FREE STUFF + Battlepass Season 1! + World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Free stuff for everyone, yay?


  1. I think its great, and thinking about it some more, i dont even think the price is that outragious, considering the loot you can get from it. including a lot of credits boosters and about 19 days of premium. As always, thanks for tuning in and love to hear your thoughts.

    • F2P battle pass is good,
      6500 gold for what it contains is flat out insulting. ($40cad for BP, 30 days prem time is $15cad for reference)

    • Pretty sure the levels are 50 points each, and the values just reflect the total # of points you need to earn, looks like a decent program.

    • oh sure its great, getting lots of stuff just for playing like it in most games suppose to be.
      only the improved… pay 6500 gold and 5000more if you want more stages done xD just for 3 months!

      It’s kinda like you give a homeless a coin and instead of thanking you he saids: “Oi! is that all you can give?!”

    • Improved equipment is so situational when it comes to an “advantage” that it doesn’t even count. I equipped my chieftain full bond equipment. I will regret it forever.

    • Pretty good I think, as long as you don’t see it as a grind like some people do. Just play as normal… and get free shit! Sweet as!

  2. To be honest, I always though that the bond equipment was overblown as to how little of an advantage it gives… an additional 2.5% better than standard isn’t that much- considering the game is full of RNG is nearly every dept.
    In other words, I highly doubt that you will know/notice if somebody else is using bond equipment, or this new “Bounty” equipment. Using directives to help out a newbie crew and saving bonds for tanks is more valuable imho.
    And complaining about free stuff- is like complaining about options in the game setting menu. I don’t get that…

    • How you put it, yes, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you look at it this way it is, the difference between 10% and 12.5% is a 25% increase, exactly what most RNG in this game is, its like you always highroll, not saying anything about my personal opinion on this.

  3. I don’t care about people paying to get extra stuff. I personal won’t be doing it, don’t see the need to. I will play like normal, take what I get. My money my choice, your money your choice.

  4. Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet

    I think the battlepass is a good addition, free to play is minimal and its a lot of free stuff. I cant help but to be a little dissapointed tho, games like fortnite have way more exciting battlepasses.

  5. I think this is a nice addition.

  6. This honestly doesnt seem like too hard of a challenge to do….2,250 points divided by 7 points per win in top 3 for xp = 321.4 (so less say 322) wins over the course of 89 days….so 322 wins / 89 days = 3.6(so lets call it 4) wins a day….

    4 wins falling into the top 3 xp of the team per day really doesnt seem that hard of a challenge

  7. Do you think that they will give away another broken as fuck Russian heavy tank to add to my collection in the battle pass

  8. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    You got rewarded for a broad garage during old nation-based Marathons. Especially during T26E4 event, since you could claim multiple x2 and x5 XP towards your progress.
    That was long, long ago.

  9. Circon just sealed fortnites grave

  10. Ok, let’s go straight: free stuffs are always welcome but p2w not. I like the battle pass except for the bounty tank rammer that IMHO is almost ‘pure p2w’. Look at it from this point of view: same tank, same skill, same timing in shooting….who win? It doesnt matter ‘its only 2,5%’, its the difference between survive or die, we all knows that is a game of small tunings that are very importants from a ‘statistic approach’ to the game cause is a game of infinite repetitions. In the end I dont like unfair competitions but I m not too idealistic so I admit I wont buy it just cause of the price.

    • @MishkinIta Improved equipment can’t be bought with real money. The whole concept is the exact opposite of P2W.

    • @Stubbari lol again, a bit of objectivity pls. How can you basically and consistently earn bonds? From t X matches, from ranked and from premium daily missions, all things that a F2P player cant do it. Have you ever been a F2P WoT gamer? I did, for many years (not anymore), its another game. Not saying you cant earn bonds at all, but the difference with premium people like me today IS HUGE.

    • @MishkinIta Bonds can be grinded from almost all modes. Just like credits. Are you saying that premium account is also P2W because you get more currency? It’s ‘pay to skip the grind’ at best.

    • @Stubbari imho yes cause a f2p player cant play t X consistently (lack of credits) and so has a limitated access to bonds. I m not saying a f2p player cant earn bonds, I already wrote, and this is a fact, there is a HUGE difference in the quantity of bonds earned by a F2P player. I repeat, i m a premium player, but i m not blind.

