Forgotten AMERICAN MONSTROSITY | So Many GUNS (War Thunder LTU)

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Forgotten MONSTROSITY | So Many GUNS (War Thunder LTU)


  1. *IF YOU’RE NOT VERSING THEM!* Yo! fellas hope you enjoy the video. Wanted to let you know I’ll be streaming tomorrow, got a new streaming set up and would like some feedback! Follow with this link to get notified

    • Hey phly, just to say I love the vids. Can you please make another video or 3 min intro on the next few videos encouraging the community. The past few weeks the Research point cap and FPE and parts stock have come up as a cataclysmic point. I’m asking you to encourage the community to keep the pressure on gaijin, people are slowly letting up and although still massive and rampant, the fire may die in as little as 2 weeks time. If you keep encouraging people out there to talk about the issue it won’t die down and gaijin will be *FORCED* to act. So if you can spare your valuable time to at the start of every video remind people to not let down, you won’t just be doing me a favour for, but the community who follows you the and community of this game. Do it for *US*. @PhlyDaily

    • I'll make this later.

      Phly! Spread freedom with the T20! It may be small and cute, but it packs a hell of a punch.

    • If you’re not Versing them!

    • PhlyDaily I dislike the tank and mainly do to the Russians using their apbc explosive shit that one taps the thing veacuse unlike the panther, it didn’t have any slope. As I only play American tanks and am still hit grinding, getting that tank was extremely exiting, but the, well, everything in awful. I hate American guns low tier, as in 5.7 panthers have an extremely good 75 while the Americans still have a 76 that is short and not piwerful

    • _Shadowstalker_ 01


  2. Do not drive the M6A1, not unless you’re a pillar of UK tech tree salt.

    Basically, if you have ground your way to…5.7 in the UK tech tree, the M6A1 will be a breath of fresh air.

  3. War thunder live removed the stock syndrome video thats how they react to negativity interesting

  4. >Forgotten
    That tank is all over 3.7+

  5. The Blue BlobFish

    Attack the D point for

  6. I just unlocked the m6a1 the other day and I LOVE it

  7. It used to suck, paper armor but really good crew spacing but they buffed the hell out of it

  8. Attack the D point

  9. Attack the d point

  10. 12:38 The awkward moment between the US and Soviet tanks. lol

    The Soviet SU-152 rolls out to be spotted by the American M6 the soviet crew said “uh…” and tries to shoot before death claim their lives by the american tank commander Phly who said “phew, that was close” and roll away to… Attack the D point. :))

  11. Nathaniel Klucinec

    Hey Phly, I think if you aim for the side of turret on the is1, you’ll get a one shot kill.

  12. Can you give the community another update on gajins behavior? You have a stronger voice than any of us. You can see that they are still deleting comments from their videos and recently hid their like and dislike ratio

  13. The Man Made Of Filth

    I just unlocked the M6A1 yesterday.

  14. fuck youm you low life motherfucker fruit phly or whatever the fuck your name is. bitch got nothing but playing this game in his moms basement and jerk off in her panties.

  15. the M6A1 is a light tank in disguise.
    Everything I go up against can easily penetrate me.

  16. Attack the d point

  17. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Seriously these russian tanks, how to hell can you ricochet on a perfect 90 degrees angle xD Ricochet is due to a very high angle, you can bounce but not ricochet….these russian shits have built in rng generator lol
    I mean sometimes i play them as well and it’s braindead easy mode compared to any other nation.

  18. More face cam pls

  19. Phly with two cannons is too OP his Maus Gameplay and E-100 reflect that

  20. prashantmakemerich

    my favorite tank .

  21. The M6A1 sucks and it’s also OP at the same time

  22. here is a challenge .. win in sim 🙂

  23. Convoluted Concepts

    lower plate, always lower plate.

  24. The_Nefarious_Ninja

    Attack the d point

  25. Beakwood a.k.a Adregallus

    stop trying shooting Russian tanks through the tracks noob. Every experienced tanker knows that.

  26. The M6A1 reminds me of the Maus

  27. Attempt #3 play the Chi-Ha BANZAI !

  28. Loving the unloved
    Attempt #18
    I-16 type 10 with historical information please

  29. Attack the D point

  30. Attack the d point

  31. Hey new to the channel. I would like to request the AMX 13 fl 11.

  32. Inshrektor Gadget

    Take the Chi To and kill every supposedly overpowered German, American, and Soviet with Type 4 shells, the Empra’s Fist

    Attempt 2

  33. first he has problems with the m16 mgmc now he has even more problems in the m6a1. good lord save his sole

  34. Yo fly can you make a vidio with botime gaming that would be really cool

  35. So whats the refenrence to attack the D pount?


  37. Why are u shooting so low all time. Cant even watch that of eye cancer. Just shoot side armor and stop shooting on track area…

  38. HEAT-FS = ANTI ABRAMS!!!!!

  39. Alexandros Macedonia

    Forget about the new Helicopters…. everyone knows they SUCK !

  40. loving the unloved chieftain mk5?

  41. Phly you’re starting to look like that DSP guy. I dunno you seem to have a new look. Just don’t accidentally jerk off on stream twice and you should be allright…..

  42. Commander had Cal.50 but you didnt have commander

  43. NO OP UPGRADED TANKS. No enjoyment allowed. Just pain. Leo 1A1 full stock.

  44. Tiger E at 6.7 challenge, idk why but i dont even remember the last time i’ve played at the right br with it,i keep getting uptiered over and over, let me see how do you do phly #1

  45. Phly daily the cable guy

  46. Phly, pls make a video about T80B, expecting too long for it ^^

  47. Stop using ap shells… aphebc is more than enough for its tier

  48. Play the T-62 attempt#1

  49. Random screaming 21:09

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