FREE CS-52 LIS – HOW LONG? World of Tanks

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World of Tanks. Today is answering exactly how hard the CS-52 LIS is in World of Tanks – and how long it takes!




  2. The first 6 ill do them with tier 10s. The others ill complete with the T34 85M cause its broken and against tier 8 takes a big hand of base xp.

  3. Never done a mission marathon before, how does it compare to road to berlin?

  4. Takes Quicky 36 hours to get free tank…….. Lets put Quicky at making $20 an hour, that’s $720 he gave up for a tier 8 tank.

    Yea, I’m just going to troll games and not worry about if I get the tank or not.

  5. Ready to rekt em in t44 100

  6. Wait so all I have to do is just get exp and the last stage is 50k exp? On wot console for one of the tier 10 premium there were 7 stages and the first was like 5k exp, 2nd was like 15k, and kept rising. The final stage you had to get 150k. It was well over 500k exp to do it.

  7. wędkarstwo biłgoraj

    Lis is in england fox

  8. Frederik Jul Laursen

    How long Will it take If i get a bot to play in the work/Night hours?

  9. This man is King of Data, thanks for your time and effort

  10. Csak egy magyar ember

    Wargaming in the summer break:…
    Wargaming when school starts: MaRaThOn

  11. I think is unfair that if u do a challange, and u play for discount only-it is not permanent. And it should be. U are forced to buy tank in certain time period.P. S: i cant, and i wont to invest more than 2h of my time in the game

  12. From stage 7 and upwards you can see that Wargaming don’t want people to succeed. They want money for this (duh).
    You need to be a good player to get this one for free, or grind like crazy.

  13. Why didnt u tell about the incentive to buy it day one and do the extra missions? Thats extra d1ck move from wg.

  14. Screw it, I’d just buy it on final day with whatever discount I’ve accumulated towards from just my usual play routine.

    Just logically speaking, 40-50+ hours spent grinding… or just do 1-3 hours of [overtime] work, and buy it…

  15. Cancer only has four stages.

  16. This is making me cry. Because not only Im shit but also Im broke af

  17. Don’t worry, they will sell the tank at christmas anyway

  18. I think im to old for that… faster I’ll get money for that tanks on overhours in work than plaing…

  19. I will play the challenges for fun, then I will evaluate the tank, and if I like it, then I will buy it and all the other goodies at a discount.

  20. Thx for the vid. But you did not mention that this time wg implemented some special missions that can only be completed with the CS-52 LIS. You can get up to 14 days of premium, crew books and more. But you can’t do them later. They are only to do on the same day. So clearly they want that people buy the tank with less discount just to get these rewards…….!

  21. Chicken Impersonator

    I will try only cuz I need ceedits. I dont care about this polish premium tank. Grinding tghru the challenge with T8 premiums that I have thanx to previewes challenges.

  22. player on asian server : ” are you challenging me..?? “

  23. i hate the fact that you have to play t10

  24. just happy about the reward for each stages. won’t grind the tank but for regular gameplay, getting bonus rewards is a gift lol

  25. Dino Granola Bars

    Instead of playing for 40 hours to get this tank, work 40 hours and just buy it. Or work 3-4 hours minimum wage and you will probably be able to buy it

  26. Not a chance I run for it. Thank’s anyway.

  27. Im a starter and i dont know how to buy a bison

  28. Yeah you’re right, i’m going to play the premium tanks i already have !

  29. Lisica=fox 🦊

  30. Wargaming really believes players are THAT dedicated … LOL … wake up, WG dudes ! this is not even a good tank ! it’s another average premium, noothing new, nothing special. Moving on

  31. I bet the amount of bots will quadrouple for the next 10 days….

  32. That valley running across your head is deeper than the Mariana Trench…

  33. If you really want to grind, I recommend 1 day of overtime work, much less stress. 8/10 hours at work > 30-50 hours in the game. Blast it, I’d rather work all that grind time to earn money, which will result in a premium tank and $$$ for you.

  34. Too long for me to even bother trying, like all the other bs missions

  35. I don’t need anymore my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  36. I now regret my choice of not doing the ts5 marathon however after the su 130 pm grind I had to take break the game sucked my soul out on that grind

  37. I definitely going to try. Not sure I will be able to.

  38. I’ll take your advice mate, I’ll play normally, see how many stages I can unlock and enjoy those rewards. At the end I’ll see if what discount I have and if I want to pay the difference to get the tank…or not 🙂

  39. The tanks not worth it, WG dont want you to win it they want money they want you to buy it. It’s not worth paying just work your way up the tech tree

  40. I guess it’s all about how much discount you want to get. Getting this tank for free is only viable for extremely good players and those with the opportunity to invest about 40 hrs. So that’s only possible if you have time a plenty or if you are able and willing to invest days off. However if you have to chose between days off and no pay during those days, then you would be better off just working those hours and investing about 2-3 hours of pay to just buy it *(with a small discount).

  41. QB… you nailed this analysis. I already have the T-44, I’m not grinding to get this Polish version.

  42. I recently finished burrasque challenge.. in 2 steps:
    1. wait for it to get on sale
    2. pay (only) 26EUR
    gg, that was easy

  43. I strongly recommend people give world of tanks a break for a month or 2. Realize how much more time you get back in your life. For some it can be life changing.

    Remember that this is a pay to win game where they have a huge vested interest in getting you to spend time and money in it. They arent looking out for your best interests, and they’ll use whatever psychological tricks are necessary to get you to stay.

  44. Zoutsteen from Holland

    100xp per game … you don’t get in the top 10 and still earn so little XP. Even 200-300xp is probably only counting 50% of the time, at best.

  45. I’m a 52.2% winrate player, and over the last 1000 battles, I had an average of 750 base xp. So this is still going to be about 4 hours of world of tanks each day. My work starts next month, then I will have to get up at around 7 o’clock in the morning, so no long nights. I get home from work at about 4:30 in the afternoon, but let’s factor in half an hour for dinner, so 5 o’clock. 4 hours of WoT and it’s 9 o’clock, but I’ve got to go to bed no later than 10:30. Even when you are an above average player, you have to sink almost all your free time into this game. Yeah, you could play 8 or even more hours on the weekends, but forget about chores like cleaning or shopping or whatever. If you wanna do this challenge, say goodbye to a normal life for ten days. 4 hours of gaming isn’t that much for one day. But every day for 10 days? That’s crazy.

  46. Encourage peeps to use BOT programs to get the “new tank”
    ’cause that is basically what you just pointed out.

  47. Well, I think these challenges aren’t really challenges. It’s something that makes the player a freakin’ robot, cool WG…

  48. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    0:34 fab

  49. free only for pay to win

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