    • @MishkinIta Take your condescending attitude and stuff it. Your attempt at sounding wordy changes nothing about you crying over less than nothing. 2.5 percent in a game with a 50% spread on accuracy, penetration and damage, it doesn’t matter how polite you think you are, complaining about THIS is the pathetic whinging of an entitled toddler.The thing you’re crying about is FREE, in the game, and has been for 3 years.

      Also don’t ever try to base an argument on RNG being equal when it’s intended, and specifically designed purpose is to be NOT equal. This is a game, with bit of chance involved in it, not a spreadsheet.

  11. everything is good for my arty

  12. better than playing shtline.

  13. I just don’t care about this at all. I’m still waiting for Wargaming to buff tanks like the T34, KV4, IS4, E100 etc. We need actual tank rebalances/buffs, +1/-1 mm. This game is really going down the drain.

  14. So good but to get a commander that has less perks than the two commanders I already have and no voice over is not worth the grind, yes it is good stuff to earn, about the skins someone tall me how hard it is to change the base color of the skins to match the maps ie. like summer, winter and desert , come on WG is it that hard or are you that lazy. Keep up the great work Circonflexes thanks for all your hard work

  15. Any thing for free is nice but if you want a little extra why not pay for it.

  16. I know unrelated, but with you having been ill lately, and the fact that your camera was breaking up in grey-scale all vid you looked like you were in a very small horror movie

  17. And WG released the Twitch Prime Battlepass… The Captured King Tiger can get u more points :p Well at least… The cap is higher

  18. i don’t see myself playing this game by christmas if this keeps up

  19. Ephaestus of the Grey Knights

    I love you Circon no homo

  20. I am having trouble with the model: You can buy the improved battle pass for 6.5kG. And then you can buy something more for 5kG that only lasts for 20 stages or 250g for one stage (that you can buy in 60 days) but both require that you have bought the Improved Battle pass. So uhm… What exactly is not included in the improved battle pass that you can only get through the two additional options? The “free” lane stuff? So you have to pay somewhere around 12kG to get everything? That is some serious cash, I would say.

    • The two additional purchases are for you to skip ahead. So players who can’t commit the time can get the rewards by just buying the stages.

  21. This looks interesting. I’ll give it a try and I may buy the upgrade if I think it will be worth it. This will all depend on how much time I get to play.

  22. I’m not complaining about free stuff.
    I just wish there could’ve been more interesting stuff in it.
    Already have like 1600 boosters, so I don’t need more.
    Completed the entire tech tree, and am sitting on hundreds of fragments from last christmas. So I don’t need it.
    I’m sitting on top of millions of credits. Again, I don’t need it. And I can just pop a credit booster with a prem tank if I REALLY need any credits.
    All the crews that I care about already have like 5 skills, so the training books don’t really give a lot of % for me to care about.

    It’s mostly just stuff I really don’t need more of.
    Comparing it to something like Warframe, in the free battle pass you mostly get new unique stuff and more valuable resources honestly.

    As for the bounty rammer stuff, it still is pay to win imho.
    You’re still paying for that improved reload time. I know it’s not a lot, but it all adds up with all the tiny little advantages you can get by paying extra for getting a better crew, running premium consumables and directives, playing an OP premium, spamming prem ammo.

    • It can’t be pay to win if you can get the improved rammer without paying a penny, through earning bonds.

      It’s more “pay to save time”.

  23. gun rammer is overrated. +2,5% is nothing.

  24. I hope they bring back the merit rewards , before I couldve gotten a premium day every 1 or 2 days of playing casually but now its too rare.
    It gave free-to-play players a big boost, big shame it got replaced.

    • I remember that. I used to get one or two days to play and if I played hard the first day I could get a one day of premium that I could enjoy for some time. Good stuff.

  25. my thoughts: i think it is a good thing that you get a good ammount of rewards without having to sp[end money on the game at all. you also get a considerable amount of boosts for your russian and british tech tree. so all in all its a good improvement for the game.

  26. That moment when WG watch Destiny 2 and realise they can introduce a free and an upgraded season pass in the same way and there are those people that will pay. EXCEPT, in Destiny 2 the paid for improved version gives you extra over and above the free, but you get BOTH!

    • Bungie did an amazing job with the season pass! Loved it and made to the max level. Compared to that this one os shiiiit.

  27. I cool with it. Don’t know that I will buy the gold pass, but if I did it would be with the gold I got out of holiday boxes which is discounted, in my case when the dust settled the holiday gold I got was 47%. So I think it just a way for WG to get some of the holiday gold out of the economy. The equipment is probably a way for them to drain off some of the FL credits as well.

