Free Object 283, Gift Tank & New Rewards | Holiday Ops 2023 in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Install Mech Arena for Free IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack. Available only for the next 30 days.
Disclaimer: *Existing players can take part in the Derby event from November 16 until November 29. from November 16 until December 18.
World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 Event Guide Free Gift Tank Tank, Rewards, Free Object 283 Tier 9 Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Holiday Ops Loot Boxes.

Video Chapter:
00:00 Introduction
01:05 Free Gift Tank
02:00 Announcement
04:20 Announcement Details
04:55 Holiday Ops Overview
07:25 Video review with comments
18:30 Deeper look into details
24:15 Object 283 and Terminal
27:10 Conclusion

Today World of Tanks the long-awaited article about Holiday Ops 2023. This is a full guide for the event with many changes, free gift tank M16/43 Sahariano, a chance to get Object 283 for free and more!

What do you think?


  1. Hi Dez, I think you made a mistake, when you calculated the cost of the Autocollector. You can collect twice a day, so if you can’t play for 3 days, your not paying 450.000k, you’re paying 900.000k credits. XD

  2. Tha_Truth EU server best WOT time of the year

  3. Can’t really have an opinion, because we don’t know how WG is going to F’up this year or are we all experience christmas miracle and the event is going smooth.
    Good thing is that is starts when it should have started in previous years. Dec 1st.
    Eu server

  4. did not see any prem days as rewards ?

  5. I wait the whole year this event so i can farm credits being a f2p player also its nice that we can have a chance to get that t9 tank for free

    User Guderian_RO server EU

  6. Seems very complicated. For now, it looks nice though. Hulluhkosika EU-server.

  7. Holiday Ops is the best thing in this game. Lots of rewards, skins and free gifts.
    BloodRelated EU

  8. I think its good for the game that they have changed something in this event, because it was almost the same for many years, so it will not be boring for existing players and the chance to win tier IX for free is good idea althrough this tank is not as exciting as it could be. I am really interested whats gonna be in those lootboxes. My prediction will be Udarniy, BZ-176 and M47 Patton Improved and maybe something from last year… Caliban. Anyway happy holidays to all of you!

    Skapcake EU

  9. I realy like this time of the year, in real life and wot too. This is the best holiday event so far, i dont know any game which has the same feeling with the event. I hope they won’t ruin this event with the boxes. Love ur content Dez, keep going.
    (davidking2003 , EU)

  10. I am hyped for these years OPS again,
    It is the best time to play WoT in my opinion.
    However, Thx for your content <3

  11. Holiday ops is a great way to farm credits and the lootboxes are worth the money, but if you want a specific tank dont hunt for it in lootboxes

    Toasterloh EU

  12. It’s strange that they decided to change the progression system of the atmosphere once again and I believe it become more complicated, since the decorations and the credit boost are no longer connected and they’ve made a whole new resource managment “minigame”. The best friend visiting system is way worse than the previous box gifting mechanic (the new system is selfish in every aspect, no activity between people). It should be mentioned that they’ve opened another way to gamble (obj 283), which is basically the same as any other lootbox “event” like the Waffentrager, when we already have the big christmas boxes for many years now (most likely big boxes will contain some resources, which you can use to get tokens), also they showed the chances, so you have 11% chance to get the tank or the rental of it (i believe 10% for rental, 1% for permanent).

    Overall the christmas event is still the best of all events in the game and this isn’t an exception, but I’m not sure the game is going into the right direction.

    The video is informative as always Dez, keep it up!
    (Tom975x EU server)

  13. I am definitely hyped for holiday ops, we get a lot of money and than spend it on blackmarket event ahhahha.
    kiklop_5 / EU

  14. Nice job Dez keep going!! Event is good for Change.
    El_naKu_grande EU

  15. im excited because you can play for better benefits then usual and the extra rewards always keep me going.

