirconShrekses. ~runs away~

  8. Mingle with Circon. MingLee

  9. circon jerkingon????????????? memes with circon?

  10. Great_Southern_Trendkill


  11. Alexandre Salvas

    Circon what is this new tank i see there, something E5?

  12. what about circonfession?

  13. How the fuck can u say that jagdtiger is shit? It’s good tank

  14. That E5 at the end- “U fokin wot mate?”

  15. Sory, but, 720 m is max shell travel distance.

  16. Q&A stream name, how about Circon’s Crack

  17. herro twitch chat, its me, Ming Lee !

  18. I’m soo happy Circon is now uploading to YouTube, now I don’t feel as bad
    for not being able to attend all streams. 🙂 <3

  19. PCWarMachine.com

    “Circling with Circon” :)

  20. Saturday with Circon

  21. I love the E5 at the end after Circon shot past his turret. He just turns
    around and shakes his turret no at him.

  22. SirCon Reflexions

  23. SirConference?

  24. And this is why us normals have given up playing. Here we see Circon take
    play a match in a lower tier tank, which is not particularly well regarded
    by most, and working 3 minutes, rip apart an IS-7 and an E5, quite possibly
    the most op tank in the game.

    Fellow normals, I dare you to try the same.

    Just ridiculous skill. Nothing more. Well done sir.

  25. circinquisition…

  26. Memeful Questions and Dank Answers? maybe a bit too long…

  27. Luka Žnidaršič

    Jagdpanzer E100 is more painful…way slower(YES!!!) and people are such
    fucking pussies that EVERYONE fucks off, if you point your gun there and
    you cant chase anybody…I literally get tons of matches of 1k or 0 dmg
    done, because everybody runs away from the gun and I spend ALL MATCH
    driving around at 18km/h and maybe even get flanked in the end…I cant
    camp, as I get bored too quickly, but it’s the only way to go…and the
    armor isnt that good, anyway…lower plate is butter and it has a cupola so
    even hulldown sucks…and all fucking flat so any prem APCR and HEAT
    butters through as well…JagdTiger is at least not dead brick slow and has
    **some** camo, compared to Jagdpanzer E100…and accuarcy, so, even if you
    do camp in JagdE100, you are likely to miss or bounce off dumb angles,
    while Jagdtiger has laser accuarcy-it has a 100% awesome gun and you cant
    deny it…good alpha, awesome DPM, accuarcy, handling…and people are not
    afraid enough of it, so you actually can shoot them…I always had pretty
    good results in Jagdtiger, even though I hate how slow and badly armored it
    is, but the gun somehow makes up for it…JagdE100 on the other hand…even
    slower and the gun doesnt even begin making up for it and I always found
    myself having atrocious results in it through no fault of my own(am a 2k
    wn8 player, so either I completely missed something or JagdE100 actually is
    a piece of shit and way worse than Jagdtiger)…and if you shoot you get
    raped ASAP, if alone…Jagdtiger can stand its own ground at least and I
    like that…

  28. lars christiansen

    Suggestion to Q and A.. Being Certain with Circon

  29. Circon have you considered the name “musings from beyond the beard-cam”?

  30. *that first high role on the E5* “Wow, its like a low role from the BL

  31. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    If this video was any shorter it would be called Bilbo Bagins

  32. The ChillyWinds

    Circon I dont know what you’re high on the jagtigers gun is amazing.

  33. PlanetStarbucks

    Q&A: Circlejerking with Circon

  34. Mingles with Circon ;dddddd

  35. Ryan “The Geepers' FGS” Griffiths

    Hey circon, if you see this maybe you could call it Circonquestions.

  36. Q&A title – well if you’re going to cut to the chase, then Circoncision.

  37. Vaas Montenegro

    Thoughts on the 704? I gave up on that line at the ISU, that thing was
    complete trash. You can hit people for dumb amounts of damage once every 3
    shots, because the other 2 fly fuck knows where or bounce a tier 6 with 286
    pen. You then have the 268 which is a Grille 15 without the turret,
    mobility, accuracy, etc. so it’s trash.

    704 I’ve heard decent things about, though. I haven’t noticed they’re
    especially hard to deal with when playing against because the armour isn’t
    great, they still have no turret, and the gun seems to be a generic Rasha
    152mm so it’s not too special. Then again, maybe the reason I haven’t
    noticed they’re hard to deal with is because pubbies suck ass in it

  38. Get Lost High Five

    could have gone with circlejerk with circon

  39. Questions and answers with Circon? Circonstantial evidence LOL

  40. Stupid haters. And so what that he is doing something like
    TheMightyJingles. Just because someone already did doesn’t mean you can’t
    do it yourself. Respect Circ for the rebirth of this channel, keep going
    the good work.

  41. honestly if the jpz e100 could use the jagdtigers top 128 if probably use
    that over the 170

  42. Andrea Sacchini

    Done 6,7 k dmg and 7 kills and I get the first class in this shit -.-

  43. The memes… they are too strong…

  44. I think it was Steve in the IS7

  45. Who needs an effin’ turret! :)

  46. this was the best stream I’ve ever seen from circon

  47. Roflcopter

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