Free Tank, Rewards, Offers and More | 12th Birthday in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 12th Anniversary 2022 – Rewards, Missions, Event Details, Free Premium Gift Tank and More.

waiting is over, World of Tanks just released full details about the upcoming 12th anniversary celebration… World of Tanks is 12 years , so let's take a look how we are celebrating it, what are the rewards and how is the event.

What do you think?


  1. Btw, if you didn’t see, the event start on 12th. 🙂
    So what do ytou think about all of this?

    • sir robert downey senior

      I remember the event few years back. They not gonna give tanks like 703 or caliban for free. You will lack tokens even if u ground from start and has all the available tokens. Same old wg.

    • 5000xp can take a long time if mm and rng dont work along.

    • Wonder what happened to the T95 3d was kinda wanting that

    • Camo is always good, free stuff like Training books etc….I’ll take it! I think a lot of people get upset about the ‘garage slot’ tank gift, loved my Super Hellcat gift, but I suppose they can’t do that every year!

  2. Finally a consumable discount! I’m definitely spending at least 20M on consumables…

  3. 5:12 I doubt that you would get the premium tanks and the 2d styles with the anniversary coins. It is most likely what the correction text what Dez had said is true.

  4. Who actually cares about WOT anniversary now?

  5. T95 surfboard style where?

  6. dissapointed

  7. like the camo but i am feel mah about this one i was hope for different free tank … but i well keep

  8. Free is free

  9. Evildarke Evildark

    this 2 d styles are out of hand lol i have like 40-50.. if not more of them..can we get anything more usefull like crew reseting to be free at ones.. xD

  10. so we basically get nothing even when grinding which I wasn’t gonna do anyway. I guess WG doesn’t have respect for their players anymore. What is special about this event ? You get a tier 2-3 which you will never play, some 2D styles that are cool but you have too many of them already, and some premium days ? Bruh nice aniversary.
    It’s free tho soooooooo I’ll take it. Still disappointed.

  11. WTF we now have rainbow tanks?

  12. Another garage slot yay!

  13. Hope to god we get equip discounts

  14. Lago or free garage slot ! Like we need another free garage slot….

  15. Just had my 10th anniversary today! Was kinda disappointed when I didn’t get a 10 year badge but a 30% off coupon. Had a good time watching your stream with Skill4ltu!

  16. I bet the special challenge from the 19th to 22nd is for the T95 3D skin!

  17. Just let me able to sell 10 years of decals WG please!

  18. Andreas Friedrich

    With that i will get IS-5 on my second account with only 10 Games played xD

  19. Read the details carefully. There IS going to be a 50% discount on consumables AND equipment.

  20. This year is hot effin garbage when compared to last few. A shite tier 3 and not just given but you have to do missions.

  21. I was hoping for another LTP.

  22. Are stacked teams not a thing? 12 years. Still can’t do basic MM…

  23. The Crazy Old Coot

    last thing I need is another free garage slot

  24. OMG after 12 years a get a level 3 tank, ooh the joy, the joy. Hay! give me a damn tier 10 tank and maybe I would say wow that’s great, but nooooo, I get a tier 3 tank what good is it against a Muas.

  25. Finally I can convert the 2 million XP stacked on my SU-130 PM to Free XP.

  26. @J S lol all good. I been waiting for an equipment sale for so long too

  27. WOT…
    Violence and gambling for 7 year olds.

  28. i am disapointed, think this is much worse than previous anniversaryes. I play since summer 2012 and i get same “shit” as enybody else? pffffffff wht i can do with decals for small kids? maby if i wanna look gey in battles and i DONT. This is disrespecting to old players.
    For the entire 11 years of playing the game, they could give players the same as before, rewards based on their seniority.I am completely disappointed with
    “awards” and attitude towards old players. I believe that a player who dedicates 10 years of his life to one game is worthy of choosing 1 prize from the game, say any premium tank 8 tires or similar. This is a mockery today.
    PS WG i want amblem of a Mockingjay next year

  29. for our celebration, you will receive a pile of shit that you will sell in 5 minutes

  30. For 12 aniversary they giving tier 3 prem tenk hehehe
    That is litle how to say huuuh litle shameles
    At least they can give tier 6 for 12 years of the game.

  31. ..,World of TAnks….Greedy as hell….no CRedits..bonds…for all the years spent..,with many players….

  32. Annoying af that you have to do 3 daily missions when you’re on vacation till Sunday where it ends on Monday……

  33. Meh. Underwhelming event. Moving on.

  34. Nice try WG PR employee

  35. At last a consumable discount. They get rarer every year. Plus the free xp gold convert is good. I got 2m free xp and want to use some on the Italian TD line. I use it for crew training too so hope the crew conversion buff is after xp conversion buff…somehow think its other way around.

  36. Guys is it possible to buy consumables on discount then sell them for profit after discount ends?

  37. @Dez since it shows in the video the 3 different tabs “Items for coins”, “items for gold” & “best offers” I’m guessing the last one is for real money!! & It’s probably the vehicle+style in a bundle.

  38. I wonder why they say “except the new US heavy line branch”? Why are they not included since they are not so so new…

  39. @DezGamez I must say I quite like your intro or end music what is it?

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