  16. New casino update!! Can I get a haayaaaaah? Loladobola-EU

  17. It looks pretty nice tbh. If only I had time to play during the holidays :D.
    IGN: 7macejko7_SVK
    Server: EU

  18. Best event of the year. Hope they don not f0ck up the festive atmosphere like last year.

  19. I love this !!! I am sooo excited for every one christmas event since i started playing 8 years ago. Mikystefek – EU

  20. Holiday ops are most profit time for wg, but sometimes thy add tanks that shouldn’t come to game (without weakspots, etc.) Those tanks gets boring trough time, but for example progetto is still one of most fun and enjoyable tanks compared to tornvagn or some others. (Panda_GoT_BAN, EU)

  21. Over complex processes…. They should have sticked to K.I.S.S. in all honesty

  22. Dami獺n Sancristobal

    I think this years event is a bit over complicated, but its nice i guess. (DyMaster, NA)

  23. Looks fun as always! I’m very excited!

  24. Love that Mila is the new commander this year. The whole event looks pretty interesting

  25. Well as always, big hype! They have their fun little events, they have their usual money grabs that we all love so much… (haha yeah we love it, for real). But at the end it’s a good time of the year. (norbi9909, EU)

  26. I can wait for this ,its new this year and I am hyperx.
    Name: drunkTANKdriver
    Server :EU

  27. Looks nice, hopefully f2p players get enough tokens to actually have a chance at getting the t9 as I’m afraid the 11% means 10% rental and 1% permanent

    crime100 (EU)

  28. I am always excited about Holiday Ops! New missions, free stuff and loot boxes! I cannot wait.
    Casper3 NA

  29. I think it’s more complicated, but we will see how it is in practice… I like it.
    Username: kos123
    Server: EU

  30. Seems more complicated than the past, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

  31. i think is better than the last year. Name: _Michal_4 Server: EU

  32. it looks amazing to me, hopefully comes with good tanks. Kill_Them_All_Hero – EU Server

  33. Hi Dez, some parts look good. But why would I pay for a box with a rental in it? I get that on twitch, usually 4 rentals in the monthly fee. As a new player I feel the daily missions are difficult to complete and so 1 hour a day is hard to finish for me. ChuckaTank Asia.

  34. Looks fun to me. Didn’t like the gift bit last year as I have no friends.
    Dad_414 EU

  35. Always looking forward to the event! super excited. Love how they co-op new Celebraties in. Can’t wait! (FoolishSaint, Asia)

  36. As a fairly new player who started to play about a month ago, this seems like a great opportunity for me to get my hands on some nice, free stuff!
    Player name: KingZeruel
    Im on EU Servers

  37. looking forward to this. something new is always welcome.user:ianpsi(ASIA)

  38. Seems interesting, can’t wait to start completing missions
    DeimixXx_Destroyer (EU server)

  39. I look forward to this year holiday ops as all the previous years.
    Crow_DK EU Server

  40. holiday ops is the best event in the year bacause of the crewmembers and wehicle discounts plus extra credits. Eskildini eu server

  41. I’m exited like every year for this event since 2018. But this year is more complicated (this remind me “Clash of Clans” mechanism to reach resources). I hope that won’t affect too much this event. The other parts are interesting and doesn’t affect vital parts and mechanism of this game.
    Nickname: claudiofxx
    server: EU

  42. Hi Dez!
    Good video, thanks for not having to read the whole article

  43. I’m a realitively new sub but I have watched your content for awhile anyway im exited for holiday ops I have always been a big Christmas fan and it just makes me happy that the game feels decked out for christmas lots of love Cpt_Jonny_Blaster + Na

  44. I like these events but unfortunately overall they are Just a cash grab. IGN: Armored_Cav Server: NA

  45. This is the time of year for gold, gifts, tanks.
    I usually gather at least a year of premium from the loot boxes.
    I still have 150 premium days from last year.
    All the holiday camo’s, and the tanks.
    I know it’s the big money making time for WG, but for a lot of us who have been around the game for years, it’s been worth it.
    I hope the Emil(1955) would be one of the gift tanks this year.
    Mr_Obnoxious – NA

  46. well, while great value, lootboxes are a predatory gambling cashgrab tactic

  47. Relatively new player, so I have no idea what to compare this event to, I liked the witch even for the free full crew.

    Hopefully I can finally get a premium tank, cause I’m honestly tired of losing credits in every game even though I never fire gold, or use prem consumables.

    NotFunny27, ASIA

  48. this is the first Holiday ops for me so im super excited for the rewards and challenges!

    Good luck to every one

    Goodkebap108 EU1-2

  49. Super

  50. The only thing i am excited for are those loot boxes,cant wait to see what u can get from them…

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