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Source: DOLLARplays

We're back with free to play account to grind War Thunder “Summer Extreme” event.


Intro: Breaktime – Future Joust

Background: Another Pineapple Please – Fly Guy Five
What Flavor – OTE
Two Sides – Martin Klem
Hot Stuff – Boogie Wheel
Dark Synth Retrowave – Oleksandr Koltsov

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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War Thunder summer event dollar plays free to play.
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  1. How long does it take for you guys to grind one star?

    And can someone explain me why the heck is Chi-Nu at 3.3?

    • With air rb rank 5-6 it usually takes me 4-5 hours. I don’t really focus on it though, more so focusing on spading stock planes I’ve long forgotten aobut.

    • Hello dollar i hope you see this, i am new to war thunder and i really want get myself your decal. I can’t find it tho. I tried your old video on it with the link, it’s no where to be seen. Help please?

    • @zefror_7078  so with my special link from the description, you have to buy something from Gaijin store to get my decal. Can be 150 ge

    • For me the air one takes like 2 days with the mental breakdown breaks since I got the 1.7 event vehicles it take like half a day so I’m barely making it by

    • Don’t want to try it, never gotten a single star.

  2. Finally some love for the Cheetos, used to be my favorite medium tanks back in the day.
    And yeah that was the exactly same question i asked when they decided to move the Pz III down while left the Chi-Nu at a higher BR, like wtf how does it make any sense ?

  3. I’m a casual player. Why do you need 4 stars for a rank1 event vehicle. I don’t understand. I don’t have time to grind 40k points for this.

    I remember the old days when you could earn a PO-2 for biplane racing.

  4. 12:19 WTF hahahahahahahaha
    Japanese time!

  5. i got your decal today now i feel invicible

  6. the chi tos are may favor to play

  7. 40k no thanks. Used to be 30k. The snail grudgingly giveth on the roadmap and taketh for the events.


  9. Hey Dollar, you should try the new tank the CV-CT 105HP, its like a submarine its kinda funny how only the turret can be above the water level and still alive

  10. Betty! This video is super funny. Best part was the teleporting plane. And Tom cruise playing war thunder in Virginia.
    I knew kung pow before I knew you, but the more I love your references to the movie as I love your overall style. (80s+Memes and everything.) I have Been watching you for a long time now but wanted to tell you finally. Keep up the good work and stay like you are!

  11. It really pisses me off that you have to use rank 3 vehicle or above… BUT YOU CAN USE RANK 1 GIFT VEHICLES.

    Seomtimes i just wanna grind out some lower tier stuff and try for the events. 🙁

  12. chi-nu is not the worst 3.3 pvkv III is so much worse.

  13. Just gaijin. Shitty games patch to patch

  14. 1:33 The very first 2 shots… Thanks for reminding me why I don’t play WT anymore.
    Sadly Gaijin thinks they are on the positive side by changing the economy but they are just patching up a disasters wound after they shot themselves in the foot. But the state of the game remains terrible still. It’s been years and these BS are still present. The very core mechanics of the game aren’t working properly.
    Like you shot the breech with a 75mm cannon and the breech went “red”. And the side shot to the Sherman…

  15. Langton Industries

    Literally me

  16. Part4? And ofc warthunder mobile has came aut so why don’t u give the snail more of your life

  17. You’re not new player, cause all their shots bounced my heavies

  18. War thunder mobile released

  19. I’ve stopped doing any events in WT. It’s just grinding 5-10 hours everyday or pay-to-gain feature (cause most of the events can be sped up if ya put real money there).
    After “operation SUFFER” and Atomic hearts event I just gave up. I don’t need a 2nd full time job. Also the events are basically the same, boring, repetitive grind that make you regret even starting. Even the events like Dune event or Atomic hearts: it’s the same all the fucking time. Same battles, same vehicles, same mode for 10 hours everyday. Fuck that.

  20. 17:00 cuz japs got nuked twice and gaijin did this to let the new generation experience how it feels via gettin nuked by enemy team in wt

  21. Nie robisz eventu na głównym koncie?

  22. it´s 3.3 for the enjoyment of masochists

  23. Your content is goated Mr dollar
    I gave money to gaijin and feel regret, it won’t happen again but this is evidence of my sin

  24. Day 2 trying to dolar say me hi.

  25. I will take at least a month off after this event i swear


    Japanese ground vehicles have a huge BR gap in the Rank II and III

  27. Have you tried war thunder mobile?

  28. Dollar can you do a video playing Dark and Darker ?

  29. Love the style of your videos, always nice to watch some entertaining content ( Question, where are u getting this large amount of movie scene clips from )! Keep on going!

  30. i dare you to play sturmtiger on top tier

  31. Gg mam great content in my opinion you should he doing this the most

  32. Jason Gray is the best Darth Sidious.

  33. Ruben Gómez chamero

    How do I get the Dollarplays sticker, me being from PlayStation?

  34. Your account has been banned?

  35. Why your main acc banned?

  36. Yeah, the pain of Japan line, the spec and BR are all over the place

  37. Only if warthunder had premium weekends like Halo 3 double XP weekends.

  38. when I decided to be a jap ground main years ago, they told me the depression and range means japs should be used as snipers

  39. You as a japan main this makes me happy

  40. Can you make a video where you are Driving the Bosvark?

  41. Because Gaijin…

  42. i need the next part plssssssssss

  43. Can you make some tarkov video

  44. t4rcisio_BR Ribeiro

    Esse começo aí, é muito verdade!!

  45. Just finished researching all rank 3 tanks for USA, excited to start rank 4, so what should I be worried about

  46. Also when u finish summer event.
    September crafting event : oh hi

  47. imagine grinding event with low tier Japan lol.

  48. yannick chauvieres

    Chi ri 2 best tank!!!

  49. Japan… because killing the enemy isn’t good enough.

  50. Giovanni Colombini

    That’s why I dropped Warthunder, always unbalanced. 1.0 br difference is too mutch. Should be 0.5 at max

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