Forgotten Tank Of 1.81 | ALSO Merch Store IS ONLINE (War Thunder)

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    • Your forgot the Char 25!! Been a while since you player frenchies!!

    • I would love for a XLT Im a tall boy standing at 7 foot. I would love to buy merch from YouTubers, but guess what none of it fits. So I might buy 1 just to hang on my wall. 🙁

    • Also there are two more versions of the TAM. The TAM 2c with improved electronics and a little more armor and the TAM 2IP A better armored version developed by Israel with a new turret that resembles the Merkava IV and the same elctronics although its heavier. Than the normal TAM or the TAM 2C

    • German little and large challenge. Take out the Fw200 in Tank RB and get three ground kills. Or if that isn’t entertaining enough, take out the Ju87D-5 with x12 MGs and get three combined air/ground kills with guns only. Have fun.
      Attempt #21.

    • Armando Marcial Alonzo

      +Harris Papadopoulos Tanque Argentino Mediano is pronounced like: Tank K Arr Hen Tin No Median No

  1. reinanda chrysilla

    He is killing us……


  3. I hope they add strikers eventually

  4. With this turret, this tank reminds me of the Stimgray. That’s a light tank too…..with ready rack, at least in Armored Warfare you can spit out shell in 3 seconds if the ammo rack is loaded more than one shell

  5. 15:08 “That’s my favorite soundbyte right there…ThaAAAnksss. FUCK k good”

  6. tanque argentino mediano means argentine medium tank

  7. 15:26 such a cock tease

  8. Are they going to introduce Marder 2 to the game?

  9. whats the name of the song @ 15:27 ?

  10. Honestly the TAM was the only ground vehicle I was hyped for this update

  11. no the forgotten tank of 1.81 is the german m48

  12. DId anyone else get a stupid trump ad

  13. the worst tank if the patch!

  14. Since it’s October and Halloween is at the end of the month could there be like a skull like KV-2 firing Pumpkins

  15. looks like a first gen Israeli merkava

  16. brilliant fng edit

  17. Inshrektor Gadget

    Phly play the STB-1 with stock shells. It hurts so much.

  18. Upgraded version of S P I C??

  19. God dammit i have been dooted

  20. Bush tank other than m22 #14

  21. Southern Rebel01_

    Kill helicopter with smoke shell

  22. whats the song at 16:09?

  23. “You just sit there and take these rounds.”
    😀 😀 😀

  24. 12:55 Phly doin scat…

  25. The REAL forgotten tank of 1.81 is the German M48A2 Phly!!

  26. Flameskillz adkisson

    I don’t have twitch sorry Phly

  27. hey phly what grapichs are you using

  28. APDS @ 9.0…. what piece of crap this tank is. Worser than the XM1 in every single point

  29. 16:09 NSFW

  30. i have the most dificult challenge for u play the prop air air arb without map or sounds

  31. today is flyday and not friday |o| 😉

  32. Tanque Argentino Mediano, greetings from Spain o7

  33. Yes yes nice… But use the stock ammo 😄

  34. can we call the tam “tim”? so that way it’s a “TimTam”?

  35. Bibidi ba bidibu daba daba du,estoy redi pa stal redi XD gokuuuu Xdxdxd

  36. Hello from


  37. Where is the Marder IFV? Also i what is that flag on the top left when viewing in your “Garage”?

  38. Loving the unloved! It’s time to take out the good ole rusty su-57 phly! Attempt #38

  39. You should have just said that it is a mix of Begleitpanzer and a Leopard 1.

  40. The TAM acually seems quite amazing to me, small, fast, good gun, stupid fast reverse, scouting and a stabilizer?…like a Puma with tracks and on steroids!
    Waiting for the brits to get the Scorpion with a 90mm or 30mm RARDEN at a (hopefully much) lower BR than the Warrior.

  41. main tank in argentina. in fact we have new version of this thing. TAM 2c and TAM 2c IP..

  42. TheRussian Walrus

    leopard a1a1 plox


    Hahahahhaha, IGN: gotthefreeabrams

  44. hallo phly , would you like to make video where you will try to destroy enemy tank with your own tank explosion?
    Attempt #4

  45. Unlogicalgaming. Lv

    Chalange do stug 3 g stock plus tiger h1


  47. Try and land a helicopter and cap A N C in a Russian the first helicopter you get

  48. you memes intro are the reasons why i come back

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