  28. 25% faster reload is not pay-2-win? Also, twitch care package, with C.Tiger with 700 point margin isn’t getting on the favor of not pay-2-win.
    6500 gold, because someone decided to erase merit rewards, is not worth it for commander, horrible skin(s) and style…
    And NOBODY is talking about the time spent on the grind. (20+ games, in time for tank rewards/frontline and bad MM)

  29. fuck gold fuck p2w !!
    ANYTHING what gives you an advantage for fkin money is pure p2w !

    thats whay this event is miserable

    not to mention that WG said loud and clear that bonds and bond equipment will NEVER EVER be available for money
    fukcing liar scums

  30. Game pass basically is selling bond equipment.

  31. sounds good 🙂

  32. Seems absolutely fine to me. I couldn’t care less tho since I’ve moved away from WoT. However, it’s nice to see WG doing something not shit for a change!

  33. Its the small things that keep adding up! 2.5% faster reload, premium consumable, easier to use gold ammo, easier to train crews and gain xp, strong premium tanks. You should try a f2p account and then i would like to hear your opinion. Btw this battle pass is so bad compared to crossout or destiny 2, also those passes cost 10 euro. They could have done amazing things, exclusive lower tier premiums, cosmetic items that can be used on more then 2 tanks, a new garage skin etc. You get a piece of equipment for free that almost nobody ever uses ^^

  34. The stages are only 50 points each, it doesn’t increase by each stage. Already finished stage 3 in only like 20/30 games

  35. If improved rammers aren’t a big issue, then put them on the F2P side of the rewards. Then no issue with adding more of the increasingly cynical wg p2w.

  36. i think the battle pass is great. gives me something to play for

  37. I noticed something about the points system that it’s similar to ranked that if a team is now losing, you’re going to see more the Ranked game mode mentality of people trying to outdo their teammates and see who can be the best-losing player which imo is bad for the game.

  38. I don’t get the p2w crying about the rammer. It’s 2.5%. They gave one out for most in homefront, and it did not ruin it for everyone. I doubt 0.04 seconds faster E25 reload, or the 0.5 second faster KV-2 reload will dominate everyone with it. As tbh, how often do you fire the second it’s up? And more so then not, it won’t make much of a difference unless you fight the same tank you drive. Unless he has food and you don’t. As if you face a high DPM tank, you’re still screwed. Even with 0.2 faster ROF. As there are enough caps as is for that to matter.

  39. Only WOT community can complain for getting free stuff😂. Although everyone who plays the game actively will buy it in seconds. I still have 30k gold from Christmas boxes and many players have gold left. The fact that you can buy it with the gold you have instead of actual money counts as well.

  40. Can’t make up my mind which arty gets the PTW rammer.
    Lef or M44… maybe I can swap it around for 10 gold once a week =D

  41. Quicky thinks the 2.5% faster gun rammer is pay to win, but also acts like wheeled tanks aren’t absolutely broken.

  42. I know this isent a BP question, and that ranked are aids. but the math makes it look like if you havent participated in the previous ranks seasons it is impossible to get enough rank coins to get the panzer.

  43. Sweet, so this is like the stuff in Red Dead Online. That system worked well there. Glad they put in the anti-afk / botter stuff though.

  44. I bought it pretty much just because of all the gold from the Christmas event laying around. but im glad it is for gold and not from the premium shop. the price is overall pretty decent.

  45. Sooooo much grinding, I have no hope

  46. Well…I do have FV215b 183 so I will have some use from that GLD.
    Would it be better to get rammer, vents or v. stab? Yes it would. Will I cry about it for ever? No. And i got to level 4 yesterday just by grinding towards S. Conq and EBR 105 and chasing those AWESOME tank rewards they are giving away this month.
    E.g. 2 female commanders with bia, fragments, camos etc. The only tank i can get as final reward is HT VI. I have other two so I don’t care even if I don’t get the tank at all.
    So…Battle pass – ALL GOOD!!!
    Actually, there is a LOT of free stuff flying around these days.
    Daily missions, frontline, tank rewards, season pass…All at once.

  47. “cartoony characters and you build stuff” ……. isn’t that LEGO?

  48. “I fear no man. But that.. thing, SCARIES man.”

  49. I’m pretty sure that the next battlepass they will release will contain different equipment and we will most likely see vert stabs and vents at somepoint, this is gonna be a reoccouring thing and it’s gonna be nice free stuff. I like it

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