Free Premium, Bond Equipment and More in World of Tanks Anniversary 2023

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Anniversary 2023.

Today let's take a at the upcoming World of Tanks Anniversary in 2023. The event rolls out in 2 days and packs quite some rewards, including a tier 5 free premium tank AMX 13 (FL 11).

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. 🔴EDIT: Oh yeah, went over it without mentioning that during the event, GSOR 1010, first British wheeled medium will be sold! 🔴
    Are you happy with the reawrds or not? 🙂 Free stuff is always free, right?
    What are you looking forward the most?
    Have an awesome day!

    • I know the feeling – 15 minutes preparing wich tank to use@KochiMi

    • a tier 8 will a better reward
      for me tier 5 is garbage

    • @Cvira i have only 5x t10 left. All lines are either on 8 or 9th tier so it’s pretty easy what to choose.

      Oh you want free exp? Grind wins in t8 prem Tanks 😂

    • @redfox2500 but t8 is too expensive. T5 is a nice toy to have fun, do a lot of dmg and boost your wn8 rating

    • then don’t but it easy

    • Hi All

      Yes I agree a Tier5 is trash even if it is for free. Majority of players play Tier 8 and up so a free Tier8 would be nice especially if you have been a supporter of the game for many years.

      I also have one concern has anybody ells noticed how expensive premium tanks have become. In my country South Africa a premium tank price is equivalent to a full AAA title game price.

  2. the 268-4 gets nerfed? darnit

  3. Best Coach On Earth

    I want my WZ 114 to be buffed.

  4. why all the good discounts and the log in missions when i am on vacation that week…

  5. There is a lot of things happening in the game and some of them are actually quite good. Not going to speak about the not so good ones (Chinese OP tanks *wink wink*, onslaught *clears throat*…ok, maybe talk just a bit). Overall, I think WG is making a great effort and they should be congratulated for it.

    However, I wish they would do something about the servers. I get a lot of lagg although I: a) have a good pc with a new graphic card; b) new and fast fiber internet connection (don’t have any problems at all with other programs), c) I even play on SD. It is far from unplayable now, yes, but would be nice to experience the gae to full potential (HD, etc). I have checked in every possible manner and all is working amazing on my side and with my internet connection. This is a server side issue.

    • do you have a sound card as well ?? ..just having a GFX card and good PC alone will not guarantee higher performance.
      Then there is the the local traffic of your router and the local areas’s network that your own router connection flows into and through to the servers, many users between you and there, are watching streaming services, on youtube, shopping-online, looking at pron etc, etc, some of which you can partially predict from the time of day or night, and which day in the week & seasonal holidays time it is etc.

    • @Razor 1uk there are no issues there. It is the only program that brings anything remotely close to an issue. A bit of a coincidence, don’t you think?

    • Agreed, it isn’t too bd for me unless my team starts to cluster around me or I am taking incoming from multiple targets, then I can forget it for 2 or 3 seconds, V.maddening when you know you just got to spotting heaven in a spot and lagg takes you thru the bush, then the incoming from multiple enemies commences, your frozen and you die, shamefully. 🙂 Thanks WG!

    • @Warhammer riggs well, it isn’t nearly as bad as that now, not remotely. But I had a similar experience, which led me to renegotiate internet contract and got a good upgrade on my desktop. Way better now, but, as I said, still notice a bit of lagg. Not enough to interfere with results, but annoying. As I said I am using SD and low quality sound settings. Also, I uninstalled and re-installed the game. The time it took to download it was mental. Never experienced anytinh of the sort. Everything else is really fast on this pc – every download, updates from other programs – everything. I am sorry, but servers are not optimized.

  6. No more different level of rewards for time spend on the game?

  7. Wargaming want you to have fun playing a tank game, so I’m guessing that they want you to go play GHPC simulator.

  8. Hey @DezGamez .. you actually jumped over the sales for tanks and so didn’t highlight the new BRITISH WHEELED MEDIUM TIER 8 PREMIUM coming to the game as preface of the new line. Yes, time to grab some stuff like consumables to stock up and a tier5 tank…
    the nerffs and buffs .. some are too much like on Turtle but most don’t change to much of basic tank characteristic. the highlight maybe T69 will be competitive in the future with buff to pen values while on the downside VK45.02 misses this out still being the worst TechTree heavy tank on pen stats in the game. armor buff and gun handling are nice but biggest weakness still exist – some other tier8 heavy have as good standard pen as VK has gold pen … 🙁

  9. Mighty mouse team is only proper team 😎

  10. Why do the developers insist on adding clown camo and clown decals into the game, Do some research and make some historical skins. This is a game based in mid 20th C tanks so it has a basis in reality, the game trudges steadily on turning into the world of make-believe crap that 99% of games already focus on. As a beta tester i remember that this was founded and developed by tank enthusiasts, they´re clearly long gone.

  11. When the video did the “So much to choose from video” part, it really reminded me of those mobile game ads or ads with AI scripts.

