Free Tank, Boxes, Bonuses, Chuck Norris – Holiday Ops 2021 Guide | World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021

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World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2021 Chuck Norris Commander, Free Tank Pz.Sfl. IC, Loot Boxes and Holiday Ops 2021 Guide. World of Tanks Christmas Holiday Ops 2021 Tanks – Progetto C45 mod 71 and GSOR 1008 in Loot Boxes. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.


Today World of Tanks released one super long article about Holiday Ops 2021, everything we need to know – how it works, what we can get, free tank, Chuck Norris special commander and so on…

What do you think?


  1. Soooo… Lot’s of things to cover, I tried to be as informative as possible, hopefully everything makes more sense now! 😉
    Have a nice weekend, my friends! ❤

    • @Michał Ojak no im saying it’s in war thunder

    • @Reset Button i saw

    • @Michał Ojak Michal there is a little issue i have bought a wargaming card for wot not wot blitz so i f u give me a gmail i can send you activation code…sorry for misunderdtanding

    • If I remember correctly, the Snow Maidens are not crew members. It’s a system WG actually set up last Year I think. In which you can activate one of the Snow Maidens, to get a small box each day from their “style”. That’s the thing you where talking about at 08:59 in your Video. So we will have the possibility to get 5 Crew Members and 4 Snow Maidens 🙂

    • You too thanks for the updates. Looks like a decent xmas event this year.
      I miss the soccer event intensly a couple of years ago, i had so much fun. Never for me have a grind been more fun.
      Anyhow met you in a match a few months ago. bounced shells a good while in the factories. Again thanks for the updates.

  2. NO they NERFED Chuck . Your awesome dez.

  3. You are not going to get 8 crew members but only 4 – remaining 4 snow maidens will be unlocked for getting presents with decorations

  4. Im looking forward to the whole thing. I love wot and I love Christmas so its all awesome. Opening free boxes and a few pay boxes is also amazing. Who dont like opening presents . I want to know what is in the big lootboxes each year its a cool surprise kinda bc we informed leaks from Dez witch guessing is fun too. I really like the free crew members. Chuck will probably go in my Patton because he has moves like the patton does. Im looking forward to the tier 4 free autoloading memes . Its a bummer we not getting the Italian heavies for Christmas but its something to look forward to. Also I want news about the tier ten bond tanks they said they would release DEC/JAN that is what im looking forward to a lot. Yea just the whole thing. The only thing I dont like is the fact that shards are so limited and the machine to craft decorations should have a limit on how many of the same tier 5 decorations that you can get . Merry Christmas Everyone. USER NAME ZipperDown SERVER NA

  5. unless you have bruce lee commander its impossible to beat chuck norris
    user name:Verablackwing

  6. A good question, will there be the italian heavy in those large loot boxes?
    PLODITELJ from EU server.

  7. Hey Dez, thank you for the content. Wargaming has been super generous to us this year. It’s probably because it is their 10 year anniversary. I didn’t expect the Holiday Op to be super generous as well. The Black Market is gonna crash this year xD
    I expect the Italian AutoReloading Heavy Tank to be part of their Holiday Op loot boxes as they did last year with Double-Barreled Tanks.

    Username: FinCefiroth
    Server: EU

  8. Hapciunete
    I hope I will have enough time to play , the gifts are veeeeryyyyy attractive.
    I love your job, is easier for me to understand what are they giving us. Keep it up 😉

  9. User: Tigerwar12
    Server: NA

    I truly hope that this event will be f2p friendly. I am not interested in spending on the game, even though the new Italian tank looks amazing.

  10. user: berjan77
    server: EU
    I’m hyped for the holiday season! all of those juicy discounts and boosters

  11. Michelangelo Draw CARS

    Username: davidangeloo
    Server: EU

    what will happen if I already got all the snow maidens? will I get duplicates?

