Free T6 Prem – Which to Pick?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks has a Twitch drops store where you can get the TOG, Pudel, M4A1 F10 or Firefly VC in Feb, March and April but which should you pick?

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  2. The only answer is TOG

  3. TOG! No question <3

  4. Short answer: TOG
    Long answer: Well, still TOG

  5. The pudel is basically a Panther at tier VII stock put down a tier, its not a copy of the VK30.02M since it does have better armor than it.

  6. Who doesn’t love a gigantic sausage in their garage?

  7. 0:46 did not know they buffed the TOG!

  8. TOG is the only answer

  9. The good thing about playing TOG is that not only you can have silly fun yourself (if you’re into slow tank), but your enemies will also appreciate having a big HP pinata in the enemy team. It’s the rare tank where it’s potentially fun for both you and your opponents lol

  10. If you like slow, but good tanks, take the TOG, but you want to take part in the battle, I would recommend the Pudel,
    it is actually the same tank as the Bretagne Panther.

  11. There is hopefully enough knowledge gathered to share a tutorial about ‘Experimental Equippment’ on this chanel!?

  12. Well Jimgles will be happy a free Tog

  13. Was happy getting my Tog a few years ago, and donating to the Tank Museum at the same time! It such a great tank and can get a surprisingly good win ratio…

  14. i really love you vids!! if im about tu buy a new prem tank i always watch your revieuws to help me in the hard choice!! all the love to you and keep up the great vids! <3

  15. 3:19 **Laughs in O-I**

  16. that’s a TOGsic tank!

  17. time forgotten prince

    The Pudel is actually a Panther dropped down a tier and has the stock gun the tier 7 gets, so same armor layout, but it also has heavier MM, so it sees tier 8s and 7s more often than other tier 6s

  18. Watching that BZ-58 hit the boosters and charge, was like watching a ram, charge a full grown bull lol

  19. My brother was driving his tog and an E25 tried to ram him. Was hilarious to platoon with and watch. He told me he was in scope and all that happened was his Tog shook a bit. hahahaha

  20. The TOG is fun… until you meet a KV2

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