FREE 6TH SENSE FOR ALL! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is about make best change in a long time in 1.18.1 as 6th sense will be made free ALL COMMANDERS in WoT!



  1. oh finally! i might come back! its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO painful without sixth sense

  2. i saw in your video that if you select perk that you allredy got trained in first slot you dont have fuul refound in xp. I mean in full 5 perk crew selecting first skill as zero skill u got 4.2 perk crew. or i’m wrong?

  3. Thats something i agree on and saying for years aswell. Sixth sense should be feature, not ability.
    A) Its huge advantage, must have, to the point everyone takes it on commander as first at any crew. Getting spotted without knowing makes you pretty much dead.
    B) Commander has so many other usefull skills that are ignored unless you have VERY experienced crew and all necessary skills. Sixth sense, repairs, camo and viewrange, thats already 4 skills that benefits you sooner(three skills that improve gradually). Other perks like Mentor or Jack of all trades would be usefull sooner, but its simply at the very end of priorities.
    C) WoWs has it like that from very beginning.

  4. Should have been done years ago

  5. good feature, now one thing left for crews… moving between tanks onward for free… c’mon, what is the meaning of having a light-tank driver not able to handle a light tank…. i can live with the pay for type-change thing…. please!?

  6. Has there been a change of leadership at WG? It seems so… 😊

  7. What a great change. YEAH!!!!!!!!
    Let’s celebrate WG for doing the bare minimum to improve the game. Sigh

  8. Yeah 👍 next they should give free brother in arms skill for free…….gg

  9. One of the things that I noticed the most when changing from WOTB to WOT is how Sixth Sense was a skill you needed to grind rather than something that was already available.
    Nice to see that being changed.

  10. You know what would be even better?
    To make all newly bought crews have 100% training. This is truly ridiculous. Why should F2P players play with 50% or 75% crews? How much money does WG really make from this? Is it worth it? They should only make you retrain to 90% with credits and 100% with gold when you transfer your crew to a new tank. But all new crews should be at 100%.

  11. This took them *how long?*
    With all the shit they’ve pushed out over the years, only now are they doing QoL changes the community actually needed? *sigh*… better late than never.
    Also, interestingly enough, WoT Console has had this ever since it launched. Let’s hope this is the only thing they take from them….

  12. BS. Need to earn it

  13. a good change actually happened

  14. The casualfication of wot continues

  15. James Sunny Crockett

    What will happen to Commanders in the Barracks not assigned to any vehicle. They are already have 6th sense. Anyone with ideas ?

  16. Yes, well done Wargaming 🙂 Nice to see a positive change without the usual p2w edge to it

  17. its too far from reality. First take out friendly fire , now everybody six sense without working for it… Whats next? Automatic aim the green spots of all tanks?

  18. everybody pulling the balls off themselves for something that NEVER should have been in the game in the first place, being removed 12 years later when they could have removed it at any time. literally hundreds of thousands of new players have probably quit the game over this over the years.. “wow, wp wg, our trust is rekindled”.

  19. On the one hand, it’s going to be nice getting that free extra skill on any commander I’ve already got Sixth Sense on.

    On the other hand, I was kind of hoping for Sixth Sense to be turned into a skill instead of a perk. As in, it would work at 0%, but as you train it up it’d trigger faster. So that when fully trained you’d have Sixth Sense trigger 1 second faster just like when using the directive on top of a fully trained perk.

  20. The lower tiers are essentially dead.
    Make a PvE game mode, 50/50 win chance against bots with objectives. Fun place to grind crew and money. This teaches new players too.

  21. God I’m confused with crewing the tanks and I have played since 2016. 😳

  22. Too many players use sixth sense as a crutch to replace actual scouting or proper advance and observe. Tank destroyers are supposed to be the masters of ambush, sixth sense destroys that, especially with the TD’s that require more than 2 seconds to aim.

  23. QuickyBaby what would you do to someone who would take away your total access and ability to play WOT? What would you be capable with your baby face?