  12. Username : Fearless895
    Server : EU

    This holiday ops is better than the last one i think, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s inside the lootboxes

  13. Давид Михаиловић

    It will be cool if they give us one premium box as two years ago, but thats a WG.

    username: davidmihailovic
    server: EU

  14. Username: Steamtanx
    Server: EU

    I’d like it 😉

  15. Name:zark_1

    Well,this year holiday rewards are awesome too bad i will miss half of this because of school,because my school is until 23rd december so thats fucked up

  16. I guess it’s that time of year again to waste my Christmas bonus salary again.

    User : Isuzu_Hana
    server : ASIA

  17. I’m so hyped for it 😀

    Username: Candok_Ironfist
    Server: EU

  18. Username: MarcinJPL
    Server EU

    Holiday ops looks good like last year. Not going to get many boxes this year unfortunately but if I get any I hope there will be maybe Italian HT🤔

  19. Autoloader? I already love it!

  20. Username: DARMVRK
    Server: HK (Asia)

    It’s still hard for people who play only on the weekends for a couple of hours, being one of them I am not complaining. I want Chuck Norris as a commander and tank discounts 🙂

  21. ZLF111 EU
    Can’t wait to see what is inside the large boxes.

  22. I will accept anything as a gift.

  23. Username: Saelen
    Server: EU

    Who would win in the Chuck Norris VS Chuck Norris contest?

  24. Username: jerry77777
    Server: EU

  25. Username: Plonnimonni
    Server: EU

  26. Username: M_84_degman
    Server: Eu
    Holiday ops, best time of the year, can’t wait to play!

  27. Christian Rautjärvi

    You are awesome Dez! Merry Christmas time to you mate! I love Holiday ops!

  28. Holiday Ops is fun time, finally some credits 🤪
    IGN: kunn666
    Server: EU

  29. User: peterleteper
    Server: EU

  30. Best event wg makes. Looking forward to it!

    devslo, EU

  31. Good Christmas and New year can I winning bonus Code please? Thank you

  32. Username: DeathRave
    Server: EU

    I think snow maidens are not crewmembers this year. But still waiting for all that free stuff 🙂

  33. CaptainStabbin
    What other tank do you think will be in the lootbox’s with the Italian heavy?

  34. yup, it was -30% , i took it for E50M

  35. Thiu10022001 – EU
    Im excited as hell! 😍

  36. Username: Adis_Prepal_Alpa
    Server: EU

  37. Username: gio_geo_gamer
    server: EU

  38. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    username : pom98
    Server : EU
    I wanna have my own lootbox gift

  39. Christmas Ops looks very doable.
    Beoger – EU Server

  40. User: graver84
    Server: EU

    8 female crew members and Chuck Norris? Holy shit! finally can fire a lot of male crew members 🙂

  41. Username: EPG10
    Server: NA

    I’m curious which tanks will be available in the Large Loot Boxes, hoping for GSOR.

  42. I look forward to empty my wallet on these boxes once again, it’s just the best time of the year to play WOT – zobig EU server

  43. The amount of credits you can get is awesome, though it will enable more players to spam special shells…

    Username: Zero_You
    Server: EU

  44. Robin Van den Dorpe

    Wargaming is always generous with credits, yet we always run out whilest buying tanks xD, it’s 8M to get 1 t10 + equipment
    and if you want crew xp books it’s 2M a pop just for sixt sence or bia

  45. Username: JEV0
    Server: NA

    i think the new Italian heavies will be there like the double barrel last year

  46. Can’t wait for thsi Holiday Ops event! And gonna put Chuck in my T92 to ad a “Round Kick Boost” to those phat 240mm shells 😈

  47. Username: Alfred_Donovan
    Server: EU

    Holiday Ops are one of the best events

  48. username TomBoc78
    server EU

    this year look particulary generous

  49. User:Falos32
    Server: SEA

    Love your chanel

  50. Username: CrispyCrimzed
    Server: EU

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