Free Tank, Bonds and More in World of Tanks 11th Anniversary 2021 Rewards

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Source: DezGamez

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World Tanks 11th Anniversary, Free Tank T-34 1941, Premium Days and More. World of Tanks Free Tank T-34 Mod 1941 Gameplay.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Free Gifts
01:15 Ticket Gift Shop
02:30 Announcement
04:13 T-34 mod. 1941
05:03 First Battle
09:17 Second Battle
13:50 Second Battle Results
14:15 Conclusion and Announcement Details

World Tanks is another year old and let us celebrate it’s 11th Anniversary with some free goodies – including tickets to buy stuff, premium days and a premium tank T-34 mod. 1941.

Let me know what you think about that!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Russian T-34 mod.


  1. What are you going to pick from the ticket store.. Besides bonds, because those things are pretty much must have, right!? 😉
    Have a nice day and here are video chapters for better guidance:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:15 Free Gifts
    01:15 Ticket Gift Shop
    02:30 Announcement
    04:13 T-34 mod. 1941 Setup
    05:03 First Battle
    09:17 Second Battle
    13:50 Second Battle Results
    14:15 Conclusion and Announcement Details

  2. Aaron Conner-Dolgner

    WOW!! Pool’s medal in an arty???? hats off to that guy

  3. The T-34-1941 is gonna end up as a meme tank. I mean, the T-29 from Tier 3 is better, even has the same pen on standard shells and much higher DPM xD
    Name: Panzerkiste
    Server: EU

  4. That leaf is a beast, but only if the WG allows RNG to go with it. I have seen lots of battles with no damage on for leaf. I quess lots of new players where involved with the new premium as allways. Toldi III anyone?

    EU: B00tm4n

  5. Marutein Falconone

    Its nice that we get something for free…. that was the nice stuff XD
    Username: Marutein1
    Server: EU

  6. Great content as always Dez. Cheers on another year on tanks

    Server: NA
    Username: Redirish93

  7. Happy 11th Anniversary
    goss41 from eu

  8. Have you tried looking at tracers from arty to counter? My friend sitting next to me in a training room cant hit each other…the tracers is like 20 meters off.
    Love your content.
    Ign InspireLight
    EU server

  9. Gets his internet working again
    Reconnects to the server
    Reloads the map
    Finally ready to play again
    Instantly dies

    Username: Beurmoth
    Server: EU

  10. Server : EU:
    Username : kul_er

  11. Thanks for the consistent uploads Dez. I’m glad that you’re still enjoying playing WoT. You’re the reason I started playing the game in 2015. Keep up the good work man!
    IGN: 2forU_Reloaded
    Server: Asia

  12. Happy Anniversary Dez, I would love to win a that Skoda (or anything else at once)
    name: danoy
    Server: EU

  13. Adding some ‘love’ to the wave of well being. Happy Tanking everyone, beware the 13th.
    Mechna Yerikov

  14. good job

  15. And Dez back to the giveaway even if i still never get anything but still its something nice <3
    EU server

  16. You are simply amazing content creator keep up the amazing work.

  17. I’ve seen a lot of pain already in this game, but to see an artillery get 10 kills…
    I think hell is more kind than this game.


  18. Incredible what you are doing for your community 👍🏻👍🏻
    Would be nice to see such crazy things from other cc‘s too 🙈

    EU: Screama

  19. Love the videos Dez, keep up the good work. Didn’t think you could get many epic medals below tier 5
    Username: stevemack36
    Server: EU

  20. Username: LancastorDex
    Server: EU
    Great stuff, Wish u made more of those short cynical clips. Love em 🙂

  21. Love your news episode keeps me in on what is happening in the game.

    Thanks Dez
    IGN: Folkisher
    Server: NA

  22. I know it was a different video but that 99 second patch introduction was so fun, i would love to see more things like that.

    User name: Atroszz
    Server: EU

  23. stay sexy dez <3
    Don_Fury_ EU

  24. Have a Great Day
    IGN: Abdul_der_Klapstuh
    Eu Server

  25. just trying my luck 😀
    Username: I_r_Bot
    Server: EU

  26. You did’nt say : “stay naked”. Does that mean I have to put my pants back on? ☹️

    Name: FieserEintopf
    Server: EU

  27. Keep up the good work, Dez 🙂
    Name: Apothekenbier
    Server: EU

  28. i love the way you complain about a gold “tank” (arty) whilst promoting a gold tank!

  29. I hope everyone is having a great day (without LeFHs in your games) 😀

    Username: Iwilldestroyyourtank
    Server: EU

  30. So we all got new premium tear 4 tank??? Nice 🤣🤣🤣 they are going to sit in my garage next 2 year 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Nick: Crazy_Horse84

  31. Love you dez
    Ign YTudorel24
    Server Eu

  32. the bonds and week of premium are nice – just kinda wish they’d give us an extra week of premium instead of giving us terrible tanks we’ll never play, I have a garage full of them

  33. So l have this all ready no cash given zero given for the rest of us with it all ready poor show WOT

  34. LEFEEE is not op it was Just pure player skill. Try to say this with strait feace ;D username Przemas0485 EU server

  35. dez, keep up the great commentary. Love the honesty…
    NA Server

  36. Training book, Bonds and BIA Crew.

  37. I never laughed so hard on a wot video 🤣😂🤣 cheers 🍻 and GJ 👍👌
    Username: Hektok
    Server: EU

  38. TheLittleGenius soFly

    It is hard to say something nice after seeing this sh*tshow of a Lefh game ^^
    I need to relax a little.

    Okay, done. Dez, you are by far my most favorite WoT YouTuber 🙂
    Thank you! Keep up the great work and especially your wonderful attitude!

    Best regards,
    Jan (EU: yodi2)

  39. Perfect showcase of the leaf blower and the state of low tiers dez.


  40. Love all your videos and the tips for the community!
    Username: AnduXz
    Server: EU

  41. I have a skoda car so it would be nice to have a skoda T56 😂

  42. With your videos comment is not necessary…
    Username: zvonimirs
    Server: EU

  43. I plan to get other then bonds. Some days of premium and crew books.


  44. Wow. Just wow.
    User: Hathren
    Server: EU

  45. Always nice content, keep up the good work!
    Name: DoHaiko
    Server: EU

  46. I just liked commented and subscribed and hit the bell button just to get this tank… hook me up lol.

  47. Wow that LeFH was disgusting
    Username: the_dutch_warrior_2015
    Server: EU

  48. Username: isaak34
    Server: Asia
    Can I have that arty please? But that one….lol

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