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  1. The gun reminds me of M103s top gun, snapshot machine, nice.

  2. m103 gets shit on by this and the conqueror

    • Shadow Hunter m103 s armor is useless. you can easily shot the top of it

    • Shadow Hunter M103 gets 340 pen HEAT

    • Yep, that tank is ruined by the super weak turret roof. The fact that the cupola isn’t the only weak spot is mind boggling since the USA heavy line is all about turret armor.

      The turret sides are pretty bad too, since they can be penned even if you turn you turret slightly.

    • All tanks are starting to have impenetrable turret armour……its really annoying that a Centurion has the same turret armour as a lot of the heavies…..

    • but at the same time its annoying when a centurion does not have any turret armour and gets penned by pretty much everything. In fact, the centurion is pretty much a heavy

  3. i ve been waiting for this line for 5 years !

  4. 300 turet armor its balanced.

  5. You mean conquereur

  6. TIL the population of UK and USA combined is 3 people

  7. This tank is sooo much fun with the 127mm.
    Also: Those french heavies have cancer gun handling (maybe tier VIII not as much)

  8. Circ lmao! 😉

  9. Man, I’m loving this gun… that aiming time… *ahem* huhuieuieiiiieui

  10. Should be called Bill then.

  11. ….yeah, looks like grinding M4 Mle45 would be worth it.

  12. 2.2046 lb to kg……. chuppa chops

  13. I think they need to nerf the DPM slightly (2234 with 120 mm, exactly like M103. Nerf it to 2100ish), and possibly the lower plate slightly. It has M103 DPM, almost Conq level handling, and faster+has better armor than both. The only ‘negative’ point is that it only has 380 VR.

    Even with 2100ish DPM it’s still a very stronk tonk.

  14. 0:25 look at the shadow of the gun

  15. t54 had stock turret and gun(240 alpha bounce in hit log)

    • Arun Shukla so nobody can test how hard the grind will be? Everybody has to be like those russian kids? All modules, full gold and go on most often played tank? (like they have IS’3 on normal server yet they play it full gold here…)

  16. thas shiet is OP, 250-260 lower plate??? only weakspot is the little hatch on turret -_-

  17. #elliotmad4header tho mad AF

  18. I like how E5 was considered OP but now we have super conq and this and no one says that thise tanks are OP nice comunity

    • Kalle Kumpulainen fair point but i still think that this amx and super conq should get bigger weekspots like on the E5 and M103 so even when you go hulldown you can be damaged and dont forget the insane gun stats and dpm for super conq

    • Kalle Kumpulainen The S. Conqueror does have a much better turret and -10 degrees of gun depression, and one of the best dpm and gun handling of the tier 10 heavies. Are you seriously complaining that you can’t pen the upper plate of a heavy tank?

    • You will never go through the cupola of the E5 with regular shells (even after the “nerf”) This tanks cupola is chese.

    • Bencze Zoltán The S. Conqueror’s cupola is an auto-bounce everywhere what the hell are you talking about? The E5 cupola pre-nerf was about 260 effective, so no, you would go through it 50% of the time even with the E5’s gun.

    • Bencze Zoltán After the nerf the cupola is only about 230 effective so you’re talking out of your ass.

  19. The T9 looks great, but I think the T10 could use a buff.

  20. My thoughts about it:
    Neft the lower plate, it should be penetratable with regular ammo.

    Don’t mind the DPM although it could be a little bit lower.

    325 premium pen? What is this Swedish TD or a Heavy tank? Needs a serious nerf.

  21. The French Conqueror or Hon-queror if you will.

  22. Hi twitch! ?

  23. “don’t tell Elliott” – uploads it to youtube xD

  24. 1400 xp as an ace?! I made 1808 base in my tiger 2 and only got a first class. On console.

  25. well …. if you are fat then you brain is not starved of energy … you got to look at it from the bright side ….

  26. this make the t30,t110e4-e3 more useless

  27. more wot nonsense…

  28. More guns should be like this. Less RNG means the game is more rewarding of skilled play.

    • Just because the gun handling is better doesnt mean the rng becomes less. The rng will always be 25%. But with better accuracy and a smaller aiming circle those 25% affect a smaller area than a big derp gun with jupiter like aiming circle. Its called “Reliability”

    • “But with better accuracy and a smaller aiming circle those 25% affect a smaller area”
      That’s just what I meant. RNG has less of an effect on your shot, meaning your own skill matters more. That’s how the non-derp guns should be.
      contrast that with what lemmingrush demonstrated in this video:

  29. The lower plate is a weakspot. Such as the cupola (it has a seeker light just to show your enemies where to shoot you)

  30. 308 to 473 alpha (unless I read it wrong) is total BS to me. The heavy RNG is one of the reasons I never got into playing this casino lottery of a game. Tabletop Dungeons and Dragons is less RNG driven 🙂

  31. I would love the new frenchies but I wish they would nerf the apcr

  32. Maybe that T54 player didn’t launched the right launcher of wot. Maybe he thought that he was playing non test server

  33. The thing looks like the M6A2E1 Mutant with the big head(turret) and the same hull kinda

    • the M6 has a M6 hull. The only thing these 2 have in common is very good frontal armour. But the looks are miles apart. The design of the frog leg is way more sleek and good looking. The M6 is called Mutant for a reason.

  34. Inb4 WG nerfs this thing into the ground.

  35. Circon I dont care how fat you are. Im n ex army officer, armoured corps. I would have you in a tank crew ANYTIME!

  36. Seen that happen before, watched a VK 100.01 P get shot in the right side, knocked his left track off, because logic…

  37. Mean people calling poor Circon fat:( he isnt fat, just 5 inches too short for his weight…

  38. :v making fun of Elliot’s nose when your head is the only thing longer than a tog 2?

    Got em

  39. *BURN B*TCH*
    Thank you.

  40. Something tells me you don’t like it

  41. hello twitch

  42. So these tanks are good, but not broken?
    as in actual real new content that fits well and has no glaring issues?

  43. I like it even more with the 127

  44. This tank reminds me of the mutant lol

  45. Serious question…Was there a size limit on tank crews?

  46. Neat-looking tank.

  47. i think you said you like it toooooo many time
    we know you like it

  48. what did ya think of it Circon???

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