  24. Well, given how long it’s been implemented in WoWs, it makes sense that they would add it to WoT as well.

  25. At last! Also a missed opportunity to include Sound Detection but i won’t complain

  26. I don’t think that change is good at all, just so that novice players don’t do anything. It cost us a lot years ago to play and make exp so that now they make a game in which everything is easy to get. Very bad WG

  27. QB this is quite strange. WG clearly said: “If one of your vehicle commanders already possessed the Sixth Sense perk, you’ll be able to choose a free skill or perk for them. This new skill/perk will automatically be upgraded to the same level as the original Sixth Sense perk (e.g., 100% for 100% or 48% for 48%).” So how is possible that Eagle Eyes is only at 89% when your Sixth Sense on Leopard was 100 ?

  28. That should be done years ago

  29. Why not remove some acquired advantages from tier 1-3, maybe skills/perks, camo, repairs, making the lower tiers less prone to seal clubbing, further reducing the negative impact on new players?

  30. A decade too late

  31. Oh good instead of being a massive campfest the game will be an ultra mega campfest.

  32. Good change, but the question is, why now? WOWS made that change less than one year after its launch in 2016, what took WOT so long?

  33. what about my T-67 with 15k games where I don’t need any more crew skills. How do I get a competitive advantage? My schadenfreude at the tears of those lying dead in front of my gun will be diminished ergo “fun gone”

  34. only took them like ten years

  35. Everything is simplified and more comfortable for new players. Fucking bollocks. Playing for 9 years now and I had to achieve everything from the ground up. No personal reserves, no training manuals, no premium account. Everything with a hard work. Now it’s simple as hell, grinding is 100 times faster and they are still simplifying the game.

  36. I’m sorry didn’t understood what will happen when you already have sixth sense on your crew, will we have a new free 100% skills ? Or should I change all my commanders rn

  37. This is one thing that I’ve had difficulty with in my very occasional forays into PC WoT versus console. I’m so used to having both the zero skill spotted warning (with a three second delay and only when a gun is aimed at you) and the console 6th Sense skill (instant warning and remains on for as long as one is spotting). Having no warning at all is a huge disadvantage.

  38. As a free to play player I couldn’t be happier to hear this great news!

  39. Good addition for a change. GJ WG…Can’t belive I said that :))))

  40. Only took them years… WoWS atleast did it very very early
    Both games are still unplayable, pay2win.

  41. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    My Von Krieger will be happy about this feature

  42. Will this work with crews that are 100% or Will work on crews that are 50% or more?

  43. I’m all for WG’s determination to enhance the game in order to make it competitive as quickly as possible instead of being battered by players that’ve been playing for ten years. Now it matters more to gain experience by playing smart and learning strategy instead of just pounding out the grinding to get to the next tier.

  44. hell yeah grinding a crew to get 6th sense was always aweful

  45. I mean, on blitz we already have free sixth sense

  46. crew 2.0 was great, ngl. hope they didnt scrap it

    or give me the multiple tank cmmanders and the 1 commander crew.

  47. Here’s why I always come back to World of Tanks once in a while and not their other game called Warships.

  48. I dont see that in at my commanders!…Why?!

  49. And the game gets dumbed down even more.
    Why hand things to new players for free. ive been playing since 2013. i want more freebies for wasting my time playing this game
    You reward customers for there loyalty. that keeps them playing, giving shit to people that haven’t earned anything is retarded

    Wargiming, 2nd worst gaming company out there just a cunt hair above activision but closing in on them
    Keep up the shit work, dumbing down this game so a 3 year old could be a unicom.
    Fix the spotting mechanics back to the way were 3 years ago. stop giving shit away to people that have never given you a dime
    and don’t get me started on the toxic mods. they don’t even follow their own rules and just perma chat ban people for 1 or 2 infractions that isn’t even legal. if you offer a chat filter you cant chat ban people for language, at least not in the USA where freedom of speech is guaranteed
    worst run gaming company EVER, but as they only have 1 game, they cant be the worst company…but its close

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