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  2. Submission Outdoors

    you killed yourself dude…

  3. NGL , I’d love to have the paladin

  4. “This is not a supply truck” but you see it supplies shells at high velocity into the hulls of your enemies

  5. Gotdeamn she thick

  6. Goddamned psychic BTRs again

  7. Random Commentator

    My Phavorite youtuber! So excited for the stream! Don’t worry about having to care for your new baby, its really not a problem I think most of understand how important that is! You are just such a genuinely nice person and I always feel a little better just watching your videos, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for what has accumulated to hours of happiness purely from your hard work!

  8. In the words of a wise man “Booty so big you can park a bus on it”

  9. double points for zwastika kills .

  10. I wish they didn’t mess up HE for the billionth time, wish this thing at least had HEAT to help out with the non-pens.

  11. phlydaily is late to the party dollarplays did this video first but i still love phlydaily so i shall enjoy this video

  12. 2pm what time zone?

    Nvm. Just had to listen.. my teachers were right about me lol

  13. “This is the most boxy a tank can get” fv4005: “am I a joke to you”

  14. 5:57 lol That little AML 90 driving by looks comically tiny compared to that massive turret.

  15. I agree, the tog is overdue

  16. phly you and this game are both trash.

  17. There was no cinematic teaser similar to other updates with story or anything, the preview and announcement thing didn’t say teaser like the other ones

  18. 11:50 emotional support shed

  19. Henrique Andrulis


  20. was the out of bounds timer that killed ya

  21. Day 8 of asking for you to play anny of these tanks (basically the same) the italian m14/40, m15/42, m14/41, m13/40, the 2 I always use are m14/41 and the m15/42 with the APBC

  22. 12:22 4th of July fireworks were early this year

  23. BTR thunder is such a fun game

  24. Day 48 of asking PHLY to play The Last Tiger in Battlefield V for German bias and glorious Glorifica

  25. DAAAADDDD, you killed yoursef. the btr doesn’t kills you

  26. continueing my requestline tho i have lost count, phly, PLEASE make a video about the strv m42dt or a combo video showing us your favorite lineup

  27. look ur timer in 1st battle

  28. imagine they give us some way to use arty tanks the way they were ment to be used. as arty. they need to give them some special view or way to pin point map in thos tanks then it will give you a measurement to set the gun then you fire and pray you hit the enemy. i think it will be more realistic and unique to warthunder instead of copying world of tanks arty view. the day i can sit at the very back of the map and use arty supporting tanks would be absolutely awesome.

  29. biggest ammorak since flak 88

  30. Proxy rounds are worth it especially in the japanese artillery tank, I’ve gotten kills shooting into cap points cuz the airburst comes in handy

  31. Another squishy target to feast on with an sd.kfz 222

  32. fumbled

  33. phly has the attention spam of a 5 years old

  34. “This is probably the biggest boxy ..blah blah”
    Doom Barn wants to know your location.

  35. ArL-44 vid? Sir Phly

  36. I think the british FV 4005 has some competition for most barn like turret

  37. It’s an ammo wardrobe


  39. ahahahahahhaahahaha, you were outside the Battlefield, i was on the edge of my seat – and phly so calm. in the end it showed, he never realized….

  40. Its the French version of the FV4005.

  41. The AuF1 isn’t a fridge it’s a whole walk-in

  42. Anyone else yelling at the screen saying “RETURN TO BATTLE OR YOU’LL DIE”

  43. 3:30 did that smoke round ricochet off the road?

  44. Ah yes the ammo rack, I’m gonna try B7. No that was not a hit, let’s try C1, Oh yeah ammo rack.

  45. I’d love to play warthunder with you someday

  46. I really wish war Thunder had something in play for Arty Game play, dont even need to be something like in that other Tank game wich shall not be named, just some aid in any form for indirect fire.

  47. 7:25 “we can paint holidays on this”🤣🤣

  48. I would love to see the TOS-1 in the game, I would definitely grind Russia just for it


  50. 4:58 duuuuuuuuuuwde 🙃🙃

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