FRENCH CHAR B1 REMOVER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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CHAR B1 REMOVER (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. If um correct the b1ter was called the france collosus cause it supirior amrour however cause of this it get destroyed by its side armour overheating by the friction of shells and fuel tank burning making it a bomb

  2. The Marder III H picks apart this thing as well.

    Along with any tank within its BR really….

  3. Take out the T64A with HE shells only 🙂 47mm of penetration!

  4. yo phly can I just use the regular pz 4 with the same round?

  5. that tank fucking sucks phly, wtf are you smoking

  6. You should do more low tier tanks then ur vids would be longer

  7. Maulana Akhmaid Haikhal

    Newb question. How do you adjust the distance marker when aiming?

  8. Merry Christmas phly

  9. I have been killing them with the marader III

  10. Oh yea thanks Phly now im able of destroying those SUMABITCH

  11. Operational Tactics

    Tank games, without infantry, are just pointless

  12. Yo play the suck fest that is the su 40


    I use that round all the time on pz IV F1, especially on those pesky T-50s

  14. all the Char players crying in their turrets because they thought they were invincible at 2.3

  15. Play the USS Alabama

  16. Low tier is the most fun you can have in War Thunder.

  17. not 7.62 that’s russian the german’s used 7.92

  18. Sturmpanzer > all ni??a

  19. Holy shit a war thunder ad on the video!

  20. That Stuart with the tank driftu

  21. Take out the kv1 zis 5 and stop the French bias.

  22. Why are some videos just destroying a bit the game for a category of players.
    He just made some videos like: german KV1B now i cannot play russians and americans at that BR range, fighting CAS with fighters( have matches with 6-7 enemy fighters), Conqueror video that now spamms campers with APDS, now this video.
    I have no problem helping and giving tips, but just think that now u fuck the games of the B1 that already don’t have the best time.
    I cannot play WT just bc u do videos on sth right when i am grinding and playing

  23. Sarodore The Dragon

    The worst part about that Stuart killing u is If you had driven forwards and turned instead of backwards you woulda survived

  24. Sarodore The Dragon

    Havnt seen T95 in a while how is it doing?

  25. Sarodore The Dragon

    Phly you never did a video on the type 87!

  26. Hey phly please make a video on the F3D Skynight that was added to the game, first time i give an idea for a video, hope he sees this

  27. Ho yeah Commander Phly ! I’ll join the Hunt ! French tanks are Plague needed to be removed <3

  28. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    5:33 reminds me of this meme about Star wars imperial troopers in Star Wars battlefront 2 EA
    “Sector Clear”
    * gets fired at *


  29. I already killed many B1’s with my Chi-Ha-Kai and Chi-He. I think Im good to go.

  30. Phly can you play the Chi Nu II since you decided to do a low tier battle and enjoy them like me. Amazing 3.7 BR tank with 157mm cannon. Seal club t-34’s and NEVER been featured

  31. I killed 3 char b1 ters in a t28

  32. Also Phly, we need new Phly decal. When buying the B1 Ter, we dont get decal.

  33. Did you just shoot down a friendly plane at 14:30 ?

  34. Watching this as I am flying to a base in a Ju-87 D-3 in simulator.

  35. Play the M 36 gmc

  36. 7:40 didnt know i was wathing fury

  37. my dyslexia kicked in so hard that it made me think the Char B1 was removed XD

  38. How do you do that when you range find the horizontal bar on the crosshair moves to the range you analyzed?

  39. How to look around without the turret moving ?

  40. Take out RU 251 and show us the new scouting mechanics please 🙂

  41. For anyone complaining this is correct. Those paticular french tanks are ment to be that op armored for the teir. Thats how they were at the time they were made against other tanks at the time. Its the same way in world of tanks. Hardly anything can pen it. But its very slow and has a pretty small gun.

  42. Guys what’s the best tactic with a Cobra King because I can’t get kills with it at all

  43. British and French united time:

    Play the Amx 13 SS.11 with a friend in a Strv 81, and make the rockets kill everybody. Try to get atleast 4 kills in 1 round only with rockets

    #Attempt 1

  44. ‘Ter’ is not ‘tur’, it’s ‘tair’. Learn how to slaughter French with style, please 🙂

  45. go just fucking t35 w pby a5 just fucking do it!’

  46. The gepard is also really good at spamming those french things. I ended up first place four battles in a row and I am not a very good player.

  47. I rarely see any people using this round, so the B1 Ter is completely amazing at this br

  48. This thing is a beast in sim

  49. my italy P40s time is NOW.

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