  12. Hey look its mr Banger voice :O

  13. Alright, that isn’t so hard to get the AMX FL 11.

  14. TehButterflyEffect

    Why the heck nerf the Bobject? It’s a terrible TD … The Obj. 263 is better in every way.

    Edit: this is the same company that keeps nerfing the italian mediums until they are completely unplayable, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

  15. Thanks for a free tank but maybe make it a tier 6 so we can use it in battle pass?

  16. My father was a WWII Vet flying 52 missions in B17 bombers and his two brothers were with Gen. Patton, so for me, Wargaming is like family, Tanks, Planes, and Ships. Thanks for the video, DezGamez, and good luck, Mike in the USA

  17. yeah like i really need a tier 5 premium light tank i’ll never use ! utter garbage yet again from a company that makes millions !! oh but keep logging in daily to get your crap bonus what ever that is lol 🙂

  18. saw the title hoped there will be a code awarding bond equipment. fuck this i wont reinstall the game, not in this state.

  19. Not enough to get me to play again,log in every day to face teams of retards-no thanks i`l pass.

  20. The past two years gave us the shittest anniversary tanks. The Kv1sa with no armour, gun depression and crew members everywhere, and now an underpowered version of the Amx elc bis with a crap gun. Great. Missed it when we actually got cool tanks such as the vk, the super hellcat and chaffee, and the t50 2

    • Yeah, but those were all “WELL DESERVED” (lol) rewards, and yeah, they were awesome. But it’s somewhat a tradition for wargaming to give us a crappy tank for their bday anniversary every year.

  21. only good rewards is improved equipment and exp book

  22. meh… if the nerf ver4 speed by that much im just gonna sell it… its just stupid… one of the most fun tanks to play and they just nerf it to the ground….

  23. Chieftain and 268-4 getting nerfed – my wishes came true 🎉😊

  24. that fact they are nerfing the 279e is stupid because of how hard the tank is to get. lol

  25. will the test server go on august 10?

  26. last year was t95 – 3d style, peregrine, gonzalo, and what else… I don’t remember

  27. Best thing for me allways were the bonds according to the time you played the game and of course the annual Super Hellcat.

  28. Cheers Dez 👍

  29. No lootboxes in this event!? Impossible!

  30. I miss the times then there were only 3 nations in the game, since then the game gets worst over the last 7-9 years. Didnt play the last month, not sure, if i log in. Man, my 13th year in this game, uhm.

  31. its was a “caravan” feb 2022.. i got the CS-52LIS cheap. great stream & video info. underr this thread hit “MORE Details” Choose one of the three teams from the celebratory competition, complete a series of tasks, and receive rewards!.. it will tell you about the auction. I don’t think its fair to nerf reward or premium tanks. I don’t have chief or 279 but i feel the grief with there owners.

  32. Nice job WG just forget about the everyday player which makes up your majority. Don’t care if you have been here paying money for ten plus years. Just throw out some piss poor rewards to the ones who platoon. Sorry very sorry and your content providers are oblivious of the fact that you care little of your long following. Nice Job DEZ

  33. So done buying tanks…..why, when war gaming nerfs it 3 months later. And NOTHING is FREE here

  34. Waitttt, we dont have in anniversary shop bond to buy??

  35. Bring back rankeds,and take out Onslaugh,that rewards are garbage

  36. I remember when world of tanks first came out on Xbox 360. Damn its been a super long time, December will be 9 years for me

  37. It just seems like every tank I get; they’re nerfing it. Back in the day, when I finally got the T110E5, they nerfed it. And then just recently the Kranvagn, they also nerfed it. Now I got the Vz. and the bobjekt, they’re nerfing those as well? Lmao

  38. tired of working my ass off to get a tank to just get it fukn nerfed fukn war gaming really suck

  39. Can’t wait to spend money for their anniversary….what joy 😅

  40. nerfing sucks no mater what they adding op 410 alpha tanks and then nering the tank that can face them it get stupid

  41. does that mean they will fix the MM

  42. Eh! another low tier trash, tier 5 and 6 is infested with Lefh m44 hummel artas, its not good tier to play

  43. Simple not good rewards, every they made a less rewards for players and their loyal and more and more turn to pay to win players… simple who have money they will be rewarded who dont spend money sry bro you wont get all stuff and rewards like a pro money 😀

  44. Just Doing It Jim

    I was so impressed fighting against the Bobject that I just had to have one. Now, two days after finishing that grind WG says they’re going to nerf it! I don’t even have the crew trained up yet!

  45. too bad half of the daily missions are for platoons.

  46. Ill be annoyed if they have not discounted premium gold tech tree vehicles

  47. Je me suis désabonné

    I am playing since 12 yo and no more reward like t-50-2, super hellczt ?

  48. F I N A L L Y ! !
    They actually nerf those toxic broken PoS tanks, including the pinnacle BS ones.
    Credit where credit is due… they finally woke up.

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