FORMULA 1 TANK – RU-251 Fastest Tank (War Thunder 1.67 Gameplay)

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FORMULA 1 TANK – RU-251 Fastest Tank ( Gameplay)


  1. Why are the Nametags there if it’s not arcade?

  2. If this thing stays at 6.7 or goes up to 7.0 BR, this will be my first premium buy.

  3. Hey Phly congrats on 400,000 Subscribers! Happy to contribute =D

  4. FML Combo Ka-Mi with R2Y2

  5. is-6 should be in 6.7

  6. “I wanna see what the duck does to Leos..”
    *Insta killed by Leo* Oh lord XD

  7. If you put wings on the ru251, it would lift off and become the tu4

  8. Daniel Gonzagowski

    All of War Thunder is PTW

  9. Hmm, similar to the T-29 🙂

  10. Very Super Famous

    The fucking yt grind

  11. Gameplay starts at 4:53

  12. Damien Valenzuela

    I have your next challenge, Phly. It is the reptile challenge. Tortoise and Wyvern for pure power. 12th attempt.

  13. Andrien Wiandyano

    you trying the new gun stabilization thing ??

  14. Congratulations on 400,000 subscribers.

  15. Etherius Alexander

    BV238 && Panzer III.M long barrel 50mm 3.3BR I wanna see you wreck with that combo 😀

  16. Should i buy the ru or the is-6?

  17. in wot blitz ru 251 is old

  18. I miss cheeki breeki already

  19. PhlyDaily
    Betrayal challenge – take the russian T-V, put some german marks on it and go to sim battle.
    Then, you have to carefully flank the germans and kill them silently one by one, pretending yourself as a german tank

    Attempt #5

  20. TomislaviXXL KILLER

    Good video

  21. How do you get free golden eagles on the dev server?

  22. test out the stabilized gun from the leo YOU WILL SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 4:51 for the gameplay

  24. This could be top tier no issues

  25. than the t29 should be also 7.3 I mean what does we germans have now on 6.7

  26. Haha this photoshop

  27. phly add japanese type 60 rocket tank and type 87

  28. How ca-n i get on the dev server ?

  29. 400 000 Subscribers ?

  30. Francisco Guerrero

    13:11 lol

  31. James Hernandez Santos

    At least Buckley doesn’t clickbait…

  32. That IS3 kill was funny…we all knew he was going to die….the tiger kill wasn’t as funny though

  33. jpz 4-5 should be at 6.7 but this ru251 should be at 7.0

  34. It was a little disingenuous to leave out M56 when comparing pen to other 6.7 tanks, the M56 I believe has similar if not equal pen in it’s own HEATFS round- albeit I don’t believe as fast, plus vulnerable to hull break/mg fire, and no HESH.

  35. 13:20 you sound sooo evil

  36. Yo Phly! show us T34! pls

  37. *Hey PhlyDaily!) Use boris sound mod **** it is pretty osum and perfect sounds on all tanks!*

  38. P26 peashooter, m2a2 memez

  39. Kenneth Fenris Lund

    Yeah typical GAYjin…germany gets what, a paper bullshit light tank and only reworked the Ju-87 graphics?? get real for fucks sake, sick of this crap about always neglecting the german tech trees, like this patch adding just bullshit things like the RU crap that gets rekt when you spit at it, and Stuka’s that are so insanely underpowered and horrible before and only gets a paintjob…but lets give soviets a IS-6! british gets Centurion Mk.1 and a FV4005 with the biggest gun ingame plus a spitfire, usa gets heavy tanks aswell and some OP planes too…

  40. Алексей Кузнецов

    most OP tank

  41. You can’t just bring out the Duck in a video and not give us a quack sound

  42. “Oh no, germany gets a postwar tank at 6.7”
    and every nation get them even earlier with F-HEAT and hesh.
    Good Job PhlyDaily.

  43. this is so similar to world of tanks!

  44. Are there new damage models for aircraft? At the end the duck just disintegrated when it hit the floor

  45. TheMysteriousSwede

    Another great video, Phly! Can’t wait to rage at this tank! 😀

    Congrats on the big 400 000 subs as well, man! Well deserved!!

  46. Лев Бабинцев

    bt5 fasterer

  47. That thumbnail XD OMG its the best!

  48. Dustin Christiansen

    play the t34 comparison to the t29 American br6.7 beast or flop

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